Chapter 19 – Flowers
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Of course, the slavers weren’t dead, not all at least. Some died from the bullets shot aimlessly by their own companions, some died from the hits taken from Alexander and Robin.


They kept some of them alive, the reason for that was that they needed more information about the devil fruit and the one Donquixote family sent to retrieve the fruit.


Looking over all the fallen people, Alexander and Robin found some rope and tied them all, then they began to look for the slaves and devil fruit.


It didn’t take long and when Alexander entered one of the larger tents, he was meet with the gazes of five women, those women didn’t look scared or weak, they had fierce gazes and well-toned bodies.


They were chained by thick chains and more than it was normal, the slavers seemed to fear those women. The women kept on watching him silently, making Alexander uncomfortable.


“Who are you?”


Asked the one with a long black ponytail behind her back, she had a sharp pair of eyes.


The women had an idea about what happened from all the noise they head before; they also knew he wasn’t one of the slavers as they remembered all their faces.


“I am Alexander, captain of the White Cloud Pirates, at your service.”


Answered Alexander, then he asked.


“And who are you?”


The women looked at each other for a while, then after some silence the woman that asked Alexander who he was, spoke first.


“My name is Anemone.”


She looked like the leader.


“I am Poppy.”


Said a woman with shoulder length red hair and green eyes.




This time a green haired woman answered, her eyes were hidden by her waist long hair, she seemed to be the quiet type.


“I’m called Aster.”


A pink haired girl introduced herself, she had a cheerful air around her, she had short pink hair and pink eyes.


“I’m Canna.”


The last one to say her name was a blond girl with waist long hair, she had beautiful blue eyes.


They all looked the same age as Alexander.


Alexander looked at them, and they looked at him, the silence continued for a bit more until he broke it.


“I defeated your captors so now you are my responsibility, tell me where you are from, if it isn’t too far, I will take you there.”


The women seemed surprised by his words, not because he defeated all the men outside, they could do that themselves if they weren’t chained so thoroughly, but because he seemed to want to help them return home.


They looked at each other, unsure of how to respond.


“We were brought here from very far away, if you take us to a large city we will return on our own.”


The one who spoke was the black-haired woman, from the looks she got from the other women, she seemed to be the leader.


They didn’t seem to want to tell their origin, but that was fine for Alexander, he didn’t need to know, he just wanted to help them because he couldn’t leave them here.


“Very well, but I don’t know when we’ll get to a city, we are pretty wanted right now.”


Hearing his words, they didn’t seem to be disappointed, rather they looked happy.


“That’s fine, we can wait if it isn’t a problem for you.”


“No problem. Then let me undo these chains.”


He walked closer under their curious gazes and took one of the chains on the leader’s body with both his hands and *crack* the chain started to break.


He didn’t pay attention to the astonished gazes he got from the other girls, those weren’t normal chains, they were made from thick reinforced stainless steel, normal chains won’t be a problem for them but they couldn’t break those chains, yet the man that looked the same age as them broke them like nothing.


They wanted to wait until they were free and took them to his ship before taking control of the ship, but now they weren’t so confident anymore, they silently choose to wait and see.


In just a short time, they were all free and Alexander took them outside, there Robin was waiting for him, she had a small chest beside her, that should be the devil fruit.


“You found it?”


Asked Alexander.


“Yes, but it isn’t one I know about, it should be a new kind.”


Hearing her words, he was surprised, an unknown fruit was very valuable, it wasn’t a surprise that they were so secretive with it.


Seeing Robin looking at the women behind him, he started to introduce each one of them in turn, then he left them to speak with each other and moved to where the leader of the slavers was at, he saw him move slightly just now, it looked like he awoke but still feigned otherwise.




He kicked him in the stomach, the man no longer faked unconsciousness and screamed.


“You better answer all my questions, or else.”


He told the man, and he wasn’t joking.


Seeing his serious face, the man nodded silently.


“What kind of devil fruit is this?”


Said Alexander while indicating the chest with the devil fruit.


“We don’t know, it’s a new type.”


He confirmed what Robin already told him.


“Then who are those women.”


He also was curious about this; they weren’t normal women.


“I also don’t know that; we were entrusted by the higherups with delivering them to Mary Geoise.”


Hearing his words, he knew exactly for whom the delivery was, and disgust flashed in his eyes.


“I heard that Donquixote sent someone to take the devil fruit, who is it?”


The man shock his head, indicating that he didn’t know.


“You are useless.”



Leaving those words and kicking him back into unconsciousness, he returned to the girls.


“Let’s leave here, but before that, you can do what you want with those guys.”


It seemed fair to him to let them decide their fate.


Hearing his words, the girls faces lit up, and they thanked him, then after they each took weapons from the ones dropped all around, they moved to the men, what followed wasn’t a surprise, they executed each one of them with cold faces.


That was karma, you reap what you sow.


Now it was time to head outside.