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This note was written in special book that was encrypted and could only be read by him. The first part contain the system information and some scribble about the content.

Name : Elliot Artel

Titles +

Note : Certain action could result for the system to give title. Still wonder though how it determined the title. Even the title seem not helped much. This might not helpful at all.


Note : listing the amount of Abilities gotten from the gacha or other means. Very Useful, classify the abilities from R (Rare) Into an SSR( Super Super Rare). It seemed the R was an abilities could be found in most people on the respective franchise where SR and SSR usually used by Protagonist or Antagonist of the series. The difference between SR and SSR were very thin though.

Abilities could be upgraded by achieving some condition and paying some GP. it could be Permanent or not.

Inventory +

Note : Could Store any item as long as it was not a living being. Something that couldn't be forgotten if you played an RPG.  Very useful.

System Shop +

Note : It list Abilities, items or Consumable that can be bought from the shop. It listed in the group of five. The list can be refreshed by paying some GP. The price seem increase with the amount of SR and SSR abilities that I have. Too expensive, need to see the manager for this.

Gacha +

Note : Pay some GP to roll abilities or item. Sometimes it gave 50% increase in drop rate. It sound good until you check the drop rate

Nothing : 60 %

GP        : 30 %

R            : 8 %

SR          : 1.5%

SSR            : 0.5 %

GP : 4.200.300

Note : the amount of GP accumulated. GP can be get by beating someone or doing some mission.

Mission +

Note : List of mission in progress


- Violinist Prodigy (active),

- Reincarnator,

- Secret Magician,

- Scum.

Abilities +

- Musician Prodigy (SSR)

Note : Combined with space magic can use music to support or attack

- Supreme Primarch Wing (SSR) [GBF]

Note :  Could grow up to six pairs of wings. It had five color wings representing fire, wind, earth, water, and light. Hard to control, it's like growing an additional limbs. The wing could change color depending which element needed.

- Servant Contract (SSR) [Fate]

Abbigail William (contracted)

A very cute girl, showing symptom of dual personality.

- Imagine Breaker (degraded version) (SR) [Index]

Can be turned off and on.

- Physical Reinforcement (R)>Rokushiki (Six Forms) (SR) [One Piece]

Tekkai, Soru, Shigan, Rankyaku, Kami-e, Geppou


- Magical Talent (Space) (SR)

Need complex calculation to use. Mistake could result in place/person to be thrown away into    dimensional gap.


  Dante Al-thaiz

- Falling Sword Rune (R)

Conjure a sword and launch at enemy

- Absolute Choice (R)

Anyone know how to delete this

- Cooking (R)

- Language Comprehension (R)

Less Used Skill -

- Eraser (system Skill)

Skill could be erased with time Limit one day after acquisition.

- Grid finger skill (R)

Very useful.

- Sign Language skill (R)

- Puppet Magic knowledge (R)

- Drumming knowledge (R)

- Guitar knowledge (R)

- Bass Knowledge (R)

Inventory -

- Primal Beast Blue Print (SSR)

- Servant Card (R) (broken) (15.000.000 to fix)

- Knife of Entrapment (R)

- Violin (For Performance)

- Violin (For Bashing someone head)

- Other Musical Instrument

- Food In case of emergency

- Etc

System Shop -


~Sharingan...Price 100.000.000 GP

~Bright Shield Rune...Price 80.000.000 GP

~Gate of Babylon.....Price 350.000.000 GP

~Laplace Demon....Price 80.000.000 GP

~Rinnegan.....Price 250.000.000 GP

                                                              [Refresh for 72000 GP]


~Golf Club....Price 2.000.000 GP

~Zanpakutou.....Price 100.000.000 GP

~Goddess Eris Panties....Price 10.000.000 GP

~Chi'Xiao.....Price 40.000.000 GP

~GeForce RTX 3070..... Price 100.000 GP

                                                              [Refresh for 72000 GP]


~HP Potion (S)....Price 200 GP

~MP Potion (S)....Price 750 GP

~Phoenix Down.....Price 2500 GP

~Antidote.....Price 400 GP

~Sanity Potion...500 GP

                                                                  [Refresh for 72000 GP]

Gacha +

GP : 4.000.000 +-

[Main Mission]

Goal : Make The event of Live House Circle a success! (In Progress)

Description :

You need to help someone when they are in need of help (especially if they are beautiful girl or woman *wink*). Make the event a success. If you can make this event a success, it is possible that Marina impression of you will increase.

- Requirement of success

1. Invite at least five bands to the events

2. Make sure the show will be a success

Reward : Random upgrade in one of your ability or item.

Its been so long so someone suggest to update Elliot status so here it is. the next one contain character information. even I forgot some of it