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The sound of battle was heard throughout the battlefield. All sort of magic decorated the sky and falling to their target. All sort of feather fell to the ground signifying the death of the Archangel. Still the battlefield continued without caring about the casualties that happened.

"Cough... Cough. It can't be... Have all my brothers and sisters fallen? We were unprepared...But Its already too late, we can only push on!" A woman with Orange hair prepared her weapon the wings her back shined telling her to go. She fight her way to the battlefield again.

"Huff... huff... Damn it, what is this! We were completely misinformed!" A man with white hair and dark wings spoke. His eyes was red with rage.

"Were we set up? But why? What did they have to gain? That sweet-talking serpent! All for Lucifer's sake,he said! Like hell!" His rage continued to boil thinking about the bastard behind this disaster.

" Rrrgggh! Beliaaal!" Thinking about the smirk in the bastard face right now, his fury started to grow again. He channeled all of his rage to all of the enemies around him.

"Haaah! Rrrah! Pant... Pant..." In another part of the battlefield, Sandalphon swing the sword in his hand and killing a lot of angel in his way. His eyes was filled with madness.

"Come on... Who wants to be next to die on my sword?" He scream the world toward his enemy.

"Scrap! Backup! I will show you..."He thought about the one called Supreme Primarch. Hatred already clouded his eyes.

"Everything you hold dear will be smashed to dust by my hand!Luciferrrrrrr!" He moved and destroy everything in front of his eyes

Everywhere was the same. The scene of the battlefield filled my eyes. It was such a sad scene. Then my back started to feel hot again. Then without warning another system voice was heard.

<Increasing the connection to the ability Supreme Primarch Wings>

<ah, It seemed, I was getting kicked out... well see you later I guess> Aren voice also started to grow distant and my vision started to get blurry before it cut off.

I tried to open my eyes and other sight fill my eyes.

"Ah, you're here. Bit of a mess we've both stepped in, huh?" A man in white military uniform that didn't suit him talked to me.

"..." I tried to open my mouth but it was futile. Then I realized it was not my body and the dream still continue and the difference was I was put in as the character in this stage in a first point of view.

"Are the fallen angels rebelling as well, Belial?" My mouth open and said it.

"Yeah. That wasn't part of the plan, but the spirit of rebellion seems to be a powerful contagion. Is your little pet Sandy showing symptoms?" Belial said it like it was someone else problem. But from what I saw in this dream, he was playing a big part in this rebellion.

"I don't know." Even though it was said in an expressionless voice. But for me who was inside him, I can feel his uncertainty regret, and confusion to what happened now. This rebellion caused by the angel and fallen angel was the biggest disaster that happened since his creation.

"There's an answer I never expected to hear from those perfect lips."

"You know I am not perfect."

"...Well, whatever. I'll handle cleanup. I need to tidy up any evidence that would implicate Cilius. The Astral High Council has ordered the construction of a cage where any surviving rebels will be incarcerated." He was silent before giving this information to Lucifer.

"I see."

"I'm off then. I'll let you know if Sandy survives."

Lucifer saw of Belial who was going away after spreading his wings. He who was said to be perfect wonder if it was just a lip service after seeing this mess. Still he knew that he need to talk to the mastermind behind this. With that in mind, he also spread his wings

Lucifer arrived to an open space that looked like a laboratory. There, He saw Cilius who was waiting for him.

"Do you have some business with me, Lucifer?"

"Tell me, my friend. Do you know something about this Rebellion?" He asked this toward his friend and his creator.

"Rebellion? It was more akin to a large number of them rampaging simultaneously. So much so that I, as their creator, came under suspicion." Lucilius as the astral who created the Primal Beast in the Archangel Series was especially under suspicion in this rebellion.

"You mean to say those suspicions ring false?"

"And I suppose you mean to say those suspicions ring true?"

Both of them look each other in the eye.

"I know you were responsible..." His tone was very certain when he looked at someone who he was calling friend.

" Oh?"

"Archangels serving directly under you have been sewing the seeds of sedition all over the skies. The rebellion and its failure were all part of your plan from the beginning."

"Well, should I say as expected of you" Lucilius only smile at his friend accusation.

"But why?" Lucifer didn't understand, why he was going this far.

" I just started to think about it after reaching the end of my research toward evolution. To follow the Creator's every whim, confined to the cradle allotted to us... Is most depressing. Wouldn't you agree?" Without changing his expression, he spoke those word. He wanted to see the face of the creator and stopped being a game piece in his game.

"You intend to continue this even knowing it could destroy the world, merely to satisfy your rebellious heart?"

"Hehehe... I knew we wouldn't see eye to eye. And that you'd confront me about it." When he said that which act as a signal, all short of magic rain on Lucifer.

*BOOM* a big explosion happened in the place where Lucifer stand. Hundreds of angels appeared around Lucillius acting to protect him. Smoke was disturbing the vision. However not even few second passed a voice was heard from the smoke.

"Paradise Lost"

When that word uttered a gigantic magic circle appeared on the sky.

"Well, this looks bad" Everyone looked at the sky.

From the magic circle a bright light shined and illuminate the world before becoming million of light beam that rain into all of the angel making them perish. Some of them tried to protect Lucillius by making a shield before it shatter under the torrent of light.

The smoke in the battlefield started to dissipate. Lucifer was unscathed from the previous bombardment, no his wound was actually healing after he did that move of him. I who was looking through his eyes and can felt it. It was a move that utilize the destruction and healing aspect of light magic.

Lucifer looked toward the one who was he called friend and his creator. It seemed he survived that. Before giving him any chance, he took the katana on his waist and cut off his head.

"What a pointless thing you've done... I am sure someday someone will take on my legacy " The severed head started to talk. It was an eerie sight to see. But it seemed that was the last word that he can muster. He looked at his friend visage before flying away to resolve this rebellion.




"Supreme Primarch. We've dealt with most of the angel that start the rebellion" An angel in the form of beautiful woman reported to Lucifer.

"I see... Lucillius is dead, Beelzebub fall to the bottom of the sky, and that left only Belial" Lucifer said matter factly.

"Yes, Uriel is pursuing the rest of the fugitives, and Raphael is investigating how the incident began."

"As for the deputy head researcher, Michael is looking for him herself."

"I see. Thank you Gabriel"

"Supreme Primarch, you don't look well. Are you injured?" There was concern in the tone of the one called Gabriel.

"No, No need for concern. I'll be in the garden—" Lucifer was feeling mixed emotion right now. Did he do the right things. He was doing his best in the duty he was assigned to as the overseer in this sky realm but sometimes he wonder whether it was the right decision.

"Tell the four primarchs to continue with their current assignments" After that the rebellion was successfully quelled.

He negotiated with the astral to only imprison the rebel in Pandemonium. Lucifer hoped that maybe someday he could free them. He still remembered the eyes of Sandalphon when he saw him. There was no gentle eyes that look at him when they both in the garden.

Now, he was in the garden looking at the scenery alone. unlike the usual time where he was accompanied by someone, now it was only him alone here.

"This place is bigger than I remembered it" With a lonely voice he said that toward no one in particular

<The first part of the synchronization is complete>

<Acquired Paradise Lost <Srengthening the connection to the wings>>

<Acquired Primal Beast Blue Print <SSR Item>>

With that system announcement my consciousness was cut off again. It was weird that I got so many things from just seeing this memories. I felt that my back started to get hot again. I guess it was time to wake up.




"Master..." I heard the voice of girl. It was a beautiful voice.

"Wake up" Even though she told me to wake up but I didn't feel like it. After seeing that kind of dream, I didn't feel to have any sleep. I want to sleep more

I wanted to sleep again and this time, there won't be any weird memories popping up. The sound of the girl calling me to wake up kept repeating in my ear. But to me it was like a lullaby.

"This is hard" Abby who was trying to wake up Elliot from his slumber didn't know what to do. Usually her master was always the first one to wake up and prepared their breakfast. But today seemed to be different.

Abby scratched her head. Kazuki was in a hurry this morning saying that she got something to do. A woman in red hair with a very big breast came with a car to take her somewhere.

She then remembered that Kazuki gave her a note. She opened the note and read it.

She blushed deeply after looking at the content and her master. Still she decided to do it because she remembered that her master need to have school today. She crawled on the bed and whisper in his ear.

"Master please wake up..." She whispered in his ear in a gentle tone

"If you don't..." Abby followed the instruction of Kazuki to the letter.

"I will rip the thing between your leg apart" third eye emerged on her forehead and her tone became frosty and even tentacle started to emerge from the space around.

"uhm..." She looked at the bed and her master was nowhere to be found. Then he looked at her master in the corner of the room wide awake.

"Ah... Good morning master" she said with a charming smile, she was happy that her action was a success.

"G-good morning Abby" Elliot knew that it was just a strategy to wake him up but he felt it at the last second that if he didn't wake up at that time, something bad will really happen.

- Primal Beast Blue Print <SSR Item>-
A Blue Print to make a Primal Beast found in Lucillius Laboratory. Primal Beast is a beast that was created in the world of Granblue Fantasy by mysterious being called Astral. This Blue Print is so complicated that it needed intensive research to make use of it. Not only that the material listed is hard to be found and borderline mystical or only found in legend.