Chapter 1: The Eidolon
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In the vast prairies, there existed a small nation. The 7 Pillars, it was ruled by 7 individuals who represent each sin and virtue. The 7 Pillars was all but a small nation on the vast Fallrein Continent. It had a unique form of elitism, those who had wealth or were tied to the bloodline of each sin or virtue were essentially aristocracy compared to the lowly commoners who possessed nothing.


But in a small town in the south coast province, there was a battle going on. Not between enemy nations or a rebellion but another existence. The enemies of the sentient races, the Eidolons.


Eidolons were created from the elemental particles that encompassed the entire planet and known universe. There were 9 known elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Wood, Metal, Frost, Thunder, Darkness and Light. Not to mention there are the size of 4 average adult males stacked upon each other and are in a humanoid shape.The one that happened to be attacking the town in South Coast province was a Light Eidolon.


The town of Fern was being absolutely massacred with the extreme heat from the lights of the Eidolon, their entire local army was demolished. The town was entirely ruined in a matter of hours. By night the Light Eidolon had dispersed into small light particles.


It seemed everyone had died from the Eidolon, but from what seemed to be a corpse at first glance had suddenly begun to move. This was 13 year old Auke, a panhandler and mere commoner.


Auke was the 3rd son and youngest child of Alf and Edel who were working class commoners. He had an ordinary childhood until he turned 5, his father had returned from hunting one day but he was paralyzed from neck down, preventing him from working. His mother was later then forced into working as a prostitute in a brothel to provide and his eldest brother had decided to run away. All that remained in the family by then was him, his parents, his elder sister and second eldest brother


But when he turned 9 his second eldest brother had become a hunter, all had gone well until an accident had happened. His brother was impaled by a trap set up by subterraneans in a cave. His sister had then been married off to the town lord’s second son, just for her to cut ties with the rest of the family.


When he was 12, just a year ago. His coming of age ceremony had commenced but he bore no fruits. His father and mother prayed to the Goddess of Dreams for his success but that was it. He was forced into work and had to become a panhandler.


He continuously had gotten in trouble with the guards and even had to hide his identity for a short amount of time before he decided to become a mercenary. He had found the mercenary guild and planned to sign up. He was ultimately dismissed for being too subpar, all Auke could think of was his father at that time.


Alf was an experienced hunter and former member of the Blue Hearts Mercenary Group during his younger years. His son was nothing but a failure at least in his eyes, his father had always ignored Auke and only talked to his mother.

But as Auke suddenly regained his senses and moved his hand to touch his father’s lifeless corpse, tears began to roll down his cheeks. As Auke sniffled, he prayed for salvation. He prayed for revenge. The death of the Eidolon and his coward of an elder brother.


The sun was going to rise soon knowing that Auke quickly fled the town. All he had was the necklace that his mother had been wearing and his clothes. He prayed that the Eidolon wouldn’t return.


Auke’s legs shaked and wobbled with sweat dripping down his entire body. He was completely drenched but despite that he had to leave and he gritted his teeth. He had soon passed by the general store and the armoury. The memories of Frank the weapons expert and Edgar the appraisal expert of the general store. He dismissed them as he had reached the outskirts of the town.


All that remained was a small bump of a hill and then the vast prairies of the 7 pillars began. He looked at the town once more as he sat on the dirt. He clenched his fist and said one last prayer before bringing himself up before quickly running up the hill. His hands and feet blistered but he still continued on and till he reached the peak before sliding down.


As Auke was sliding down and the dust was blowing behind him as his ass was in pain from the continuous scraping from the rough texture of the hill. His pupils dilated as he heard a noise resembling the one that came from the Light Eidolon. He suddenly felt a distinct desire and his body moved by itself, quickly turning around to see the Light Eidolon right in front him.