Interconnected Memories
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I looked at the two who were in the terrace. From what I heard the white haired one was called Lucifer and the brown haired one was called Sandalphon. They were having a talk, knowing that I need to watch them, I walked closer to them. Sandalphon asked Lucifer what he was doing. I looked at Lucifer and saw him pouring some hot water into something. Oh that is...

"I'm just brewing some coffee." Lucifer continued his activity after answering Sandalphon question.

"Coffee...?" Sandalphon was confused with the word that was uttered by the man in front of him.

"Yes. It is a by-product arising from the evolution of plant life, discovered through my extensive research. A special plant known as Coffea gives rise to fruit, from which beans are harvested and extracted. Then those beans are roasted and ground into a fine powder. Pour hot water over this powder, allow it to percolate, and voila: coffee. " Lucifer explained the drink that he made in detail.

"That sounds like a lengthy process for a drink" Sandalphon replied while still observing what Lucifer doing. Seeing those two conversation, I can't to speak.

"So Lucifer was the one who invented Coffee... What a surprise, I don't know what the people in the Vatican will do if they heard this" I retorted from the side even though knowing this was a different world.

<Even if it is different world usually there will be some similarity in some aspect. Who knows, maybe the Lucifer in your current world also the one who invented it.> Aren gave his point to me.

But it was really ironic that Lucifer in this world was really the one invented coffee, considering when it was first appeared in Europe Coffee was briefly known as the devil cup. It was good that Pope Clement VIII at that time resolved the issue quickly making Coffee accepted and popular in Europe. Remembering small trivia like that, I observe the pair conversation again.

"Mm... But I must say I love that smell." Sandalphon said toward lucifer

"Then would you like to try it for yourself?"

"Hm? Would that be okay?" He hesitated a bit from the offer.

"Of course. That's what I called you here for." Lucifer said while giving a small smile.

"Th-thank you. I'd love to test out this, um, coffee for myself."

While observed by Sandalphon, Lucifer pour the drink into a cup and offered it to Sandalphon. Sandalphon looked at the drink and saw the dark liquid. Even though he said he liked the smell a few moments ago, he hesitated a bit now. However seeing the hopeful look of Lucifer, he decided to gulp down his complain. Sandalphon gently takes the cup and sips it.

(...!) A strong bitternerness assault his mouth. Sandalphon tried his best to endure it and gulped it all down. The foul bitterness still linger in his mouth. He thought that he was drinking mud water. If it was not for Lucifer, he would throw up right there.

"Well, Sandalphon? How do you like my homemade coffee?" There was some hope in Lucifer voice.

"I-it's delicious..." He can't tell the truth to him.

"I'm glad to hear it. I could not be more pleased with our mutual satisfaction of its taste." Lucifer oblivious to Sandalphon plight said it with a soft smile.

"A-and I could not be more pleased for the opportunity..."

" Then let's have this drink again the next time I acquire a fresh batch of coffee beans."

Sandalphon pale realizing that he was digging his own grave.

I looked at the two, curious about how it taste. I tried imagining the same coffee to appeared in front of me. Because this was memories, maybe I can make the same kind of coffee to appear. Thankfully it really appeared. I smell the aroma and tried to take a sip.

"Well best I can give is seventy" I said to no one in particular. It had a strong bitter taste. I was curious after looking at Sandalphon pained expression.The coffee itself not bad however It was not a good choice for introducing coffee to someone. I drink the coffee while listening to their conversation. Now that I recalled, I started to be interested in coffee after acquiring these wings. Is there any relation? I tried asking Aren about it.

He said that it was true, but it was just giving a small influence. All of it depend on me. If I was strongly repulsed of the idea, It won't have any effect to me.

<Just, think it like this. When teenager watch their porn, they are influenced and start to think about woman and sex. But not all of them get girlfriend or have sex, isn't it?>That was some weird analogy there.

When we having stupid conversation Lucifer stood up from his chair.

"Like always you can wait in the garden Sandalphon... I'm going out for a bit. Lucillius is calling me" He said his goodbye to Sandalphon

"Then I will be waiting Lucifer-sama"

After that the memory shifted again. It showed several instance of their meeting. After several times drinking the coffee, Sandalphon also grew fond of the tastes. I can see it from his expression which changed from the first time. I listened to their interaction in silence while also drinking coffee with them.

From what I gathered, The Astral currently was the top of the food chain in this world. They created something called Primal Beast to act as their bidding. Archangel or Primarch were a type of Primal Beast that were created to govern the skies as they called it. Lucifer was assigned a role as the leader of the Archangel and the Angel that oversee evolution.

He had six white wings that adorned his back. It was weird when I got twelve of them in different color when he was called the supreme primarch and the ability called Supreme Primarch Wings.

Still seeing these two relationship, even I can see where this will go. Someone who once was a friend turning into an enemy. It was such a simple plot in a story. One who want to become a hokage or the other who want revenge. Someone who escaped enslavement from vampire and fighting his friend who in the end became a vampire too.

Even though I hoped I was wrong. Like it was fated, the gear in these two relationship also started to turn.

"Great work as always Lucifer-sama... I heard you perform your task flawlessly again" Sandalphon said to Lucifer. The six wings on his back shined brightly signifying his role as leader of the angel.

"Thank you." Lucifer only gave a short answer to Sandalphon praise

"I hoped that they can quickly assigned a role for me so that I can help you"

"Don't worry. I am sure, they will give you a suitable role"

Still after a few decade, nothing change. Unlike Lucifer and other Primarchs who were busy doing their task, Sandalphon spend his time in peace and quiet. If he was not in the garden, he will be in the research lab with the Astral researcher. Even then their relationship didn't change much.

"Lucifer! You are here!" He said walking toward him

"Sandalphon. All is well, I take it?"

"Yes! nothing changed regarding me nor the research lab"

"But, there is one thing..." Sandalphon hestitated a bit.

"Uhm? What is it? Are you still contemplating your purpose?" Sensing his hestitation, Lucifer said it for him.

"Yes, it weight heavily on my mind. Why I haven't given any even after all this time?" It was weird when all the other were already assigned a role.

"How many times must I repeat myself? That is not something you should be concerned with" He said in stern voice. Feeling that Sandalphon didn't have more business Lucifer turned away leaving Sandalphon behind after saying good bye.

"But..." After Lucifer disappeared, Sandalphon can only muttered quietly

"I-I just want to be useful to you" With a voice no harder than a whisper, he said it toward the back of the Supreme Primarch.

Even I realized seeing this that it went into a bad direction. Then the memories shifted again. I was surprised to what I was seeing. Lucifer was talking to someone who greatly resemble him. It won't be weird if someone said they were twin.

"Hello, my friend. May I speak with you? It's about Sandalphon" Lucifer said to the one in front of him. Since the last time they met, Lucifer also contemplate abit about Sandalphon role. He decided to ask the one in charge of the archangel project Lucillius.

"Look's like you are keeping a sharp eye on him. You are making the other archangel jealous" He said toward Lucifer

"I created him as you instructed me to, but even I don't understand his purpose. Isn't it time for you to reveal it to me" Lucifer inquired to the Astral in front of him.

"I don't tell you because I thought it was not important... well, I think it won't hurt to tell you" Feeling that it was a bother, The man decided to just tell the truth.

"He is your spare"


"In case something happens to you and you unable to fullfill your duties, he will be the one to fill in until you recover"

"A spare to act as substitute?" Lucifer was surprised by what he heard.

"Hehehe. Realistically speaking, that won't be necessary. You've surpassed my wildest dream. You are perfect. Sandalphon is useless. That scrap will be disposed at an appropriate time." He said it like it was not his business what happened to Sandalphon. But seeing his creation in front of him having complicated look, he sighed.

"Well, I suppose you may keep him if you've grown attached"


"Now enough about that... I need your help about something" Not minding Lucifer silent, He stated his business.

"Understood" Lucifer just nodded with the order given to him. He decided to keep it secret from Sandalphon.

They walked leaving the place behind. However, unbeknownst to them, there is other who heard their conversation. Behind the pillar a man with a brown hair was leaning again the pillar with a pale face.

"Useless scrap? a backup?" Sandalphon said in a low voice

"hahaha it must be a lie... then what is the meaning of my existence" He lean again the pillar and sit down. The purpose that he desperately seek. To think it was just a role to be spare. Even he knew, that won't happen. The perfect Primal Beast and the leader of archangel, someone who did all of his job perfectly. It will be miracle if Sandalphon had a job to do in the eons to come. He looked up to the blue sky.

After that like a fast forward the memories continued to shift. Lucifer became more busy with his work as the leader of the archangel while Sandalphon spend his day in the research lab. He saw many Primal Beast who was deemed failure by the researcher disposed of. It didn't matter whether the beast in the form of humanoid or animal they were disposed of instantly. He started to think about himself. Will he be the next one?

His eyes became more and more lifeless day by day. Then maybe waiting for that chance. The serpent came to him. The man wore white military suit that didn't suit him. Like how Eve was deceived to eat the apple in the bible. He talked to Sandalphon with a smile.