[Vol 1] Chapter 56
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Thump, thump

White heard the faint beating of Filly’s heartbeat above him, her eyebrows furrowed together as if she's resisting an urge.


"Mmfyaa~! That's it...t-that gaaaaze, it’s unbearableee. I-I’m sorry Mister Kuro, I can’t... control myself— hnn!!”

Something reached up to White’s inner thigh before he could manage to push her away, and then he felt a hand going underneath his ragged shirt, lewdly caressing his abdominal muscles.

White noticed quickly that something was off.

“...So you really did something to my body? It's strange, I don't even feel the slightest motivation to hurt you at all right now.” 

Filly back came to her senses for a moment from those words. 

“I-I’m sorry... It’s my Gift-”

His limbs had become immobilized. No, not that. It was as if his body wasn’t even trying to move the woman away from him. Filly seemed to be radiating some sort of ethereal charm around her body which seemed to be altering his perception of her.


Just as the words left his mouth, White widened his eyes in astonishment.


「Gift of the Matriarch」- Your sexual intent compels cooperation from the target.

E̴̛̩̗̣͍͌̅̒̉x̵͉̘̐̈c̴̱͍̘̰̈̓̀̕ȩ̸͔̥̿̀́̄͝p̸̛̙̞t̷̡͚̅í̸͈̘̑͋ǫ̷̪̤͉͇͗͛̓̽ǹ̸̫̟́͛͛-̵̦̮̱͍̐͐͆W̷̳̞̕ͅo̶͚̩̫̻͇̐͋́̆͐ř̵̡̬̫͙̑̑͋̕l̴̮̲̐̅̌͊d̵͓͚̆͌̈̄̍-̸̳̟̺͓̌̎̉1̴̖͔͚̙̑̌̃̀3̸͓̫̯͔͐̓̏͋0̶̱̎̿̚≠̥͚̗͎̿̄̆̚7̵̌͜/̸̡̹̩̍̉͌̐ͅ However, the Matriarch enters a vulnerable state during this period. 

The effects of this Gift will be nullified and reversed if the Matriarch succumbs to sexual pleasure before the target.


This window appeared just when he was thinking of it.

...Since when was he able to see the Gifts of others? And this glitched part of the description. If he recalled, these were additional information he wasn’t allowed to see. 

No, even seeing what Filly’s Gift was alone, was unprecedented. There was a book that he had read during his self-study in the library explaining the existence of Gifts in detail. And just like status windows, the ability to see the Gift interfaces of others was unheard of. Unless you were a monster designated by the goddesses, it was impossible to appraise another human without the use of some kind of special skill like a Slave Contract.


...Slave Contract...?

Either way, it was a perfect timing. The system alone, was something that never lied to him. And with what he was beginning to tell from Filly’s Gift— 「Gift of the Matriarch」, White needed to wrestle dominance from her to dispel its effects. 

The thoughts of exploring how he was able to see the window, ended there.

“Okay, I take this as your intention I presume? ...Congratulations, you’ve stopped me from resisting with your Gift."

White taunted pretentiously, inciting guilt from the woman.

“N-No. I-I swear… I had no intentions to use it. I’m on your side, Mister Kuro, the Master and I have sworn allegiance to you before.”

“And this?”

Filly looked down, unable to meet with his gaze.

“... ...W-We fell and… somehow… it activated.”

Lying. This woman is lying through her teeth.

“Somehow? You don’t know the activation requirements for your own Gift?”

“...Mm… I do… but still...” Filly continued to coil around White’s body like a snake, delivering soft kisses to his chest as she slid her fingers all over him. Taking the moment of non-resistance to her full advantage, her own breaths became even more ragged, heavier… almost as if she was no longer herself. It was possible she wasn’t even listening to the young man anymore.

But he had a guess for its activation condition. Bodily fluids, or perhaps even prolonged contact.

It seems like the “cooperation” did not inhibit his ability to move completely, as he brought his hands impatiently up to her shoulders to give her a light nudge,

“...At the very least, please move aside. This is, very..."


For a moment, Filly almost thought the young man would utter such an uncharacteristically docile word.

Her demeanor fell silent for just a moment, eyes beginning to flicker with a strange glint. 

Did something really happen to Mister Kuro while he was down there after all? That's right, isn't it. Sometimes I forget about it, but. ...No matter how stoic he usually is, Mister Kuro is still a young male. A healthy, young, male~

Upon realizing a sliver of opportunity, her tongue slowly wetted her lips. Her appetite was beginning to return.

“...Pardon my impudence but once it’s activated, my Gift cannot be stopped for some time… Even if it’s Mister Kuro himself, I'm afraid you'd be stuck like this for a while~” 

White noticed a clear change in time from Filly, and started to feel restless.

I was right. His guard has become so weak... Fufu, how cute~ Looks like, I can use this.

Leaving breathless sighs in between, Filly lowered her body even more in a deliberate manner, till her chest began to press against White’s chest, clearly emphasizing her volume to the young man.

“…You can decide whether to accept my apologies later. Buuuut, since... it’s come down to this, why don’t we… make the best use of this time right this moment.” Her hands began to wrap around his neck as she planted another kiss on the nape.

“...And enjoy ourselves? Ne, my body... is all for your pleasure, you know? ... I'll become your outlet for release...”

"Kuhh..." White revealed a grimace, as he let slip a groan out of his mouth. Filly's fingers had reached out to one of his sensitive spots. And Filly who'd quickly noticed that, began to play with it relentlessly too. Her slender caresses felt like heaven after a long time of abstinence.

Enjoying each and every twitch White's body made to her actions gave Filly a small sense of superiority, as her ecstasy climbed without stopping.

In a heat haze, her arousal began to seem even more apparent.

“Mister Kuro… you have no idea how worried I was...” Filly began to undress, watching the immobilized White below her with an obscene smile. 

“When I heard the news, my heart almost stopped,”

Resting her head on White’s chest, Filly circled her finger below his chin, “Mister Kuro, you. To think you’d actually go ahead and get yourself into that kind of mess with the Ambercott family. No matter how much of a monopoly the Master holds over the city, we still had to exhaust many resources to bail you out. Plus all those paperwork… really, I didn’t have much sleep because of you, Mister Kuro. In various ways... Fufu..."



“But you know what, that alone isn’t what I’m dissatisfied with.”

Filly's hands explored even lower.

"Even though we’re only supposed to be business partners. ...But, buuut! This longing. This... ravenous feeling that keeps boiling inside of me after you'd left.

You hadn’t been visiting, and I… you understand me, right? ...Kuro-sama."

So it's Kuro-sama now?

"It's okay... You don't have to say anything. Let me take care of everything~"

White closed his eyes, and resisted the feelings of depravity.

“Mm... Kuro-sh’ama~ You sh’inhful m’een…” Her tongue began to slide down his muscles, down to his waist-

“...You're such a bad, bad man. My heart had already been stolen ever since you defiled me that night. I still cannot forget the first time you took me so forcefully. Before I knew it, you've already stolen my heart from my fiancé, you bruteee~" Filly giggled coquettishly.

Speaking about her exploits with another man made Filly's body feel even hotter.

But she wasn't always like this. Like any other woman of high social status, she was brought up with the graces and discipline of a lady of culture.

So why? What had changed her?

Filly didn't know when it started. But this obscenely cathartic feeling would grow stronger each day.

Every time she was with this young man, Filly would begin to let loose her deepest desires to him. In front of White, she felt stripped bare to her soul, her eyes trapped, and enraptured in that deep gaze of his...

"You’ve made me into a woman who would enjoy cheating on her fiancé. Look, this place has already gotten so wet, all because of you...

Kuro-sama~ Please take responsibility and embrace me again. WIth your passionate eyes, and your love… ahh… just like that... I... I love that gaze of yours...”

“Thats right... we're just… animals, a man and a woman…” She had stripped off the last piece of undergarment, and then she came closer to his ear and whispered,

“Just the subdued, and the subduer.” Filly had her way with her words, as White turned increasingly aroused from her sensual striptease.

The horses began to slow down, and a curtain was pulled over the back of the carriage as if triggered by her words. White could also feel that the white noise had faded away slowly around him.

“Don’t worry, no one will hear us. Ufufu, Tyga-san sure works fast… This carriage is now completely soundproof, we can make all the noises we like~”

—The heart of the young man beat wildly, his eyes unconsciously making second glances at Filly’s bare body. Those mounds that were hidden underneath those tights were now revealed, displaying a volume so bountiful that they seemed more like giant marshmallows. Her soft body exuded a feminine scent that White was all too familiar with. 

...All of this felt wrong. He hesitated. Because no matter how frustrated he was, the image of Ruru still stuck in his mind so vividly. He didn’t want to succumb to his darker temptations.

But to take advantage of this type of situation was also conveniently the only way to get out of it. Filly had lied to him. There was actually a way to get out of it, but it required her, the Matriarch, to turn ‘subservient’ towards him.



“Come now, Mister Kuro… Let’s enjoy ourselves… to our hearts’ content.” She looked at him with ecstasy-filled eyes.


Dominate this woman.

White simmered in those dark thoughts for a moment, and stared closely at Filly’s abundance. A small trickle of love juice was already leaking down her supple thighs. She wanted him. 

...And White was no different, either. White felt that his reasoning was about to shatter. He had been stuck in a prison for many days. With his body getting used to the nightly frequencies of his former companion, his body would burn and desire women as its replacement. 

No matter how much he tried to stay silent, no matter how much he tried to maintain a personal distance—


He had a limit.


“Hyaah!!” Filly blushed and as her eyes narrowed in humor. “Why, you’re raring to go too, Kuro-sama~”

“...Of course, ...I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t do anything to you after the invitation you’ve so graciously given me.” White muttered darkly.

“You have a beautiful body, Filly.” 

“Fufu... pleasantries aren’t your forte, Mister Kuro. You shouldn’t—”

“—But it’s a pity you don’t cherish it properly.”

“Eh? What did you-” Those words caught Filly off guard, and for a moment, White felt the effects of the Matriarch weaken in his mind.

“Now shut up and bend over.”

Yes, that’s right. In the first place. There was no need to treat someone like this as delicate as a normal lady. This woman, no, bitch. She was a bitch. An unfaithful, adulterous, cock-loving bitch.



White flipped their bodies around, with him on top this time. Breathless from the exchange, Filly stared at the young man with wide eyes. 

“...M-Mister Kuro, wh-what is this play… you’re… different, from usual...”

“From usual…? Hehehe… haha…” White began to laugh softly, his eyes fixated at Filly’s.

The woman shuddered once more uncontrollably, as the shadow of the young man loomed over her body. Something felt out of place. Her mind went high on alert, as she felt the connection of her Gift snap.

“...What’s wrong. You said you wanted to play, didn’t you?”

As she tried to look into his eyes again to redo its effect, Filly flinched. For what she thought she saw in the eyes of the young man in that moment was nothing but anger.

“So let’s play. Enjoy ourselves to our hearts’ content… right?”

White had learnt many things during his time underground. And amongst those he'd learnt from the unscrupulous, corrupted guardsmen there...

...were the various ways to break a woman. 


White begins to find himself doing uncharacteristic actions out of anger. Filly is in a relationship with the person he's been mistaken for. And Ruru, our main heroine is nowhere to be seen(?) Volume 1 is coming to its climax, along with all the mysteries (and action) revealed! You wouldn't want to miss it~ :3


As Singapore has implemented a circuit breaker effective last week, I'm back home for 2 months in light of the pandemic situation in my country. Which means... chapter releases!