Fractured but Whole
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Like a broken dam The man talked continuously about the information he had. Maybe feeling that my threat was not serious after some time, he started to falter and trying to negotiate with me.

I gave a signal to Abby and  a key appeared on her hand.

A few tentacle appeared and caressed his cheek lovingly like a lover. It made his face pale and he started to talk again.

I got a lot of information from him, about where he got those strange paper knife and other things that he used in the battle. Still I frowned about what  I heard.

"You mean someone sold you these things?" I doubt his word for a second.

"I-I am serious the person told me that I could use supernatural power by giving money" He sound desperate while he said that.

Well not like selling magical things were forbidden. But even  then usually the seller was cautious in to who they sold it to.  Usually they only sold it to someone who already belong to the supernatural side not normal human.

To preserve its mysticism magic was kept secret to general public. If someone just sold these things without care and it got into news, it would spring trouble. The government and other organization might suppress it but even the excuse of saying a gas leak happened won't keep the secret safe in an age where information spread in the speed of light.

The one who sold this might not know the general rule in this world or someone who was confident in covering their track.

I asked this man about the characteristic  of the person who sold it.

"It is a man... uhm... wait, is it a woman? W-wait believe me. I can't seem to remember" He looked confused holding his head.

Not surprising that he didn't even remember a single things about the person. It seem, I wouldn't get any more useful information from him. He didn't even know how to contact the person.

I sighed inside my mind.

Why did I encounter so many dangerous unknown individual when I arrived at Japan. I didn't even know if this was the same individual with the one who attacked me in Kokabiel accident.

This was even worse than my time in clock tower, at least in there someone else did the thinking and I just need to beat them up.

Still now that I thought about it, It was just a coincidence that I crossed my path with them. This one was because I was protecting Chisato and before was because request from Croix.

It was really hard for a man to flirt and find a harem in peace please.

Changing my thought, I need to focus on this first.

"I need to confiscate this items of yours" I took his bag which seemed to be also a magic item.

"W-wait you mean, you will take all of it" Of course. This would be my loot for defeating you. You should be happy that I didn't beat you more.

If you held on this item, it was possible other would take it from amateur like you. This would only spell trouble.

His face was pale like seeing the end of the world. I guessed he spent a lot of fortune buying this. But recalling what he wanted to do using it, there was no pity from me.

I checked the content of the bag and there were a lot kind of paper talisman and scroll in it. Then the system sound resounded in my head.

[Received Fire Talisman]

[Received Flaming arrow scroll]

[Received breath of ice scroll]





A lot of notification appeared in the system. I stored all of it in my inventory.When I knew it the bag was empty. It was quite nice that the sytem could automatically store it.

Most of it was an item that I didn't need maybe I could sell it later.

"Y-you already took it, then I can go right?" He looked afraid.

Its not weird when you looked around there where a lot of tentacle wriggling around.

Abby controlled it to intimidate the man. The dim lit room and the tentacle really helped making  a creepy atmosphere in this room.

"You know there is still one thing you didn't give right" I looked at his right hand.

"No-no this one is special... Its attached to my right arm" He tried to lied to me.

"I see too bad. *sigh* Well I guess we need to amputate it"

Then his arm glow in bright light

[Falling Sword Rune tried to transfer would you like to accept?]

"*smile nervously*"

I accepted the system notification. A tattoo of black  sword appeared in my other hand. Looking at the tattoo like rune made me sure that I had seen it from a game in my previous life.

It was an old game that used the concept of 108 star of destiny from popular Chinese novel Water Margin.

With the system help I could use this rune easily. I looked at the information from the system about this power.

[Falling Sword Rune (R)]

A child rune  of Black Sword Rune, one of the piece of  Rune of Beginning. The user could conjure a black sword and launch it toward the enemy. The strength of the sword depend on the power of the magic used.

It didn't looked helpful at all. It was easier to just use magic directly than using this. But conjuring a black sword from the air looked cool. Lets just kept this for aesthetic purpose.

That's would conclude my business with this man. With how cooperative he was, I decided to let him go. He was a bastard alright but I thought I already punished him enough.

He looked relieved when I said that to him. Of course I was someone who always kept his promise.

I said to him that he should forget what happened today and don't think of contacting Chisato again.

"I won't do it again I swear. I won't even touch Idol stuff anymore just let me go" He plead to me

"I will keep your word for it"

I left the building with Abby before looking at him one last time.




*Stalker POV*

The man sat a table in his own room. The room was quite big with a lot of furniture signifying that he was quite rich.

"Huhuhahaha" he laughed maniacally in his own room.

He was glad  he survived. Still that didn't mean he felt happy about it. He felt anger toward all of them.

"How dare they looked down at me like that" His eyes was red thinking about the humiliation that he felt.

He thought several ways to get revenge.

Sure he won't be able to beat that boy in one on one fight, He still felt scared about him and that mysterious little girl. But getting revenge didn't only mean that he need to beat them in a fight.

His father was actually a big shot in the entertainment industry and his mother was a famous journalist. That's where he got the money to buy all of the item from the mysterious person.

"Just you wait when I am done with you bastard" Even if he was not strong he could just hire a strong bodyguard, he was sure his parent could get him some.

Then he noticed something strange.

"Why it was so quiet?" He can't hear anything in the surrounding then he noticed someone in the corner of the room.

"W-who are you?" There was a little girl in the corner of the room smiling silently looking at him. her face was disfigured and her clothes was so dirty that people would though when was the last time it was cleaned.

She was just staring silently toward the man.

His heartbeat started becoming louder. He felt scared looking at the girl. When he stood up trying to escape.


Suddenly the girl head split into two vertically. It took several second for him to notice what happened.

"UWAAAAAAAA" He screamed trying to get out of the room.


He tried to open the door to outside but to no avail it was futile. he looked back, then he saw something scary.

"Someone, anybody... Please HELP!!!"

From the head  of the little girl a sharp teeth and  tentacle came and restrain the man starting with his leg and hand.

He tried to fight back but it was several stronger than him. He was scared thinking what would happened to him. His body shivered in fear.

Then he noticed something, the tentacle was unbuttoning his pants making his face pale.

"W-wait, you are not serious right"




The body of the man was convulsing in the abandoned  building. I looked at him silently

"I know I was the one who told you to manipulate his dream. But I am curious what kind of dream did he have" I said toward Abby

I knocked this man unconscious after I got all of his item and information.

I told Abby to gave him nightmare if he had slightest will of taking revenge on us. Even though I already told him to forgot all of it

"Fufufu. Are you curious master?" A pale skinned Abby domed in Witch attire  appeared beside me. She said it was easier for her to use her power in this form.

Her smile was not innocent like, it was like seeing a child who plucked a wing of insect and happily seeing it struggling to live.

"Nah... Not really"I shrugged. All I need to know was that he didn't use his chance wisely. With this he won't even have the guts to think about revenge anymore worse case he would become Idiot.

Still I was a bit worried looking at Abby who look like enjoying seeing the man in pain.

This time we really left the building leaving the man behind.


*Additional Information*

[Falling Sword Rune (R)]

A child rune  of Black Sword Rune one of the piece of  Rune of Beginning. The user could conjure a black sword and launch it toward the enemy. The strength of the sword depend on the power of the user.

A rune was a power like magic by imbuing some kind of tattoo in a part of user body. The user could use the power of the rune after implanting it.  This rune was commonly used in suikoden world.

Rune commonly divided into two type. True Runes that has the power of God and Child Rune that derived its power from the true runes.

Black Sword Rune was one piece of 27 True rune that played pivotal role in the Dunan Unification War which was used by Jowy Altreides (Suikoden 2).

Elliot sold most of the item that he got in this accident but kept the rune because it looked cool.