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First and foremost, this story won't be for everyone. But if you don't mind a good build-up to yandere developments, well, I welcome you with open arms! First of, what exactly is a yandere?

...For the uninitiated, it's a state of madness. But madness is volatile, it devolves, and degrades into moral depravity, something that well, most grimdark novels share in common. That, or edginess is another way to describe them. Yanderes are crazy in love, a mental illness that inhibits them from the common sense. This is why they are dangerous individuals, capable of doing anything just for the other's attention. That is where their charm is, I feel. Yanderes devote themselves entirely to the person they love to an ominous degree, that it sometimes become endearing.

But what makes yanderes, yanderes in the first place? How is it possible for someone to go to the extremes so easily? So quickly even without a care for pacing nor character development? Many watered-down harem novels I've read often promote the yandere trope character without caring about underlying consequences. As if they've appeared out of thin air, or being 'transformed' without a proper build-up.

I feel that ScribbleHub has a severe lack of these types of stories, not more of the harem stories with one or two yandere characters, but a full-on yandere harem story that is built from scratch. One that takes attention and time to its characters.

This is what this novel (hopefully) is. Every volume tackles a different main heroine: their respective stories and the issues that they bring with them. And the main protagonist that becomes the center of their universes, will explore these perverse fetishes, obsessions that they eventually acquire from the madness. It will be a story of their journey, and their after story. 

The question remains, if there is an after story for these girls. After all, they're bound to a harem. But a yandere harem is, well, a challenge to write for sure *chuckles*. 

While you're reading through our protagonist, White's story, do keep in mind that everything he sees, even the most unimportant of things, is not as it seems.

That said though, the prologue of the story, which is essentially the entirety of Volume 0 and first half of Volume 1, is slow since they are chapters for introducing characters. While I'm not the best at writing prologues, the introductions to world-building won't be a snore either. I include game interfaces and insert art (yes, I draw) to make the reading experience more pleasant for the average lit-RPG fan.

Finally, I hope this story will become the entry novel for many towards the yandere genre, I hope I've shed some light on what I'm trying to write here on this platform, and that more people will be immersed into this lovely cult with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this disclaimer, and happy reading!


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Some other minor details: Volume 0 are auxiliary parts. You don't have to read them to understand the other volumes, but they provide some context. The narration starts as third-person, but moves on to become first-person perspective after Volume 0. I write in J-novel style, which means suffixes are sometimes attached to names. Finally, reading in night mode is preferred.