Chapter 359: Fanboy’s Fun I
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This is a work of fiction and a lot of unresearched topics so don't bash my trashy work too much.

However different the dynamic of this year's event may be... Creed will always endeavor to do what they've planned to do.

The whole Creed area will be ready and accounted for. All the while representatives are ready to accommodate and receive the crowd that will arrive.

Lopsided as the other highlights of this convention may be, there's always stability to be found in the stuff that one has planned for.

They're not here for awards nor care for what the competition thought of the company.

Of course, as proud Creed employees, most of them were indignant about the corrupt bias of award organizers.

Then again, their uncaring and goal-oriented little boss was eerily watching close and didn't really seem to mind the unfairness.

If the little boss didn't care, then they should probably just do their jobs.

Anyways, they're here for convention matters and convention matters are what they should care for.

Nerds, geeks, and casual attendees should still flock their way, regardless of the shady agenda that the competition wants to play.


Sure enough, a crowd did flock their way.

A crowd of comic book fans from all corners to experience what the hubbub is all about.

Comic-Con is known as a comic haven for comic book enthusiasts and it's all comic book-themed from start till end.

Of course, for those that flock to the Creed areas, their preference can already be inferred.

They're not just comic book fans. The lot of them are Creed fans.

And by a lot.  It means that there's quite aplenty of them. Swarming en masse.

Their motivation to be present is probably in part of the reputation that Creed's 1985 showcase.

All the special experiences, limited editions, and early acquisitions must have been quite an enviable experience.

Whether they be newcomers, repeaters, or casual onlookers... Creed had long been prepared and they were more than welcoming.

All they need was to stroll around or take part in whatever Creed-themed exploit was intriguing to them.

The fun should be unique to everybody and boy... Fanboy sure does have his own way of doing it.

He's one of the repeaters, after all.

Making him part of the crowd that could compare and contrast.

And compare and contrast was what he did.

Starting from the Dragonball booths and displays... with all the Dragonball-themed paraphernalia.

Interestingly enough, there are also Great Ape Gokus this time around, even though the current story arc already employs a tail-less Goku. 

This could only imply that the Great Ape form is right around the corner or requests have been so many that Creed Toys just had to construct and include them once again.

Either way, it's probably going to be an interesting bidding war for the more money-affluent Comic-Con-ers.

Fanboy, regrettably, had to be thrifty. There's already a lot of potential limited edition merchandise and toys in this epic martial arts area, so he had to balance his budget wisely.

Which was going to be hard... with all the Tournament saga characters to choose from.

Goku and Krillin's training had finally paid off as they were now in the grand tournament. What they wouldn't be able to pay off was Fanboy's urge to buy all these unique character figurines to perfect his ever-growing collection.

How disheartening it was to be in his fanboy predicament.

Of course, the other predicament is what was being shown on TV display amidst all the Dragonball displays.

The always-teasing animation show.

If memory serves Fanboy right, then it was almost a year since the music video-esque announcement. It was even the spectacles of last year's convention.

Yet, here it was. Still being a music video spectacle for the same but temporally different convention.

Fanboy and all others could only grimace.

Just when will this cartoon or animation magic be available already? They really can't wait!

Hopefully, it won't take till Comi-Con 1987 and beyond!

On that same boat and just close by is, of course, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The comic book story has progressed so far into Mutant Pigs and Mutant Rhinos already yet the teased animated show is nowhere in sight.

As for now... eager fans could make do with what is in stall.

Turtles toys. Turtle merchandise. The ever-rare print T-shirts that just can't be available anywhere else.

On the same note as that animation show, just when will Creed finally make these cool Creed-printed apparel available for wider purchase? Aren't they missing out?

After dismaying about those, there's still the grand adventure of the ThunderCats to turn to.

And in these Comic-Con Creed shelves are just a more varied assortment of high-detailed figurines that would aesthetically assault those that view them.

From Lion-o to the newly met General Panthro, along with all other anthropomorphic Third Earthers that expanded the ThunderCats lore some more.

At least, the premise of an animation show was not promised with this one, so Fanboy and his fellow fans can find some solace in its monthly publications.

They're just lucky that they didn't have to wait a year for any semblance of motion-pictured episodes.

Melancholic complaints aside, Fanboy already listed out the figurine he wanted to take home and headed to the rest of the Creed-themed displays.

There's RoboCop. With all his gritty police life with a futuristic and cyber-robo twist.

Fanboy and RoboCop fans could only marvel at how much coherence and thought was put into the synchronization of this comic book story and its toy line.

It had to be noted that RoboCop is ever-modular and ever-upgrading... and the process and technicalities are quite the wonder to behold, in-comic.

As for its toy line, the development could not be any more pronounced and laid out like the monkey-to-human evolution chart.

Owners of previous models already know that when they purchase this new RoboCop toy in display... it will be a progressive complement to the old ones.

Of course, not far from RoboCop is its frequent 'Versus' partner... The Predator.

Which continues to expand via past, present, and future-timelined one-shot Halloween Volume-ready stories.

If last year was any indication, the new and distinct Predator on display this Comic-Con should be a glimpse of the story that's to come a few months from now.

Strangely enough, it wasn't just a dreadlock and armored Predator toy in the display.

There was actually another armored action figure.

It's not Predator-y, it's not even trying to blend in for a hunt. It's yellow-orangey and shiny.

It's even official and elite-looking. With what looks to be a cool cannon for a hand. Futuristic soldier, perhaps?

Or maybe not. Fanboy looked closer and found a tag close to the cool-looking toy.

[Samus Aran. Galactic Bounty Hunter.]

That was all to it but need the stationed Creed representative say more.

Oh gosh. Is this cool-looking bounty hunter fellow going to go against a Predator?

Galactic bounty hunter?

Is the Predator-verse going to expand into a galaxy far, far away like Star Wars? Star Wars Horror?

The premise may be spoiled already but just the thought of it already made people unable to wait for Halloween.

Samus, huh? Fanboy wondered how he'll compare to Naru. Naru is cool but boys got to have someone represent.

Samus, you can do it.

On that note, was there a Terminator toy? Or a semblance of a Terminator comic book out in this convention? People looked and clearly... there's not.

Yet again, another teaser that Creed Comics had yet to get a handle on.

Fanboy could only shake his head at that and moved on.

He moved on because there are still a lot of Creed-themed attractions to go to.

Despite the ups and downs that his mood had gone through with most of it, there's still other Creed-themed fun to go through, after all.

And Fanboy was damn sure that he wanted to immerse himself in all of it.

For a pointless tidbit, I actually wanted to give this a chapter of [Creed in Comic-Con VI] and so on and so forth... but that didn't sit well with continuity for me.

So yeah... a rare Fanboy title it is.

Speaking of "boy"... Samus is a boy, right? Hehe!