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The man in front of me glared at me while blood run through his nose. He seemed to overcome his fear and trying to analyze whether he could win this fight.

Maybe he still had some other abilities that he didn't show yet. Even so he still looked so frail. Except for the talisman that could attack instantly, he looked like other normal person.

His physical abilities look to be below average and his magic was almost nonexistent.

"Hey, where did you get all of that stuff?"

I asked even though knowing this was a futile attempts. It could be dangerous if every Dick and Harry on the street had something like that.

Still how could he procured something that looked like a talisman that could conjure magic instantly.

"heh... and why should I tell you about it" He scoffed at me not answering my inquiry. He looked so arrogant that I considered to just smash him down and be done with it.

"You should answer my question first. who the heck are you?" He asked about my identity again. It seemed that he didn't feel satisfied with my answer previously.

He must be curious how I could arrive here. There was a barrier that ward people  in the surrounding. That must be his doing. It was still easy for me to enter here thought.

I thought about how to answer his question. Should I answer with the same answer from the previous one.

However remembering what he wanted to do, I gave a cold look toward him. Should I mess with him for a bit,  My lips curve upward.

I looked at him while smiling

"I am Chisato's boyfriend" I gave him a straight answer

"Wh-what" He was flabbergasted with my answer

"Are you deaf? I said  I am Shirasagi Chisato's boyfriend. So can't you stop stalking her. I am so pissed right now because of you" I looked down at him while glaring.

His face pale. He looked like someone who saw the end of the world. He took my bullshit seriously. Its fortunate that Chisato passed out right now. It would be a lot of trouble if she heard it.

"l-lies... That Chisato would never....I  sh-should be the only one..." He mutter in broken sentence.  He was a really delusional.  The man might be not in the right state of mind.

I didn't know what kind of thing he smoke, If he just thought about it for a second. He should have realized that my statement was full of hole.

Chisato and I just meet today. if he stalked her, He should have known some people Chisato close with. 

Blood must have rush through his head, he looked so furious. With that state, it will be hard for him to think straight.


I swing my right arm toward the ball of fire that approached very fast. He suddenly attacked without warning. I could see a remnant of ripped paper in his hand.

"hihihi... that slut, to think that she betrayed my love. I will fucking kill both of you, I don't need some used goods" He said some problematic statement lightly. I couldn't describe how red his face because of his anger.

I looked at him coldly. This man really was delusional. Maybe some beating might help him regain some of his rationality.

"I don't know If I deserve to say this, but you should stop that kind of mindset.  Never mind an Idol even normal woman will scrunching away from you" I said trying to talk some sense into him.

"Shut up! shut up!" He screamed while ripping a lot of paper after taking it out of his backpack. He seem to have a lot of it in stock.

Barrage of magic was thrown toward me. However as the one who used it was just an amateur, I erased it easily with just a swing of my right arm.

Seeing that I handle it easily, he raised his right arm.

Then suddenly his right arm glowed in bright color showing some kind of tattoo.

suddenly some black sword appeared around him hovering in mid air pointing itself toward my direction.

"*Whistle* That's a cool one. Did your mom choose that ability for you?" I said in mocking tone.

His face became even more distorted noticing that I didn't  took him seriously. He screamed at me making all of the sword hovering in mid air launched itself in fast speed toward me.

Unlike the barrage of pure magic, It seemed this one contain some physical properties in its damage.

He even made it launch simultaneously toward different direction maybe noticing that I erased all of his attack using my right hand.

Moreover he even dare to aim his attack toward the direction of Abby and Chisato. Even thought Abby could easily depend from that kind of attack.

It still pissed me off that he even thought of targeting them.

"Rankyaku:Ran (Tempest Kick:Riot)"

I propelled myself into the air and sent a waves of air blade using my leg toward all of his attack neutralizing them.

I looked at his direction seeing his surprised face. I guess he was surprised that I defeat his trump card so easily.

Without giving him another time to attack I appeared in front of him.

"Soru:Kokoken (Shave:Stiff Steel fist)" I launched a fist through his stomach making sure it won't kill him.

*Bang* Shock wave rippled through the surrounding from my attack

Even though He thrown that many attack he looked like someone who didn't exercise much. Its hard to control my attack to not accidentally killing him.

"Blerrggg" He puke throwing out his breakfast. he kneel before falling face first to the ground.

Noticing that he didn't stand any chance, He looked at me in fear.

In a hurry he tried to raise his right hand to launch another attack or maybe trying to escape but before he could do it. I kicked both of his hand and pinned the man on the ground.

I showed him a cold smile while cracking my fist.


"*crack* Karma is a bitch you know"

I thrown out a punch toward his face in quick succession. If you aren't ready to suffer from violence then think twice before using it, idiot.

I kept punching him for a few minutes.

His face became so swollen it was unrecognizable.

"P-please have mercy" he said with cracking voice.

Seeing him like that, I decided to stop.

I still need to find out where he got all of that talisman and I also turned my attention to his right arm. 

Now that I took a good looked at his right hand, I could see some kind of tattoo on it, It was a familiar sight. I remembered seeing that in a game that I played in the past.

"However..." I looked at the direction of Abby and Chisato.

I need to take care of her first. I felt sorry for neglecting her.  I should escort her toward her home before interrogating this man.

Then I noticed something glimmer in the corner of my eyes. It was the knife that this man said could trapped someone inside it.

The knife must have fell when I kicked him the first time.

Using simple telekinesis, I made the knife flew toward my hand. Lets use this for now, I swing it toward the man.


"Arggggggggg" He screamed loudly with tear on his eyes.

"Ah sorry *pulled out*" Weird didn't he said , he just need to stab to trap someone. I tilted my head in question , then I realized something, I used my right hand. Maybe I unconsciously activate the Imagine Breaker.


"ARRRRRGGGGGGGGG" another scream came from his mouth, he was bleeding from two place now.

I used my left hand but it show the same result. He looked at me like I was some kind of demon. Don't look at me like that please. I healed him so that he didn't die from blood loss.

"Maybe I stabbed the wrong place" Hearing my remark the man hurriedly talk and  told me how to activate the knife ability.

I activate the artifact and trapped him in the knife. With that I just need to interrogate him later.

Sighing in relief I walked toward Abby to check Chisato condition.