Chapter 2: Test Subject
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Auke’s body shaken continuously, he felt a feeling he hadn’t since he first saw it. Fear, the feeling of fear. As he was frozen, he suddenly broke out of his restrictions as if nothing had happened.


The images of his close friends and family appeared around him, as he desperately ran in the other direction.Suddenly Auke saw something he thought he thought was impossible. The Eidolon was suddenly sliced in half and right on top of it was a short old man who looked frail at first glance but had a deep killing intent in his eyes.


Auke continued to run but by now he was in the prairies, it was so flat that he could be seen miles a way. To Auke’s surprise, the man was following him. Desperate to keep his life he ran continuously. He finally tripped on a small pebble and landed on his face breaking his nose.


Blood spread out from his wound and his consciousness began to wear, the moment before he fainted he saw the man grab him. Suddenly he awoke to find himself covered in bandages, his body ached as he tried to move.


He was in a small wooden cabin is what he assumed from first glance, after a while he heard a creaking noise from a door. It was the old man who sliced the Eidolon in half, he had never heard of an Eidolon being killed before.


It was simply out of the power of a human, suddenly their eyes met and he heard words come out of the man’s mouth.


“You, what’s your name…” Said the old man, he was looking at Auke with a neutral expression.


“Auke, i-i w-want to know w-where I a-am…” Said Auke as he stuttered, his head ached as he talked.


“Auke, you are somewhere safe…” Said the old man with a sinister grin.


Hours went by, the old man spoon fed food to Auke as he laid dormant on the wooden bed.

Auke could do nothing, he had to deal with this until he was healthy enough to escape. Little did he know in the other room the old man was preparing something.


The old man’s hands jittered as he began to synthesise a potion, the energy of a light eidolon and the blood of a human. There was something few people knew and that was that humans are the most compatible species with Eidolons. Due to humanity having no remarkable innate abilities except its adaptability.


He grabbed a tube filled with Auke’s blood, another one with the light eidolon’s particles, golden winged demon’s tears and the last ingredient was andrealphus, a potent poisonous plant, his face was filled with avarice.


As he was finally done synthesising he then looked at the ingredients leftover and laughed. He had finally created the Demonic Angel Potion. He grabbed the glowing golden potion and headed out of his room and to where Auke was.


As he walked towards Auke who was on the wooden bed, his loud footsteps awoke Auke. A look of fear could be seen in Auke’s eyes as his pupils dilated. The old man laughed with avarice in his eyes as he poured the potion down Auke’s throat.


Auke felt a strange burning sensation in his eyes that later then spread throughout his body, he felt as if his insides were burning inside out. Auke screamed in pain as his skin transformed, as if he was a snake his skin began to moult. His eyes soon changed to an ominous golden colour.


As he was in extreme pain, all the injuries sustained on his body were healed in an instant. The bandages that were covering his body were burnt and all that remained were his clothes and his mother’s necklace.


Auke looked at the old man and he couldn’t do anything. He felt like screaming at the man, but at the same time he was saved by him. This man who could kill an Eidolon in Auke’s eyes could easily eliminate him.


“Perfect, PERFECT! It finally worked, a Hybrid Human. You are the first ever test subject of mine to survive the Demonic Angel Potion!”