Chapter 43
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Jogos Nhai, like the Dothraki, are savage nomads.

They have no interest in the ocean or ships, and live as nomads plundering the four civilized      city-states to obtain iron tools and other materials.

Form Khalasar-like tribes, led by a Khal-like chief, living in yurt-like tents.

Their skin is similar too, Jogos Nhai people are of sallow skin, and Dothraki are bronzed.

But the Jogos Nhai people can't match the Dothraki in looks and shape, their men and women are used to binding their faces at the age of two (George Martin implying foot binding?), so their heads are pointed and big, but their faces are small and look rather ugly.

And they are short and stout, not as tall and sturdy as Dothraki, with slender limbs. But the mounts of the Jogos Nhai are stronger than the Dothraki, the Dothraki are on horses, but they are on the fierce Zorses.

One is Dothraki and the other is a spotted Dothraki.

But compared to the Dothraki, the Jogos Nhai people have several customs that Dany can appreciate.

"Dear guests, please tell my family how the Jogos Nhai people maintain their integrity as a tribal people?" Dany pointed to Aggo and the other more than ten Dothraki Warriors who were dining together in the living room, and asked the guests warmly.

Jogos Nhai was very proud of Dany's invisible compliment, and even more secretly delighted in her sincere attitude of asking for advice.

"I understand what Khaleesi means. Your Khalasars are constantly divided, which has eliminated most of the cowardly Khals, but the bravery of one person is better than the strength of the unity of the whole tribe."

Of the two Jogos Nhai people, one was a middle-aged man, and the one had gray hair and a beard, the middle aged person was silent, and the old man talked freely.

"In the end, the Dothraki didn't establish a perfect marriage system. Ordinary Dothraki have no wives, no children, and no blood ties to Khalasar.

You know, blood is the strongest bond in the world.

Most of our tribes are connected by blood and can survive for hundreds or thousands of years without breaking down. Jhat, the War Chief, is not a coward, they often come from above selected from a generation of Jhat sons.

As long as Jhat has enough wives, he will have enough sons, and with so many blood sons there are enough to choose a strong Warrior."

Dany nods approvingly: "This system is good, we can learn from it."

This is the purpose of her dinner this time.

She can say some things herself, but what if there were a more impactful example in front of her?

Hearing the praise of the Mother of Dragons, the old man became more and more excited and proudly said: "Jhat is only the Commander of the tribe, above Jhat, there is also Jhattar, all the Jhats of Jogos Nhai accept Jhattar's Command, Therefore, in the face of a strong enemy, we Jogos Nhai people can always be together."

Seeing the disapproval on the face of Dothraki, Dany immediately said: "This is also a very good system, surely the Jogos Nhai must have many epic of their Jhattars?"

Any nation has heroes, and Dany doesn't expect the old man to talk of a real hero who has shaken the entire world.

She deeply understands one thing, the peoples of blood descendant inheritance will all use gorgeous poems to boast about their ancestors.

Even the Wildlings of the Stone Age devour raw meat and fowl, but in the Myths and Tales of their descendants, they will become legendary existences that walk with Giants and Dragons.

So after the question, she sipped her wine and waited quietly for the sharp-headed old Jogos Nhai man to brag.

The old man never seemed so excited, he moved about and sighed: "Oh, great Mother of Dragons, you are truly bright, only a wise person can clearly understand the wisdom of another wise person.

There is no doubt that you are as wise as our ancestors."

"You flatter me, I am not at their prestige."

My skin thickness is also much worse than yours.

Dany has a humble smile on her face, but she can't stop complaining.

"The N'ghai kingdom has only one city left by our ancestors, Nefer, which is a city with a large number of Necromancers and Torturers. If 90% of the city's space was not hidden underground, it would have been broken by us long ago.

As if to increase the graveness of this feat, the old man lowered his voice and added: "Don't underestimate the Necromancers, let alone think they are liars. Do you know the Long Night that enveloped the world thousands of years ago? "

"White walkers?" Jorah exclaimed.

"Hahaha, I know of White walkers, those living dead, are the works of dark magic, and Necromancy. It is said that the Long Night was because of the Yi Ti's God-Emperor, the Bloodstone Emperor. Ninth and last ruler of the mythic Great Empire of the Dawn.

But such a powerful country of Sorcerers was still almost wiped out by us." The old man said proudly.

"Wow, that's…very powerful." Dany started to praise again, but she was suspicious.

Yi Ti is a few continents and a few seas away from Westeros.

Let's not say why, how did the White walkers get so far?

Is it a shortcut through the Arctic Circle?

Are Beyond the walls extreme northern lands connected to Yi Ti?

This is too scientific, it's not fantasy at all, and this is a fantasy world!

"We also defeated the Patrimony of Hyrkoon," the stocky old man continued.

"Excuse my ignorant and inexperienced, why the weird name 'Patrimony of Hyrkoon'?" Dany said curiously.

It might as well be called 'Hyle's Country'!

"Ai, even as an enemy, we Jogos Nhai people have to acknowledge the greatness of Hyrkoon." Sighing, the old man asked back: "Khaleesi, do you know the Red Sword of Heroes?"

Dany thought for a while before finding the fairy tale of Red Sword from her memory. "You mean Lightbringer?"

Jorah said in horror: "Eight thousand years ago, Long Night came, with White walkers bringing the entire world into endless darkness and cold, the heavy snow almost wiped the Seven Kingdoms continent off the map.

At that moment of humanity's existential crisis, a hero appeared, and he is Azor Ahai!

He holds the Red Sword of Heroes full of light and heat, defeating the night and snow, and brings light and warmth to the world again."

"This is it," the old man nodded, He sighed with emotion: "Azor Ahai is Hyrkoon. Regarding the termination of the Long Night, the same stories and similar heroic images are depicted in each nation.

But the names of the heroes are not the same. The people of the Westeros continent call him 'Azor Ahai', while in the east, the descendants of Hyrkoon call him the heroic Hyrkoon, the Yi Ti people call him Yin Tar, in N'ghai he is called Neferion, and the Eldric Shadowchaser…

Even if he died in the legendary age of heroes, the prophecy about his rebirth and return has been circulated in the East for five thousand years. There will come a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dreaded hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword, and that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him."

"With such a great hero the descendants naming their country 'Patrimony of Hyrkoon' is a given."

The old man then exclaimed proudly: "But we Jogos Nhai have destroyed the ancient Patrimony of Hyrkoon. Today there are only three fortress cities of Samyriana, Kayakayanaya and Bayasabhad, the last remnants of the descendants of Hyrkoon.

When I was young, I followed the Jhattar on the Steel Road and fought against Kayakayanaya for 3 years. I attacked Kayakayanaya's city wall twice."

This time Dany is really impressed with the 'Dothraki of next door'. Compared with them, Dothraki, who can only snatch other people's hero stone statues, have little to boast about.

Nine Free Cities, none of them are destroyed, it's low!

However, this is just an appetizer, the glorious history of the Jogos Nhai people continues.

"N'ghai Unlike the Patrimony of Hyrkoon, which is just a small country in the East, the real overlord is the Golden Empire of Yi Ti."

"Golden Empire? "Dany's feels weird, this name….

"Ai, this is not an exaggeration," the old man waved his hand, thinking that Dany doubted the quality of the Yi Ti God-Emperor and thought they were not worthy of it on the words 'Golden Empire', he solemnly explained: "Where the Golden Empire was the land of a thousand gods and a hundred princes, ruled by one god-emperor.

The Valyrians were still herding sheep!

The God-Emperor was definitely the strongest lord in the known world at that time, his army size alone was unimaginable, his wealth was comparable to the Old Valyria Empire at their peak period, and his Imperial Palace was comparable to the Andals' King's Landing, his bedroom floor is also cast in gold."

"Have you been to King's Landing?" The Knight Jorah said sullenly.

King's Landing is the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, and it is not as big as Yi Ti God-Emperor's Imperial Palace. He is very unhappy with the claim.

The old "spotted Dothraki" glanced at him and said Jovially: "The stench of King's Landing Fishmonger's Square's feces mixed with rotten fish is unforgettable to this day."

Not simple, this old-fashioned horse man has actually been to King's Landing from tens of thousands of miles away.

Dany immediately spoke to bring the topic back. "Could it be that the heroic Jogos Nhai people even destroyed the Golden Empire?"

"That's not true," the old man shook his head, helplessly, yet proudly said. "For thousands of years, we have looted Yi Ti's North frequently, but we only forced the God-Emperor to keep going south, migrating their capital.

Once there was a young and brave hero in Yi Ti, God-Emperor Lo Bu, he worked hard to rule and reform the court, almost restoring Yi Ti to the grand scenes of the Golden Empire's most prosperous period.

In his day, even the rebellious Jogos Nhai had to back away.

Unfortunately, Emperor Lo Bu was not swayed by tributes, hostages, oaths of fealty or offerings of peace."

Dany felt that Emperor Lo Bu was really a sensible Emperor.

He also admitted: "That's right, the Golden Empire was strong, we couldn't beat it or swear allegiance of course, but we would be too stupid not to plunder when the dynasty was in decline."


This old Jogos Nhai man was so straightforward that Dany didn't know what to say.

"But what's wrong with this?" The old man poured a glass of wine and shouted loudly: "When Yi Ti was weak, didn't he send money and women to our Jhattar in exchange for peace, and when he was strong, he would slaughter my clansmen?

The dominant bullies the weak, it is only right, only the weak bully the dominant."

"Emperor Lo Bu...bullied you?" asked Jorah.

"No, he was not trying to bully us, he was going too completely destroy and wipe out the Jogos Nhai." The old man slapped his thigh and yelled angrily: "It's so intolerable!"

Dany secretly sighed, feeling sorry for the God-Emperor, since the old Jogos Nhai people are here and well, it means that Lo Bu failed.