Surprising Morning
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It was a beautiful morning. The sound of alarm clock was heard in one of the room of a young girl. She turned the alarm off with her hand reluctantly ending her good sleep.

"Ehmmmp!" Arisa stretch her body to erase all of the sleepiness from herself. She opened the curtain of her room letting the sunlight came in. The light that shined was so bright that she shielded her eyes with her hand. Still it made her awake

"Morning" She said to the bonsai on her garden.

She went to the bathroom to prepare herself for the day. She wash her face and looked toward the reflection in the mirror. There was a beautiful young girl with her long hair until her shoulder. She looked at her body.

she was wearing a yellow pajama which emphasize her body outline, It was quite a dangerous sight because of the two weapon on her chest area. Still she kept looking at it when she knew it her hands grope the round bouncy things on her chest.

"Why does it getting bigger again?" She was sure this was the weird feeling these past few days. She sighed that she need to update her wardrobe again.

She looked at the clock and resumed to prepare herself to go to school. she wear her uniform and done her hair in pig tail like usual. Ichigaya Arisa Lived in a quite big traditional japanese house. If it was compared, it can be said to be a smaller version of the Emiya household in the fate anime. Her family had an antique shop and her parents was working overseas right now. She lived with her grandma in this big house.

Arisa was an introverted girl but she started to change when she joined band with Kasumi. She was still quite uncomfortable with stranger but compared to the past it was already better. When she knew it she was done preparing herself.

"Yosh" She said to hype herself up after looking at herself in the mirror again but the tight feeling in her chest was making her uncomfortable a bit. She walked to have her breakfast with her grandmother.

Thinking about it, the article in the web that she had read yesterday said that feeling tight in the chest was a sign of love. Even though she knew it was for different reason the tightness in her chest right now, She can't help but remember the accident a few days ago.

"I will seriously need to punch him once" Remembering his smirking face made her grew irritated. He even had the gal to send the photo of the scene to her. Arisa grit her teeth with red face remembering it.

Still his performance in the garden really made her awed with his proficiency in playing Violin. It was like seeing a different person. Arisa can't get his performance from out of her head

"I-Its not like it change my opinion about him being a pervert" She said denying something that almost cross her mind. Elliot already sent a message that he will need only to gather one more band for the event. Poppin' Party already trained themselves for the upcoming event. Well, It was more like Kasumi dragging the other feeling excited about the performance.She sigh thinking of their leader.

They already show him their performance once but the next time she will make him surprised once more with the improvement they made. While thinking about the boy she arrived at the dining room. She then opened the sliding door to the room while thinking what she could do to morning.

"Good morning" She said her greeting.

"Ah, morning " A young boy voice greeted her back

"Eh?" Arisa looked at the source of the voice. She was sure her grandma didn't have a young boy voice. She looked at the boy with orange hair that she was just thinking about having a meal. She reacted like how a normal young girl should.

"Gyaaaaa!... What are you doing here, you pervert!" She screamed a top her lung without minding the neighborhood.

"Having breakfast?"While Elliot replied naturally while eating side dish on his plate.

"Why are you having breakfast at my house!" She asked him again with the same loud voice. She at least sigh in relief that she didn't go down in her Pajama like usual.

"Second please" On the other side Kasumi was also eating while watching the spectacle with a young girl with blonde hair on her side.



After a few minutes, Arisa calmed down a bit and sit down on the tatami mat with all the others.

"Here Arisa" Her grandma helped Arisa to fill her plate with rice.

"Thank you" She accepted it graciously while still staring at the intruder in her house. Elliot, Kasumi, and a foreigner girl with blonder hair who she just notice. It was normal for Kasumi to come to her house sometime to have breakfast together but why were Elliot and this girl here.

(Crap did she just notice that just now) She changed gear fast to her ojou-sama mode.

"So um I mean can anyone explain why are all of you here" Arisa changed her tone to a more polite one. She gave her best smile because of the young girl that she didn't know.

"It was a long story but to sum it up, Kasumi invited me while I was bumping to her on my way to school" Elliot explained to Arisa who was smiling.

(so It was you!)

"hehehe" Kasumi laugh it off while Arisa glare at her. It seemed she was already done eating the same with Abby.

"Don't be mad Arisa, I am the one who invited them to eat with us" Her grandma said to her from the side. Her grandma looked like a normal old lady you can find anywhere. She had white hair and wore an apron in front of her clothes. She looked like someone who really spoil her grandchildren.

"ugh..I-I know"She looked away embarrassed. It was not like she was mad. Arisa already used to Kasumi antic but she was just surprised by it because it was too sudden. It was not like she hate having her breakfast with other. She was quite happy actually because it was more lively here. But she glared at the boy who shamelessly eat here with a red face.

Elliot who saw Arisa can only gave Arisa a smile. To tell the truth even he didn't know, he will have breakfast at Arisa's house.

While on the way to school with Abby, Elliot coincidentally met with Kasumi who was going to Arisa's house. He was curious so when he was invited, he just played along.

When they met Arisa's grandma they were invited inside to wait. She looked really happy because Arisa's friend increase. She invited them to have breakfast. Kasumi just accepted without a second thought. At first, Elliot thought it was just a small talk, well he was hungry so he just went with the flow when he and Abby were also invited to eat together.

Then while recalling what happened, I noticed Arisa was looking at Abby. Now that I thought about it I didn't introduced her yet. I signalled with my eyes to Abby.

"Hello, I am Abbigail William, Please call me Abby Arisa-neesan" She said while giving her best smile to Arisa.

"eh... Y-yeah My name is Ichigaya Arisa, then call me Arisa please Abby" She said toward Abby while nervous.

"Uwa, so polite and cute~... Arisa, Abby is Elliot cousin, you know. She really looked like a doll." Out of nowhere Kasumi hugged Abby while rubbing their cheek together even Arisa's grandma pet her head and gave her some snack. Kasumi already talked with Abby for awhile while walking here. Abby looked like she was enjoying herself. I noticed Arisa hand was trembling holding herself back to not joining them.

I can't blame them. She was such a lovely girl as long as you look at the exterior went. You won't know that she had the power of the outer god in her body who can drove other insane just by looking. If in her outer god form she can made enemy insane through fear, in her normal form she can make everyone insane through her sheer cuteness.

It was like looking at a Venus Flytrap who invite insect before killing them. I was sure that if she was in a gacha a lot of people will fall into trap into rolling her with their own money. The one who got her will fell elated while the one who didn't get her will fell to the bottom of despair. As expected of the witch of Salem.

She looked at me while puffing her cheek. It seemed she knew I was thinking something rude. Well, sorry about that.

"But Is she okay to be here... shouldn't she be at school?"Arisa looked at Kasumi in jealously while also sounded worried.

"Ah she was in the middle of transferring school from the old one... Her parent tell me to take care of her because they have some business... The paperwork almost done so maybe she will go to school around next week" I want Abby to experience her new life fully and interact with more people.

"hee~... will she go to Hanasakigawa too?" Kasumi was looking excited with a star in her eyes. Hanasakigawa had elementary and junior high section. Even though Abby was actually older than most of people here but she still looked like a teen so she will go to the junior high school.

"No...She won't be going to Hanasakigawa" I said to Kasumi.

"Then where will she go?" Arisa asked. It seemed she was holding herself back in petting Abby.

"Homuhara academy" I said to them. While I want her to enjoy school, I hoped she can also helped me with a job on the side. Tentacle and Magical girl can't be separated after all.