Fate Episode
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I looked up, the blue sky was beautiful. The wind felt caress my skin gently and the smell of grass fill my nose. This would be great place to have a picnic, only If I knew how the heck I arrived here. I tried to remember what was the last thing I did. I was sure that I arrived home had dinner with Abby and Kazuki, watched TV together and went straight to bed. I looked at my clothes, I still wore my pajama and I was sure no one would be strong enough to kidnap me without me realizing it.

Deciding it was futile to keep thinking about it, I walked to find out where I was. I kept walking and walking but after few minutes stopped because of the view in front of me.

"Flying island?.." I said in low voice. It was a breathtaking view. I arrived what can be called of a border of the land that I walked. I can't continue to walk because there was nothing that I can step on and the view of the of the flying islands in the distance. It was not only one, I can see a lot of them without any sign of falling. Then I realized something, even the place that I walked was also a flying island.

Then from where I stood I look around, Only beautiful sky can be seen. Whether it was above or below, the sky was the only thing that fill it. I was curious what was it was like below, however even after I focus, I can't see the end of the sky. It was surreal but magnificent sight to behold.

Feeling uneasy with the possibility of falling, I tried to use my ability, then wings sprout from my back. I sighed in relief. It would be quite scary if the island fell and I didn't have any way to save myself. I looked again at all of the flying island, then a thought pop up at my head. It didn't hurt to try. I took a breath and said it as loud as possible.

"Balse!?" I shouted.

"..." I waited and waited but no change happened in the surrounding.

"Well, it is not a flying castle, I don't know what to expect" At least, this was not using the same system as Laputa.

I contemplate for my next action but while I was thinking that, I notice there were two shadow in the distance moving in a high speed toward here.


They landed a few meters beside me. Before I could even gave a respond to their sudden arrival, they started talking with each other.

"Lets take a rest for a bit Hal... We still had a lot of time"

"This is our first job since we are assigned as archangels of instruction, so I hope we can finish it perfectly"

Two women were talking with each other while ignoring me. Both of them were beautiful which really had a stark contrast in appearance with each other. One of them had chocolate complexion with long golden blonde hair and was called Hal and the other had a white milky complexion with a long black hair and was called Mal. The other things that intrigue me was the wings on their back, Hal had the same colored wings as her hair while Mal had a blue colored wings. It was normal so far, but their wings only exist on one of their side. Hal on her right side and Mal on her left side.


"Excuse me..."

I tried to get their attention, but they just ignored me. It was like I didn't exist in their eyes. Feeling intrigued, I tried touching them but to no avail my hand just passed their body.

Feeling that nothing worked, I can only listen to their conversation to get more information. Astral, Primal Beast, Supreme Primarch, they said a lot of things that I didn't understand.

"Is this another world again?" I muttered quietly but it was weird that I can't interact with them.

<Your guess is quite close actually> I heard someone responding to my self muttering.


<Yo, You miss me>He said like greeting a close friend

"Sigh what do you want, Aren?" I said to the annoying God. I was quite annoyed at him but realizing that I can't do anything to him, I just replied halfheartedly.

<Nothing really, I just feel bored, So I want to look at your condition*Sluurp*> He said while eating something.

<Sorry I am eating a late night snack right now?> From the sound of it, he could be eating some kind of noodle right now.

"So can you explain what happened here?" I said not minding his action.

<You remember there is some scene in fate where Shirou and Saber can see their past because of their connection right> Aren said in a clear voice.

"Ah, now that I thought about it, there is something like that" If we were talking about a servant contract, I only contracted with Abby. I was sure there wasn't a flying island in Salem.

<This is similar to that. However your connection is not only to your servant, but also to your other power especially the one with a clear owner. You can view their memories and strengthened your connection to the ability which in turn will improve your power. Just think of it like a lucid dream> Lucid Dream? Isn't that where you can control your dream as you like.

"You mean, Everything I imagine can happens if I imagine it in here?" I asked for confirmation

"Uhm? There is some limitation but yes" He confirmed my question

Then I looked at the two archangel who were talking, I focus my imagination on them. I can't touch them but I can try other things.

"Oh yeah, you can't do something like making those two clothes to disappear"

"..." Too bad, I though.

<You also can't grant yourself an X-ray eyes>

"..."Seriously, did you read my mind?

<and No, I didn't read your mind...>

"So what can I do in this Lucid Dream?" There was too much limitation. It was not a fun as I thought this Lucid dream

<Well you can make food, drink and other tools too appear and use it just the normal one>

I tried imagining an apple and will it to appear and it really appeared. I pick it up and ate it. the taste of apple fill my mouth.

"You mean this power is the one I got after absorbing that strange things? an advanced home theater?" I said looking disappointed

"*chuckle* no, not really it was still not complete yet, it is just a side effect because your power got strengthened"

"Can you at least tell me now, what will I get" What the heck with this secret, It was not fun at all.

"Why are you so impatient? It's not the endgame yet. It won't be good to spoil everything this early in the game" Aren said to Elliot.

"Now that I see it, you sound less annoying than before.. What happened" The last time, he sounded grumpy and annoying.

<Maybe because I am not playing right now, It is not good to spend all of my time in front of my PC, So I decided to check up on you. You can say your thanks if you want" He said in haughty tone.

"Nah, I take it back, you are still annoying" I said while trying to make all kind of food to appear.

<Don't worry about even like this I swear I am at your side> Even if he said that, He still sound suspicious to me.

"So Do I only need to sit thigh here?" I said looking bored. Isn't it need to be more exciting even Saber showed her memories of her last battle and Archer showed himself hanging. Not like I was complaining being shown two beautiful girl in leotard. yes that was what they were wearing.

<I think it is not starting yet. I think the keyword is "Initiate Fate Episodes". The system will help you to show only the important part of the memories>

"Initiate Fate Episode" I said it as Aren instructed

<Commencing Fate Episode : Supreme Primarch Wings> The sound of the system was heard and then the view in front of me was distorted. After a while a different scenery appeared in front of me. Supreme Primarch Wings, that was the name of the ability that I got after defeating Felton. It was quite a strong one and It was quite cool so I really liked to use it.

After some time, I Focus my attention to the new scenery in front of me. There was something like a garden with different kind of plants here. Not only that, different kind of small animals can be seen walking around without worries. In the distance there was a lake with a clear water on it. There was also a terrace with a table and chair to act as the place to enjoy the surrounding. It was a view that can be compared to Eden the paradise described in the Book of Genesis. This place were filled with so much light energy making this place looked sacred.

The I noticed there were two people in the terrace. Then I felt my back was hot.

<Supreme Primarch Wings is telling its story>

"Um... Lucifer? What is it that you're doing?" A man garbed in a knight armor with a hoodie said it. He has short brown hair and blood red eyes. His aura was calm like a newborn that just saw the world.

"Sandalphon, you've come." The man with short white hair replied. The same with the one called Sandalphon he also wore a knighly garb. His blue eyes look at Sandalphon. His aura was holy and he was expresionless. Seeing him like this, it felt like nothing can stain his perfect countenance.

Seeing both of them, I was sure they were the main character of these memories. Even the wings on my back that I had was feeling excited seeing them. Looking at both man,I smiled and opened my mouth.

"So, Where is the skip button?"

<It doesn't exist> Aren quickly replied