Chapter 360: Fanboy’s Fun II
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This is a work of fiction and a lot of unresearched topics so don't bash my trashy work too much.

Next on Fanboy's fun immersion was, of course, to look through the next themed displays and experience them.

He even took the time to pose for that cover art photobooth.

His Predator cover art of last year was framed already and he wanted another one.

This year, he went Marshmello. Just because. Because he was a fan of the music and the shocking choice to keep his face anonymous.

Reminds him of talented and extra-famous somebody that never really showed his face at all.

Hence, Fanboy with his all-white attire and his homemade white bucket that still had wet paint on it.

He also didn't wear it much because... well... he can't really see anything with it.

Anyways, adorning it for a few seconds should be good enough.

For costume-bragging, picture-taking, and having the ensemble immortalized as a photo. With Creed Comics in the background despite Marshmello not being a comic book character at all.


Of course, after that, there's still the 'Calvin and Hobbes' booth, which didn't exactly showcase stuffed toys anymore.

It was actually now an interesting competition with Calvin and Hobbes's prompt with empty speech bubbles.

Anyone interested can then test their comic strip humor and joke away like Alexander Creed.

More than anything, the best prompt-filler actually gets to be handpicked by Alexander Creed himself and fill a day slot to be printed on funny pages in newspapers across the world.

How freakin' interesting was that? Fanboy himself submitted his own joke and had his fingers crossed on the off-chance that he'll be picked.


Closest by to that, happens to be the Cybertronian Chronicles Booth.

Need more be said about the toys line-up in this toy line.

Autobots and Decepticons had always been the auto-transforming rage, despite its lack of widespread show or a movie.

Goes to show that toys will sell as long as it's established and conceptualized enough.

Poor Gobots playing second fiddle could only play as runner-ups, even with their recent movie move.

It makes one wonder how big the Cybertronians will be when it's given the animation and movie treatment. Creed, with all their multi-media exploits, should be able to accomplish these, right?

Fanboy could only shake his head at that and wait for the news.


Thus, he moved on to titles like JoJo's Bizarre Adventures and Ace Attorney.

They're comic book titles that are quite apart in plot style and concepts from one another but Fanboy grouped them in his thoughts due to something they are similar in...

They seem to be ending.

30 issues is a whole arc and after their 30th, no updates had been given ever since.

For JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Jonathan Joestar was shockingly dead. Which was more shocking than how Dio always has his way of being un-dead.

That was JoJo, the main character, how else can the story progress without him? 

It had to be noted, that Erina Pendleton-Joestar had been confirmed to be pregnant. It can't be that JoJo will reincarnate as his son, right?

Then again, Fanboy can already hear argumentative theories being argued upon by Jonathan and Dio-costumed nerds.

One is a supporter of the Dio-esque revival angle while the other is on baby-son-reincarnation theory.

Personally, Fanboy was a fan of the son theory who's going to have a Jo-starting name, for the continuation of the JoJo line.

Whatever the case, all of them would be bizarre yet it wouldn't be titled as such if it weren't.

Maybe snagging a pregnant Erina figurine will do the trick? There's also the teased migration to America, which would be exciting.

On the other hand and unlike the bizarre ambiguity of JoJo... Ace Attorney was confirmed to have ended.

With Phoenix' last case being a team effort with Miles Edgeworth... against a great conspiracy of corruption within the justice system itself.

They didn't win but the webs have been untangled enough to make it quite the intriguing premise to explore.

However, court cases take time and the story could only go on as how Ace Attorney fans imagine it to be.

It was nothing fancy of a send-off like Watchmen's. More of a necessary pause before the story becomes stale. 

Another one bites the dust, as one would say. The Creed Comic title line-up was thinning.

All the objection and whatnot, however, is said to be continued to a different medium... 

Video games.

Just as how comic title expansions had mostly been relegated to exciting video games, almost every month or every other.


It just so happens that the rest of the Creed-themed attractions are mostly about them.

Fanboy had only covered the Creed Comics sections of the whole, after all.

It made sense for the new and expanding Creed Games to have its Comic-Con treatment as well. Despite the lack of "Comic-ness" to any of them.

That didn't make them any less intriguing to a Creed fan though.

Especially when the booths for them are about playing the game and winning an exclusive prize.

It would seem that Creed Gamer Account records and rankings did not matter here.

It was a clean slate on all fronts. With an on-the-spot performance as a gauge. One champion per Comic-Con day.

There's the familiar Tetris arcade cabinet to help exemplify the whole thing. Unlike Creed Chaos Systems, arcade cabinet rankings are closed-off to only those that scored high in said cabinets.

The rules were one-try, one-chance and the line for this Comic-Con Tetris booth was no different than how it was for most Tetris-equipped arcade spots.

The winner gets a gold Tetrominoes trophy.

To Fanboy's surprise, it wasn't just Tetris that had this arcade-esque championship treatment...

There's actually a special arcade cabinet for Dino Jump. No doubt, the highest score in a single run is the decider. The winner gets a gold Lonely T-Rex pin.

Then the Flappy Bird arcade cabinet. With Flabby as default... the one who flaps through most pipes in one flapping session wins. This time, winning a gold Flabby-inlaid coin for a change.

Of course, it's just so on and so forth from there. With no Flight and Fight due to its special arcade complexity, as explained by the Creed representative.

However, there was Cat vsv Dog... not being a competition but just an arcade experience against fellow Comic-Con attendees that you want to play against.

And then there's the blue-themed cabinet. With the newly released Sonic the Hedgehog having an arcade-esque treatment as well.

Then again, Fanboy's interest didn't stop there as there was actually another blue-themed video game.

No cabinet but just a casual Creed Chaos System set-up.

That didn't seem to stop people from flocking to it because it's actually an early gaming experience of the 7th Creed Game...

Titled Mega Man. He's blue like Sonic and he sure does follow the Mario-expanding concept.

Nintendo's Mario Brothers were just jumping. Sonic, however, was jumping and speeding. While Mega Man was jumping and shooting.

Clearly, Creed Games was out to blow Mario out of contention with a blue-themed line-up like that. 

Also, with that cannon hand, Mega Man sure does suspiciously resemble the other cannon-handed and also new bro... Samus.

With Samus being more-detailed than Mega "Man", just how much of a man is he?

Fanboy could only wonder whilst he tried out every one of them. From the Tetris competition down to the last.

He also wondered that with all these arcade cabinets, Creed is most probably setting their sights on the arcade market they overlooked.

From home console to the arcade. Might as well be total video game domination from there and Fanboy could only be in awe at the thought of it.


Just as how in awe he was when he got the chance to see what's what on a not-so-known Creed subsidiary.

Pixar was their name and their simple projection booth was not dull in any way.

Like those in their crowd, Fanboy found himself mesmerized by freaking lamps playing with a ball.

Luxo Jr. is the name of the animated short and wow! Was it even animated?!

Fanboy knew all the He-Mans and the Voltrons but those freaking lamps beat them out of the park. Was this the future of animation?

3D, huh? It sure is something.

Not to mention that humanized movements of showing and not telling. Gosh! Was this going to be Creed's next project?

Fanboy was at a loss for words already.

Not at a loss for words as he was when he overheard people that seems to be a part of this project.

"Had we not convinced him to relegate to true hardware professionals, we would have been stuck with jumbling a lot of ambitious tasks."

"Why complain now? Didn't you find it to be quite an experience?"

"Yeah, it is. Honing a computer program to efficiently color, collate, edit, and post-produce 2D animation is revolutionary enough."

"However, the little boss' thoughts on 3D are quite bold."

"3D software relegated to Creed Toys for a better molding and handling of the toys we see displayed today. Then there's the advocacy for 3D printing. Which is wild!"

"Of course, there's that motion for VFX. Mr. Lucas would probably grimace at how far-reaching and encroaching the Creed Graphics business will be to ILM."

"You're right on that. Especially with how easy it was for us to produce and render little Luxo. If the little boss isn't so halved with game development, then I couldn't estimate how far our 3D software development might already be?"

"This lot here today is already impressed by him already but they'd probably be horrified at how monstrously impressive he truly is."

"Haha! Especially if these people found out that he's actually here. Lurking and watching. How shocked would these Comic-Con people be if they knew that?"

The eavesdropping Fanboy was already shocked himself.

These blabbermouths exposed a lot more stuff than the Creed Store Mister ever did!

Alexander Creed was actually here! In Comic-Con!


At this point, Fanboy was not just about Comic-Con fun and immersion...

He was now on the lookout! On the lookout for his sneaky idol.

As you might have noticed, I speed-blitzed and compacted a lot of things here. 

It can't be helped. I just wanted to get these parts over with and if I extend it any further I'll probably be afflicted by my long exposition sickness and extend the whole thing into a ten-chapter endeavor. Haha!