Pastel*Life 2
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We ate the food and drink that we ordered,

I continued to do surveillance while teaching Abby how to control the screen.

Only two people left so that Abby knew who we were protecting.

I then proceed to the next girl.

-Hina Hikawa Case-

The screen was showing the Hikawa's house. I could saw Sayo and Hina in the house in a quite peculiar situation.

"Onee-chan-!"Hina was bawling on the ground while holding Sayo's leg.

"Let go of my leg Hina" Sayo looked annoyed while dragging Hina.

"B-but, its such a nice day today! lets go out somewhere fun, together!" Hina begged Sayo liked a child adding more toward her annoyance.

"Didn't you get the message from Elliot for the event? I don't have time to play around with you." She looked toward Hina who was on the ground.

The time was already near for the events. That was why Roselia tried to put more rehearsal in their schedule.

"Don't your band have any practice?" She asked Hina who already stood up looking dispirited.

"The agency told us to rest today and Eve has some modelling job, so..." She explained toward her sister.

Hina looked at her sister already recovering her spirit.

"And I think I didn't need any more rehearsal"She spoke puffing her chest.

"Again you are always..." Sayo grumbled toward her confidence.

" But Sis don't you have a lot of time before your rehearsal? How about watching some TV together?" Hina spoke hoping to spend even some time with her.

Sayo frowned at Hina. Putting aside how she knew her schedule, she didn't like how she was so carefree about this.

"Pre-show visualizations, tuning the instruments... Even 30 minutes early is too late. I don't want to embarrass myself on the day" Sayo and Yukina were the one who usually came early in their band practice. They need to set example for the other three who were always so carefree.

"Wow, that sounds tough, huh" She spoke lightly toward her sister statement

"...It doesn't sound like you have any pressure at all. Well I'm sorry, but Roselia is aiming for the absolute heights." Roselia aims which also hers would prove that even she could be better than Hina when they stood at Future World Fest.

"Wow... that's so cool" Her eyes sparkled at Sayo declaration

"Hina... Honestly..." Sayo gritted her teeth. Even though, Sayo knew Hina didn't mean anything by it. The way she said it sounds like sarcasm toward her.

Because she knew even if she let her guard down for a minute. Hina would surpass her in no time like always.

"Ah... Did I say something bad again...?" Hina sensing that her sister was mad dropped her shoulder. Seeing her sister expression, she realized she was doing something wrong.

Of course she didn't know what.

"*Sigh* Forget it... Didn't you just buy a new effect unit some time ago? Why don't you practice with it" Seeing her expression, Sayo felt bad to be lashing at her.

"Then, then. If you have time can you check my performance later?" Hina felt happy that Sayo knew about it.

"... If I have time" Sayo gave a vague promise then leave their house quickly.

"hehehe" Still even those little things made Hina happy.




"Master those sister, did they not get along?" Abby asked me after seeing their conversation

"Nothing can be done about it for now" I sighed, it seemed at least Sayo didn't really hate Hina from what I can see.

It made the atmosphere heavy here.

At least so far, we didn't see anyone suspicious around them.

We continued to see the last person, Maya Yamato. Even though there was some weird thing from some band member, I thought Maya would be one of the normal one.

We focus our attention on one of the screen again.

-Maya Yamato Case-

We could see that Maya was in the agency studio doing something with the equipment.

"I don't really feel well if I don't check the equipment myself" she said while fiddling with the equipment.

Maya thought that there was some problem with the equipment yesterday. So she would like to check and maybe fixed it if possible.

"ah, ah, Mic, check! Mic, check" She checked the equipment one by one. She took some time fixing the audio which she thought as the problem.

It seemed there was nothing unusual here.

With that I planned to give control to the surveillance to Abby. Until I saw Maya doing something unusual.

"*Look left* *Look Right*" Maya looked around suspiciously then took something from one of the guitar. Her face was red looking at it.

It was a Capo  device used for shortening the strings of guitar. She took it from the guitar and hold her finger into the hole and tighten it.

"Squeezing tightly.. Huhehe...It fits just right" She looked happy looking at her finger. Her face was kinda red and her breathing became kinda unstable.



Abby and I looked at each other.

"Behind the base amp... another perfect fit!... huhehe" She went behind the base amp and fit herself between the amp and the wall. I felt bad looking at this.


She then took another place just under the couch. She looked so content making me felt more guilty looking at her.

It seemed she liked to be in tight space. Well, Who am I to judge someone fetish. There were more weirder one out there. Liking a tight space sounded more normal than the other

After she felt it was enough. she got out from the couch and went out of the room.

"Thank goodness, there is no one. If someone see that, I will feel like killing myself." She muttered silently.

Abby and I stared at each other. 

"Listen Abby, We don't see anything today. We are just chilling out at a family restaurant,"I said to her seriously. When We protect someone, it was important to have a tight lip to avoid problem.

"See what?" She tilted her head

"Good girl" I patted her head praising her.

With that, I gave control to Abby telling her to inform me when she saw something or someone suspicious.

As a precaution my power would remind me if the member were in a threatening situation.



After some time, feeling that it was safe leaving it to her. I took out a book and continued my other work.

"What are you writing master?" Abby looked at the book curiously

"Its a lyric" I said to her. I was writing a song for the event.

The previous dream still continued every night. It gave me a good inspiration for a song. The melody was done some times ago and only the lyric left.

Good things I didn't forget it like a normal dream. I could even remember some of the scene clearly. I started to close my eyes to remember the dream.

(That's exactly the problem with you! You always filter out the things you don't care about! How could you possibly understand the suffering of those deemed worthless!)

Feeling of rage for someone you always looked up to, knowing your existence never even needed.

(It could've been anyone. Anyone at all. I just wanted one person in the world to tell me that I matter—that I'm needed!)

Hopelessness thinking that He was not needed. Feeling alone without anyone understanding his feeling.

The pen wrote the word that I wanted to convey on the book. It became easy as I reminisce.

(Hey this is a joke right?)

Feeling regret seeing your loved one severed head knowing that it was your fault all of this happened.

(Don't you have anything to say, not for the world, but just for yourself!)

Even until the end not one word of curse came out of that mouth. The new wings that grew from his back signifying that he would get his role that he wanted.

But not ounce of happiness was felt. Only emptiness and feeling of inferiority realizing he didn't deserve this role.

I continued writing the lyric, changed it midway when realizing it didn't felt suitable, but the inspiration kept coming toward me. It continued until I realized that someone was looking at me.

"Is there something wrong?" I put my pen down and asked her.

"Uhn..." She shook her head lightly

"You looked so serious master...It was the same look when you play the Violin" She smiled at me like looking at something amusing.

My cheek became red, I didn't know how long she was looking.

Abby was not wrong though, I put my all into writing this because I planned to sing it. I still remembered my conversation with Yukina. However stepping into another genre of music was harder than I thought. Still my pride won't allow me to do something half assed.

"Can you sing Abby?" I asked her trying to change the subject.

She had beautiful voice, I was curious whether she could also sing.

"I can do some religious hymn.. ah.. I can also do birthday song"  She put her fist to her palm like remembering something.

"Birthday song?"

"Yes... Uncle always praise me when I sang this song for him" She smiled at me while telling the time when she traveled with her uncle

"ehh... then maybe you can sing it for me on my birthday"

"Uhm sure but don't expect too much master" She agreed while telling to kept my expectation low

We spent the rest of the day in the family restaurant. Abby didn't notice anyone suspicious through the magic.

I continued writing and Abby kept her focus on the surveillance while sometime having a small talk with me.

Even though I expected it would take a long time for me to catch the culprit.

I  never knew he would showed himself today.