Chapter 254: A good way to wake up R-18
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Yen Chen looked at her with a serious expression and said: No need to worry wife, I will definitely get much stronger.”

Mei smiled and said with love: I know you will, my love~.”

Yen Chen laughed and kissed her forehead before releasing her and saying, Go clean up, I'll clean up this mess."

Mei looked at him with a surprised expression and asked: You really don't want to continue?"

“I respect your decision, if you don't want to give yourself to me now, I can only wait hehehe~” Yen Chen said with a soft smile.

Mei smiled happily and said: Thank you my love, I just need a little more time."

Yen Chen nodded and said after kissing her, Come on, I need to finish our dinner."

She nodded and left the counter before going to the bathroom to shower and change into clean clothes, Yen Chen sighed, he really wanted to have sex with her.

"No! My wife's happiness comes first" He screamed loudly in her mind, calming her raging lust.

Yen Chen shook his head before starting to clean up Mei's wet mess and the finish the rest of dinner.


Two hours later.

"Do I really have to go now?" Yen Chen asked with a sad expression.

Mei sighed and said: You have to go, it's been three days since you is sleeping  in the real world, Sister Ling and other sisters are very worried.”

She was also very sad that he had to go, but she his wasn't selfish enough to get in the way the growth of him and his sisters.

Yen Chen nodded his head after thinking about how his other wives are doing and said: Alright, see you tonight~."

“I'll be waiting for you hehehe~” Mei said with a mischievous giggle.

Yen Chen smiled, he hugged her waist before kissing her with a passionate kiss using his tongue to intertwine with hers.

Mei accepted his advances very easily and returned the kiss.

Yen Chen stopped after four minutes of intense kissing and said: I love you."

Mei looked into his eyes and also said: I love you too husband."

She then touched his forehead and sent him out of Soul Space. Yen Chen's body disappeared in front of her in seconds.


“Let's get ready for what's to come tonight” She sighed and said as she went to her room.

Yen Chen didn't know it, but tonight and the next few days were going to be very chaotic for him and his wives.


Double cultivation space, Yen Chen's room.

“It's been 3 days since he's been sleeping...” Sun Xi said with a sad expression.

"He must be very tired" Tang Xue said with a forced smile.

“Big Sister Xi, how is Big Sister Yuer?” Zoe asked Sun Xi.

Sun Xi shook her head and said: The Grandma hasn't come out of her room yet."


"It's been three days since she's been locked inside" Su Rou sighed and said.

"She must be feeling very guilty about what happened to our husband" Rose said in a sad voice.

Zoe, Su Rou, Sun Xi and Tang Xue nodded and fell silent, they his couldn't do anything about it Su Ling and the others already tried to talk to her but she didn't answer anyone.

Tang Xue sighed and asked with a strange expression: Why are we naked?"

Yes, the five women were lying naked right next to the still asleep  Yen Chen, Sun Xi was lying on top of his chest while Zoe and Su Rou were clinging in his arms.

Rose was hugging his head letting him use her breasts and your nine tails as a pillow.

Tang Xue was a little further away, she wasn't used to such lewd things.

“Fufufu~We are the lucky ones who were chosen to calm the beast” Su Rou laughed in a way  coquettishly and said in a mischievous voice.

Tang Xue was very confused and asked: Beast?"

Sun Xi pointed to Yen Chen's lower body and said: This beast.”

Tang Xue looked down only to be greatly shocked to see Yen Chen's huge cock lifted towards the ceiling like a divine spear.

"So big!" She said in her mind in a shocked voice.

Su Rou, Zoe, Rose and Sun Xi laughed upon seeing her shocked expression, Tang Xue blushed and asked: Doesn't that hurt?"

Zoe shook her head before saying with a smile, No, actually, it feels really good when he gets more intense."

Su Rou, Rose, and Sun Xi nodded in agreement, Tang Xue was about to speak but stopped when he saw Yen Chen's eyes wide open.

“Hehehe~ Are the five of you naked like this just for me?” Yen Chen laughed and said with a perverted smile.


Sun Xi, Su Rou, Rose, Zoe and Tang Xue shouted loudly and hugged him in a group, Yen Chen smiled happily and hugged his five wives.

“I'm sorry for making you so worried” He told them in a soft voice.

“Husband, are you okay?” Zoe asked with an anxious look.

Su Rou, Sun Xi, Rose and Tang Xue all looked the same as her, Yen Chen laughed and said: I'm fine, but looks like someone  isn't."

He pointed to his raging erection with a mischievous smile, Sun Xi laughed and said: Then I will help you."

"I'm going too"

Su Rou said with a smile, she made him sit on the edge of the bed before kneeling down together with Sun Xi between her legs.

Tang Xue blushed and said as he tried to leave: I have to... Haaa."

You won't run away from me anymore hehe~” Yen Chen said with a smile after pulling her into his arms.

Tang Xue blushed and said: Husband I…”

“Shii, I really want you now, but if you don't, I won't force you” Yen Chen said with a straight face.

Tang Xue hesitated a bit, and in the end, she nodded and said: Fine, but be kind to me."

Yen Chen smiled and said: Alright… Hoo~.”

He moaned at the end of his words feeling his cock inside a warm place being surrounded by something soft, he looked down only to see Sun Xi sucking half of his cock very hard and Su Rou sucking his balls.

“Hooo~this is too good~” He moaned and said loudly.

Yen Chen quickly pressed her lips against Tang Xue's and greedily sucked on them, she was taken aback but she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss.

Zoe pouted and moved behind Yen Chen before starting to rub her medium sized breasts on his back.

Yen Chen got even more excited when he felt Zoe's soft and supple breasts pressing against her back, he broke the kiss with Tang Xue and looked at her big breasts.

He smiled and started sucking on one of her hard nipples while using his other hand to squeeze her other breast.

“AAhhhng~” Tang Xue began to moan loudly, igniting  the lust of Yen Chen and the other women.

Rose became very excited and started rubbing her pussy against his thigh as she squeezed her breasts.

Yen Chen reveled in the seductive sight of his fox wife doing something so lewd.

Sun Xi and Su Rou took turns sucking Yen Chen's huge cock and Zoe started licking her ears and stroking her horns.

Yen Chen was feeling in heaven as he was surrounded by the soft and sexy bodies of his five beautiful wives who continued to please him.

“Hoooo~this” Yen Chen let go of Tang Xue's nipple and groaned.

Su Rou and Sun Xi, who were greedily sucking half of his cock together, felt his cock throb, they looked at each other and nodded.

Su Rou thrust his entire length into hers while Sun Xi began to suck his balls very hard, making Yen Chen's body tremble.


Yen Chen grunted before releasing a huge charge of Yang Qi into his aunt's mouth, who started to swallow greedily.

“Big sister, this is not fair I also want" Sun Xi said with puffy cheeks.

Su Rou swallowed her last portion of Yang Qi before taking the cock from your husband out of her mouth, making Sun Xi's big eyes shine with happiness, she didn't wait and swallowed Yen Chen's entire length and started to suck him in search of his Yang Qi.

Yen Chen closed his eyes and continued to come for another thirty seconds, and after a while he looked at the your five wifes and said: It's in time for the main course~."

Su Rou, Sun Xi, Zoe, Rose, and Tang Xue's bodies trembled at the sight of his hungry wolf smile and his eyes filled with lust.

For some reason, the five women felt like they had just woken up an insatiably beast and they  five  weren't too far from the truth.

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