63: Star Rising
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Dawn had just been trying to win an argument, but as we kissed each other on my bed, I felt my heart begin to ache. My Dawn. My lovely, gorgeous, amazing Dawn.

She accused me of having a stubborn streak, but I remembered the way she stood defiant against her bullies. She still had that tiny pout even now, where her brows would scrunch up together and her bottom lip would jut out a little. It was so heart-wrenchingly adorable.

Taking gentle control of the situation, I pushed her over and onto her back, straddling her in the process. She stared up at me with open curiosity, wondering what I had planned.

Something of an odd mood had come over me, but it was a pleasant one. It was like nostalgia and love all wrapped up into a yummy burrito of worship.

Laying down beside her, I lazily tugged at her shirt until it was bundled up under her breasts. Her stomach was so good, softness hiding firm muscle. I traced circles across her warm skin, marveling at how she reacted to the touch.

I could see micro-hitching in her breathing as my featherlight touch caused it to stray close to tickling. Not wanting to go that route today, I dug my fingers in a little deeper. Fuck, I loved her body so much.

"It still kind of blows my mind that you actually love me," I told her quietly, tearing my eyes off her stomach to meet her beautiful mahogany ones.

Her lips twitched and she gave me a small, sweet smile. "I really do. I love you, Tami."

"Why did you come and dance with me?" I asked. More like saved me from creepy guys.

Her fingers reached up to cup my waist. "Because… you were cute. No, wait… cute and happy. I don't know. We'd already had that encounter in the woods. Then you were there in the bar, practically glowing with raw energy."

"Having the time of my life dancing as I was meant to be?" I grinned, thinking back to the simple euphoria I'd felt.

"Yeah, maybe that's it," she mused. "Maybe I was drawn to your innocent happiness. A girl finally, truly letting herself go for the first time."

"I'm so grateful you did," I said, leaning down to press a kiss to her neck.

As if through pure cause and effect, her fingers rose to tangle themselves in my messy black hair. "Me too."

I didn’t really have any goal in mind right then, I just wanted to kiss her, so I did. I lay there next to my Dawn and I kissed her neck like a gentle, loving metronome. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Her fingers stayed in my hair, returning the favour with slow, methodical swirls that felt wonderful.

My hands weren’t idle either, they continued to brush and stroke their way across her stomach and waist. I traced the center line of her abs with a finger, then brushed a thumb beneath the wire of her bra.

“Tami,” she murmured, burying her face in my hair. “You’re getting me all turned on.”

I laughed softly and halted my idle explorations to drift my fingers southwards. The waistband of her sweatpants was barely an obstacle. My fingers drifted beneath with eager purpose.

"I'd say something about rewarding you for all your hard work today, but that would probably be super cringe and take you out of the mood, huh?" I mused, kissing her neck again.

She let out a slightly breathless chuckle. "Yeah, but it's nice to know you appreciate me."

"So much more than I'll ever be able to show you," I agreed with a murmur, lips brushing the soft skin of her neck as I spoke.

Anything she might have said in return was cut off when my fingers slid between wet folds. I got a small gasp out of her instead.

Unhurried, I teased my fingertips over sensitive areas, relishing the way my girl reacted to each new jolt of pleasure. I wanted to watch her as I explored. To that end, I leaned back and gazed into those warm brown eyes as they lost focus.

She liked it when I ran my index and middle fingers up and down the broader wings of her clit, so that was what I did. I was gentle at first, making sure I had the right spots by measuring her reaction. When she closed her eyes and fell still, waiting for me to continue, that's when I knew I was on the mark.

The way her cheeks were getting all flushed took my breath away. She was so gorgeous. Like Pocahontas meets Moana or something. I loved her so fucking much.

"I love you," I whispered, the force of my feelings such that I couldn't hold them purely within my heart and mind. They needed to be set free so that the world knew.

Maybe I'd do that the next time we were on stream or something. Just take her head in my hands and kiss her silly, telling her how much I loved her in the process. I wanted everyone to know, I wanted the whole world to catch a glimpse of just how deep my affection for this woman went.

Her hips were moving on their own now, seeking the release that I was taking my time in delivering. Needy hips. I transferred rubbing duty to my thumb and with careful teasing, slid a finger inside.

A wordless sound of approval slipped out of her and she cuddled closer, one hand on my waist while the other went for my hair again. She liked my hair a lot. Couldn't blame her, I liked it too.

That hand in my hair grew firm, and a moment later I was pulled into a messy, passionate kiss. Her tongue forged its way between my lips in moments, flicking at mine with wild urgency. I smiled into the kiss. My lovely Dawn was close, but she needed a little push that I wasn't giving her.

When she tried to take control of the situation with a growl, I pulled back from the kiss and shot her a stern look. "Let me work, gorgeous."

"Tease," she accused in a husky, breathless tone.

"Now who's the impatient one, hmmm?" I asked sweetly.

Her lips twitched up into a smile. "Me."

"Yup," I purred, taking that moment to slip another finger inside her. The resulting pause in her breathing was oh so satisfying.

There was only so much I could delay the inevitable however. A few seconds later, she pulled in a shuddering breath and began to twitch. I watched her come with a heart so full of love and awe that I thought for sure I was going to explode.

My Dawn, my lovely, smart, shy, confident, Dawn. A beautiful study in contradictions that somehow made perfect sense when it was all wrapped up into a person.

"I love you," I told her again in that open-hearted tone of voice that only surfaces during moments like this one.

"I l-love you t-too," she stammered, eyes shut tight as she rode the aftershocks of her orgasm.

My fingers were still inside her, but I kept them still and marveled at the feeling of her body moving around them. What an amazing woman.