Chapter 2: What is he?
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Mares could not help but think about how that alien resembled the golems he used to see in games and shows back on Earth, and seeing his memories Esen also agreed.

‘That’s a learned technique of low grade but is already great enough for now. If it wasn’t for us being here, that girl would have been the winner.’

Not caring that the golem like alien was actually a female, Mares watched as ten, of the now thirty participants, went to attack her together. The result was that they were simply shredded and killed in two moves. She only had to do two diagonal arcs with her arms and the enemies went flying with their bodies destroyed, blood and organs flying everywhere. Some limbs went to the top of the wall, activating the electrocution. It all happened in barely few seconds, and not even a drop of blood fell on the golem’s body.

The remaining warriors had lost their will to fight already, they all knew how wide the gap between them and her were. Just the thought of being on the same place as someone with those types of abilities made, they want to cry and curse their destinies.

“A technique! It has been some time since the last one.”

Someone on the audience said excited.

“The coliseum truly hit the jackpot this time. Wonder how much money was spend with that user.”

Other one wondered. Though technique users were not uncommon on the coliseum, most of them, at least the ones with great techniques, were rare to watch in battle. Besides they can pass through seasons without seeing the coliseum getting a new technique user, so, the addition of a new one, with a technique that seems perfect for combat, has the potential to rapidly disrupt the balance that was implemented in the ranks. Everyone was sure that next tickets to enter would cost more but no one would mind. To have the opportunity to see the ascension of a new technique user was more than enticing enough for those people.

The audience was mostly convinced that the winner of that area had already been decided so most of the attention went to the remaining parts.

‘Try to not get so much attention. It will be hard with this cute face though.’

Esen voice talked in Mares’ head with a teasing tone.

‘It will be fine, little bunny.’

He replied slightly smiling. In his mind he could sense the expression Esen was making, of embarrassment and mostly happiness. There was nothing they could hide from each other.

Not wanting to waste anymore seconds, Mares attacked. While the golem looking alien killed two more fighters, that were unning from her trying to survive as long as they could, the silvered eyed boy appeared just behind her.

Most people were not paying attention to that area anymore, and Mares was minuscule compared to the golem like alien. Though there was a great distance between the audience and the arena, the higher ups of the coliseum fixed this problem putting visors in front of every seat, so the people could always know what was happening and even choose which part of the arena they wanted to see. For the silvered eyed, there was only two closely watching his actions and one of them knew what was about to come.

Mares extended his left arm while holding his sword with his right one. Though the technique user whole body wasn’t covered with wind blades, just standing near her was enough to make the other fighters want to run. Mares however felt nothing, his skin looked normal but it was tougher than one could assume. Without anyone noticing there was actually two technique users on the same part of the arena.

His hands barely touched the golem like alien’s body, he only used the tip of his fingers to make some physical connection. His pupils dilatated as he felt energy leaving the female alien’s body and entering him. On her part the technique user felt as if static energy passed over her, making her body feel a little numb.

It was all over in seconds and Mares jumped back, putting some distance between him and his enemy.

‘That was fast! You got better at it, that’s great!’

Being praised by Esen the boy had to give her a smile.

‘Thanks, but you know I couldn’t have much practice. We were luck it was not an innate technique and that she wasn’t paying attention.’

He could feel the white-haired nodding her head at his words.

‘You will have lots of time to improve it, so don’t worry.’

She encouraged him, to which he knew there was no need to reply.

One last scream was heard and more blood and organs fell on the ground. Now only Mares and the golem alien were remaining.

The silver-eyed boy wasn’t feeling like exchanging words. He grabbed his swords with his two hands and decided to try his newest trick. He was extremely careful to not get exposed, and Esen also helped. In his body, running through his veins and through each one of his cells, was an energy key to all things. It was called astral energy. Stars, planets, live beings, all had it, but while some could access their astral energy others would pass their whole lives without even being able to sense the slightest amount. Astral energy was the key to using techniques, one could have astral energy and not have techniques, after all there was a lot of other ways to use it, but it was impossible to have techniques and not have astral energy. That’s also why the other fighters were so desperate, none of them had access to their astral energy.

Since Esen shared his mind and Mares was totally open to her, she could help him control his own energy. Her precision was scary, it was to the point of perfection, and with them working together it would surpass even some of those that would have much more experience than the two. On the cutting edges of his sword, moving wind blades formed, but they were too thin, basically transparent. The golem like alien felt something was wrong, however even she, that was the original user, had no idea where this weird sensation came from.

With his sword working was a chainsaw, Mares took everyone by surprise with his sudden action.

The golem reacted by giving a punch, with her fist covered by rings of moving wind in front of it. The sword and the wind ring connected. A wave of impact traveled through their part of the arena, the floor they were standing in got covered in cracks and small rocks were throw, even passing above the walls, hitting some unlucky gladiators remaining, or the corpses.

The golem like alien had shock in her eyes, and she wasn’t the only one. Suddenly once again all eyes were on that part of the arena, even the organizers and staff of the coliseum were shocked.

“Did this old man words disappointed you?”

Only two people remained the same with that development. They were also the only ones that actually knew what Mares was doing. Thought, not even them could imagine the white haired that was in his mind…

“No, not even the slightest.” He didn’t mind if he was massaging the other one’s ego, actually it would be a benefit to make him happy. “I do wonder…” A smile that only carried malice formed in his lips. “What would be that little princess reaction to him now?”

The other man, the one mainly responsible for Mares’ state and current situation, didn’t respond, but his face happy face would be the source of nightmares for anyone that saw it.

 At first Mares attack could only compare to his opponents, but every time he attacked his and Esen’s control over the Astral Energy necessary to create the wind blades got better and better. Now he had the upper hand.

For the first time since the battle started, the golem like alien was retreating, letting everyone and herself with jaws dropped. The one that everyone thought would be a new gladiator that would rise through the rankings actually was being suppressed by someone none of them paid attention to.

“Is he also using a technique?”

No one knew who made that question, but it was as if a key had turned into their brain.

“It probably isn’t, even the coliseum isn’t so lucky to be able to buy two technique users at once.”

Someone commented and most agreed with. Is not that technique users are super rare, but mostly, either they are strong enough to not be captured and sold, or the powers behind them are not something one can offend. So, to capture two technique users in the same period would be a little unrealistic in their opinion.

“His race might be naturally inclined to battling.”

“He looks so much like a human, but is not a weakling like them. There are all types of marvels out there.”

Someone said, to which most nodded. Humans ranked as one of the weakest races, they might be capable of having some genius on the areas of science, but outside of the scientific field they were average in every possible way. In the grand scale of the universe humans occupied various planets, lots of which didn’t even have contact or knew about the whole ordeals that happened outside their world.

Ironically enough, the universe also had countless species that resembled humans, a lot of them to the point that it was hard to say if they were or not humans. But the major difference was that those other humanoids had power and talent that humans could only look up to.

It truly seemed like a joke made by the universe itself that so many strong species looked so similar to one of the weakest species that exist.

“Your work truly is something. To be able to make modifications to such an extent…”

“It is one of my masterpieces, after all.”

The other one simply nodded his head and stopped talking, looking mindfully at Mares.

The battle had now completely reversed to Mares side. The golem like alien barely could defend, her wind rings were proven ineffective and various cuts began to appear through her body.

Mares could see her unwilling eyes; she knew that she was going to meet her demise. The wind rings around her started moving faster and faster, they looked unstable.

‘Mars, she is about to pull a desperate move.’

Esen was sure that whatever their opponent did wouldn’t change the result, but she didn’t want to see Mares being hurt unnecessarily.


Knowing there was no more reason to waste time the two worked together in perfect harmony. Their control over astral energy was on the point that they could make the wind saw cover the whole sword blade and still keep it transparent.

Desperate for her life the golem alien was about to unleash her strongest attack, one which not even she could control properly. The opportunity to do so never came.

Mares simply raised and lowered his sword, a strong wind carried through the arena, and from the original technique user perspective, the world seemed to split in two.

A slash that had at least ten meters formed on the floor, starting on the golem like alien, that was now a corpse split in two, ending on other corpses that ended up even more thorn apart because of Mares’ attack. Her internal organs were perfectly cut in two as well. They felt to the ground when the corpse collapsed, interesting enough there was no blood. There truly were all types of beings in the universe.

The spectators went silent, no one expected the battle to end so suddenly and without a big climax.

“W-what is he?”

That was everyone’s question. They could not see his face that was covered in blood, and no one paid attention to him previously, so they didn’t remember how he looked like. Only his shining silver eyes were noticeable and left a deep impression on the audience.

“To which species those eyes belong?!”

Certain characteristics could be used to distinguish races through the universe. However, the number of races that populated space was just as vast as the number of stars, and the amount of unknow or forgotten species was also ridiculously high.

“I don’t think is a characteristic of any specific species. Maybe a clan?”

These remarks would make the curiosity around Mares increase. He could either be from an unknow species or a clan, though the last one seemed less possible, since if there was actually a clan with those clearly noticeable and striking characteristics, as the shining silver eyes, they would undoubtedly have some level of fame. All this mystery worked to improve how they viewed the long-haired on their minds.

Everything they said could be heard by Mares and Esen, and though it seemed like he ignored there was a trace of bitterness in Mares’ silver bright eyes. Their conversation reminded him of something that could never be changed.

‘Bunch of fucking idiots that don’t know when to shut up! Humph, they would never understand my Mares.’

Her annoyance was real but also worked to light Mares’ mood.

‘Thanks Es.’ His answer was her cute laugh in his head.

“Ladies and gentleman, a round of applause to our new brave gladiators!”

A voice resounded through the whole coliseum making the spectators go wild, screaming, jumping and applauding.

In that instant the walls came down, showing the others that survived. Some looked humanoid and some didn’t. It seemed that Mares group was the only one that actually had a technique user as the remaining survivors could, at best, be called ok. They were covered in injuries, one or two had life threatening ones and might not even survive until the end of the day. Though Mares had a few cuts here and there it was clear he was in a much better situation, which only made the audience and those that worked on the coliseum wonder even more what he was.

When Mares was thinking in what would come up next, the floor around the arena started to tremble.