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Chisato walked out of a pet store.

She forgot to check the number of Leon's food which made her went to the nearest store to replenish it.

Bringing the bag containing the food she walked slowly toward her home.

It was a rare holiday in her packed schedule as an Idol and actress, so she decided to have a rest.

She thought about the events that Elliot proposed to her agency. Chisato already heard about the events from Pastel*Palettes member.

Her friend Kanon also informed it to her when they had tea together. Honestly she thought it would be hard to get permission to participate.

It was a surprise that the manager accepted it so quickly. The manager decision was seldom wrong so Chisato decided to just follow through with it.

Besides she was also interested in the event. It was a good chance to spend some time doing something together with Kanon.

"But that man really being overly friendly for a first meeting..." She sighed about the meeting with Elliot the other day.

It's not like she had some problem with it. A lot of her acquaintance were the same whether it was Aya, Hina and the other.

Still as an Idol, she need to be careful with her relation with man. She also felt strange when looking at him.

It was similar feeling when she attended party with her parent in the past.

He gave similar feeling to some people who looked dangerous in that party.

Also looking at him reminded her of certain friend of her who like to act like a prince.

(hahaha... how fleeting)

A twitch appeared at Chisato forehead imagining her. She pressed her hand to her forehead easing her headache.

Chisato didn't know until when she would keep that act of her.


While thinking about her friends she kept walking until she felt something was wrong in the surrounding.

The store was not so far from her home. It should not took this long to reach her home.

Chisato looked to her surrounding. When she knew it, The place she arrived looked unfamiliar.

She took out her cellphone noticing there was no signal making her more worried about the situation.

"Y-you are Shirasagi Chisato, right?"

The voice that she suddenly heard startled her. Chisato looked at the source of the voice and there stood  a man who looked around to be around his twenties. He wore simple clothes and had some small backpack behind him.

He looked suspicious, still Chisato nodded at the man while keeping her vigilance.

"C-can I have your autograph?" he said suddenly.

He took out a pen and a paper for autograph and present it toward her.

It was a surprise to be shoved suddenly like that. Still deciding that it was not a hassle she wrote her signature while giving her business smile.

Chisato put the problem of her surrounding to the back of her head. When she looked at the man, he looked familiar to her, It was on the tip of her tongue but she seem couldn't remember.

The man looked happy receiving the autograph and put it in his bag. This strange place still gave her weird feeling, she tried giving her farewell and went on her way but stopped by the man.

"W-wait, can I ask some question Chisato?" He asked Chisato.

Chisato feeling that it was rude to ignore him decided to nod quietly.

"Why did you stay at Pastel*Palettes?"

Strange question was thrown toward her. She didn't know how to answer it.

Seeing Chisato at lost for words, the man seeing that expression tried to explain further.

"Y-you know, people said that its unfair that you the most popular of them only given a role for a bassist. That the band still exist because you were there. Isn't it unfair that the agency used you like that..."

It was a rumor when Pastel*Palettes was first established. Chisato didn't understand why she was given role as a bassist. Everyone thought she would be the vocalist of the band.

While she was thinking that, the man kept going on and on about how she should be getting a better treatment while insulting the other member of Pastel*Palettes as a leech who was sucking on her popularity.

She tried to be polite but seeing him insulting her friends like that made a bitter taste in her mouth.

Still she tried to make it as civil as possible to keep her image of Idol.

"I am sorry but I don't think I can talk about private matter with you" Chisato cut the man talk with that while smiling.

The man flinched seeing Chisato smile, even though her mouth was smiling her eyes definitely not.

"B-but you know-"

"I am sorry, I need to go"

Before He could finish his sentence, Chisato cut him off and tried to get away from this weird man.

"You bitch" He grabbed her wrist not letting go.

"Why don't you understand? I did this for you" He screamed.

Chisato was surprised seeing his change in demeanor.

"You don't even remember me, even though I never forgot to send you letter in the past" his statement made her pale.

Since she was a child actress, Chisato received a lot of fans letter. She thought it was her responsibilities to respond to the feeling of her fans. Chisato always prepared a time to send a reply.

Of course, there were some that was problematic.The agency usually monitored the letter like that.

There was this one accident that made headline some years ago.

This man made a scene in front of her agency because she stopped replying to his letter.

From what she heard, his letter started getting more problematic after she replied to them.

It was something that should not be shown to a ten years old girl.

The man was apprehended by the police but got released afterward. The agency decided to blacklist him.

"Do you know how long I prepared for this? Your agency stood in the way of our love in the past but not now...."He looked at her with heated breath making her face paled.

"Don't worry Chisato. I know whats best for you. Just follow me quietly " He smiled toward her. He looked mentally unstable right now.

Seeing his face made Chisato realize she would be in danger if this went further

Trying to escape, Chisato kicked him in the crotch making him screaming in pain. She ran away from him quickly hoping there was someone nearby.

Chisato shouted for help but there was no response from anywhere

"ugh... Hihihi... its useless" He laughed at her futile effort.

He took a paper and tore it apart.

"Talisman of shadow binding" He muttered.

After he said that, a shadow stretch toward Chisato body making her unable to move.

Chisato can't move her body.

"I am sad... I always happy when I received your reply.  I know Chisato also have the same feeling as me, right" He spoke while approaching her

"It must be your agency right the one who told you to do it? I am sure its hard for you to do so" His delusion started to go out of control

He reach out for his backpack and took out a knife.

It made Chisato face became paler.

"Don't worry, this knife is special. It won't hurt you. It can trap someone it stab inside it" He explain toward her

"Hihihi, with this it will be easier to move you." His maniac laughter was heard in the area

"After a few days of living together I am sure you will understand my love to you... hahaha"

"Love my ass" A voice interrupted the man voice.

"wha-" The man tried to find the source of that voice.


"Eat my timb you creep"

A flying kick hit the man square in the face making the man thrown out a few meters.

"You really gave me a lot of problem Mr. creepy stalker"

Elliot never thought that his surveillance would lost its signal so quickly. Its even harder to point the location of Chisato after that.

The protection magic will only trigger if the wearer was in danger. Elliot decided the magic need to be tinkered so something like this won't happen again.

But Elliot wonder where did this man got something like that. That talisman he used or the way to put a ward to make people  avoid this place. It was something he never seen before.

He didn't look like someone who belong to the supernatural side. Putting a pause to his thought,  He need to address something first.

"Hey shirasagi, are you okay?" I approached her quietly putting my right hand on her shoulder.

*Ting* with Imagine breaker I destroyed the shackle that bound her.

"E-Elliot.." She said weakly

Her heartbeat was still beating fast because of what would happened to her. Seeing that there was someone familiar she sighed in relief.

She lost strength on her leg and passed out.

"H-hey..." Elliot caught her before she fell to the ground.

Elliot looked at Abby who arrived with him and told her to protect Chisato.

A voice then interrupted Elliot.

"Y-you how dare you" He spoke holding his nose which was bleeding.

He tore another paper making a ball of fire appeared and it lung itself toward Elliot.

Elliot lightly swing his right arm making the fire disappeared.

"Look like you have a lot of toy to use" he coldly look at the man

"Wh-who are you?" He asked with a hint of fear

Elliot didn't felt anything from him but He was curious where he got that talisman or whether there was someone helping him.

"Just some passing Violinist who will use you as a punching bag"