Chapter 42
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Dany's eyes flickered and asked, "Your Excellency, how far by sail is Qarth to King's Landing? How long does it take?"

The black captain thinking she was going to take his Cinnamon Wind back to Westeros , thought for a while and said: "Your Highness, you must understand that we are businessmen, it is impossible to go directly back to King's Landing, and may stop at Slaver's Bay and Free Trade Castle many times along the way.

Sell ​​the Far East goods at a high price, eat local specialty products at low prices, and then go to the next city to repeat the process.

In this way, the profits of the merchants will snowball rapidly.

So, from Qarth's return to King's Landing may be delayed by about a year.

Also, Qarth is not my destination, my ship will cross the Qarth Strait and circumnavigate the Jade Sea along the trade route. In this way, the delay will be even greater. The next time I go to Sunset Sea might be in three years later.

Well, if I don't die in the sea."

"If you don't do business, accelerate all the way to King's Landing How long will it take?" Dany asked.

"Even if you don't do business and run empty boats, you always need to replenish food and water on the way, and you need to let the sailors recuperate which will take at least 3-4 months, or they will lose their tempers before even encountering the sea again under those circumstances."

Dany nods, thanking him: "You brought me precious news, I wish a favorable wind all the way, and business to be booming."

"I should thank you, for Her Royal Highness has given me the most generous reward." The captain said with bright eyes.

"Oh, what did I give you?" Dany asked.

"Dragons!" He looked straight towards the dragon beside Dany, who was gnawing on the ground, "I have seen Dragons, this is the most wonderous moment of my life."

"I'll give you mor." Dany laughed, beckoning with a hand. "you may touch them."

"This…" Quhuru was startled again before rejoicing, but also a little scared, he stood up, took three steps forward and two steps back, hesitating, nervously saying: "Is it really possible? Will they bite me or breathe fire at me? "

"They will not – I am the Mother of Dragons, they listen to my words." Dany comforted.

Then the black captain brushed over beading with sweat and looked towards Dany with questioning eyes.

"I give you the highest honor, you can touch the most powerful one, um, his name is Black Diamond." Dany pointed to Big Black in front of him.

If he dares to touch the Little White or Little Green, there will be a tragedy that Dany can't predict.

But she must not admit to others that she cannot control dragons.

On the contrary, Dany wants everyone to think she is the real Mother of Dragons, who can perfectly control her Darling Dragons.

In this way, when people are in awe of the dragons, they will also have the same awe for her.

At the same time, try to prevent the ambitious people from having the idea of ​​'Just kill that woman and I can get the dragon.'

——In fact, Little Green and Little White really have a high chance of being taken away.

In the prophecy, the dragon has three heads.

Dany is just one of them.

For three months, almost four months, Big Black has been the most strong, with a torso the size of an adult police dog. When he spreads his wings, it is enough to cover Dany's bed.

When they came to Qarth, Dany didn't dare to let them fly around. In the past few days, iron chains with thick wrists bound their necks.

In order to appease the irritable emotions of the three dragons, they had to be provided with unlimited food.

At this point, Big Black was lying on the marble floor, sucking a charred bison thigh bone.

"Big Black, don't hurt him. He admires you and wants to touch you." Dany sent a message to Big Black and reached out to indicate that Quhuru can touch.

The guy had a longing look on his face, but he was so frightened that he kept holding back.

Finally, with Dany's repeated encouragement, he shrank closer to Black Dragon, stretched out his trembling right hand, touched Big Black's wing lightly, and then retracted like an electric shock.

Big Black ignored him and continued to suck the marrow fluid from the bone.

So, the captain felt a little more courage and extended a hand again, stroking the back of Big Black softly like a falling feather.

"Wow, as in the legends, a Dragon's scales are hot, only Dragonlords can ride a Dragon." Quhuru blushed with excitement.

"Have you heard legends about Dragons?" Dany asked with a smile.

The black captain only touched him lightly for a while, then immediately went back a few steps and stood with his hands down, his expression more respectful than when he first met.

He said: "I've heard the Maesters speak of dragons many times at the Citadel in Oldtown, and they say that only the dragon blood of House Targaryen can subdue the dragons, and the others can't even withstand the heat the dragon emits.

I didn't believe it at the time, what kind of animal can be so hot that the rider can't bear it?

At most one can use a saddle.

But today I understand, If a dragon grows to the size of Balerion, the saddle can't stop it from burning like a bellowing furnace.

Even if Maesters think dragons are wild beasts with little intelligence, they are still the most legendary creatures in the world."

"How much knowledge do the Maesters even know about dragons? They really know enough about dragons." Dany became curious.

"If you don't even study the dragon representing the worlds Wonders, is there any need for Maesters to exist?" Quhuru said with a complicated tone, a philosophical sentence.

"Have Maesters worked out how intelligent Balerion was?" Dany asked.

This time, before the captain could speak, Jorah said, "Seven or eight-year-old child, my Maester told me."

"Yes, Balerion has surpassed other dragons in wisdom." Quhuru echoed.

"Ha…" Dany chuckled and said to Big Black, "Mr. Quhuru gave me three barrels of wine, you can paint a picture for him."

"Painting?" Quhuru was at a loss.

Without Dany's instructions, the Lys maid immediately came over with a large wooden tray with a roll of parchment and a small bowl of ink on it.

The maid was not afraid of Big Black at all, squatted beside him, spread out the one-meter-long and half-meter-wide paper, and pressed paperweights on the left and right sides.

Next, place the porcelain bowl filled with ink on the lower left of the roll paper.

Big Black glanced at Quhuru, then stretched out his right paw…Dragons have fingers just like humans.

Big Black clenched the other four into a fist, and after the index finger as sharp as a dagger was blackened in the porcelain bowl, he dipped his claw like a dragon, and lines quickly appeared on the white roll of paper.

At first glance, the lines were disordered and in a mess, as if a child were drawing randomly. Quhuru didn't expect anything at first, and was not disappointed when he saw this. he thought it at least didn't use the dragon claw to press the print directly.

But as time passed, he saw something different.

The thickness and depth have nothing in common with each other and stripes gradually outline one or two figures, which…

Gods, he's dazzled, his mouth is so big that you can put a goose's egg in it. "This is me, the scene of my conversation with Your Majesty. Even the tulle by the palace window makes people feel the breath of the breeze, this…"

"Even the court painter of Braavos is not as good as…" Quhuru swallowed hard, and when he looked at Big Black's eyes instead of awe he felt pure reverence, no fear.

In his heart, the Black Dragon in front of him has been sanctified, has the same will as God, and won't hurt people like a wild beast.

Actually, he thought too much. Big Black's intelligence may be relatively high, but he is not far from eight or nine years old, let alone God?

At this time, Big Black can also do math. If Dany asks Quhuru to add and subtract a few additions and subtractions within 100, Big Black can also give the answer–engraving on the floor with his claws, but also In that case, it is far less shocking than drawing a picture of "meeting the Queen" on the spot.

It was also during the cultural class that Dany was surprised and shocked to discover that the dragon's sense of space has such a huge bonus to drawing.

Anyone who has taken a sketching class knows that one of the most important skills is the three-dimensional analysis of the structure of objects.

Why did Leonardo keep drawing eggs from different angles?

Is it not for training his "somatosensory"? And Black Dragon is full of somatosensory talent, and his perspective on things is more complete than that of human beings.

Quhuru took the scroll of parchment and left in a trance. What he saw and heard today refreshed his world view.

Captain of Cinnamon Wind's visit set a precedent for the ordinary people visiting. Merchants from all over the world, like a trickle, converged into a turbulent torrent at an unimaginable speed.

The captains of the merchant ship brought Myr's lace, boxes of saffron from Yi Ti, Asshai's amber and Dragonglass, and the poorer walking merchants offered bags of Silver Stags.

In addition to merchants, there are also a large number of craftsmen, wandering poets, singers…

Silversmiths sent rings and chains, Smithed according to Dany's figure and arm length, Creating an Arakh and a two handed sword for her.

The dyeing and weaving industry gave her colorful cloth, and the rich colors made her exclaim that the ancients had such great wisdom.

Then, countless tailors poured into the palace and volunteered to sew the most beautiful clothes in the world for her…

There were also flutists playing the flute for her, and actors performing acrobatics. She laughed as the entertainer played tricks.

Two dwarfs rode a sow and a big dog to play as Westeros Knights for a lance battle.

There was a young Volantis man with golden hair and blue eyes, he implores Dany to take in himself as an attendant, and promised to take Her Majesty as the protagonist in the future, and write poems about the ages.

Between the conversation, it is also implied that he is proficient in Yunkai's Way of the Seven Sighs.

Dany could see that guy's lustful look at her, so she directly let the Bloodrider throw him out.

Then even the Jogos Nhai people north of Yi Ti came and they gave Dany a black and white Zorse.

Well, Yi Ti is the China of A Song of Ice and Fire.

In ease of understanding, it can be roughly thought like this: Westeros = England, Ghis city-state of Slaver's Bay = ancient Egypt, Essos western continent = Europe, Dothraki Sea = Russia,              Dothraki = Cossacks, Qarth = Suez, Yi Ti = China, and Jogos Nhai people = Xiongnu, nomads north of China

Well, digress.

Dany made an invitation to let stay the two visiting Jogos Nhai people, and they were flattered to accept.

Dany told them during the day and night feast: "You are warriors on horseback like the Dothraki, and I would like to ask the two of you some wisdom from your tribe."