Chapter 10
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Leo didn’t watch as the man who looked kinda like Sky and the woman wearing the night sky patterned bodysuit walked away. Instead he stared at Sky, Sky who was wearing some weird fucking clothes.

 He looked like some fantasy prince in a high budget movie. It didn’t seem to quite fit him perfectly though. There was even a silver, gleaming sword. On the ground a few feet away. Leo couldn’t tell from sight alone but he suspected it was sharp. It was sharp and Sky had wielded it against someone. Against the man that had saved him. And in turn that man had punched Sky hard enough in the gut to send him flying. Sky still had on hand loosely pressed to that spot. Leo vaguely remembers the man saying something about a cracked rib. Shit, doesn’t that mean they should get him to a hospital or something?


Sky did not look at Leo when Leo called his name; he was still staring at the retreating backs of Leo’s saviors. Staring at the side profile of Sky’s face Leo could tell Sky’s jaw was clenched. His brows were furrowed too, possibly in pain.

Leo put a hand on Sky’s shoulder and called his name again, a bit louder and more urgent this time, “Sky!” Leo tugged on Sky’s shoulder and Sky easily turned towards him. HIs face was pinched, his short black hair mussed up, his bright blue eyes piercing Leo in a way they never had before. “Are you ok?” Leo asked, “that man mentioned a cracked rib? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“Am I ok?” Sky echoed, as if unsure of the meaning of the question. THen the anger and whatever strange other emotion disappeared from his face, replaced by concern, “what about you? Are you ok? You were attacked by a Fallen Star.”

“Fallen Star?” Leo asked, before remembering the creature that his saviors had saved him from. The creature made of light and heat. It was a bit like a star... “Sky, what’s going on?”

Sky grimaced, “I’ll explain but not here.” He started to stand but Leo beat him to his feet, tucking a hand under Sky’s elbow to help him up the rest of the way. Sky rolled his eyes petulantly, finally looking like the Sky that Leo knew and tension Leo didn’t know he was holding in drained from his shoulders.

A voice called from the road, “come on, you two, let’s go!”

Leo turned his head to see the androgynous person with the uneven haircut, leaning out the window of a luxurious car.

Sky started walking towards them, “come on.”

Leo followed.


Sky deliberately made Luka sit between him and Leo to give himself a change to think. He had thought with how friendly Leo normally was and how annoying Luka was that the two would talk but there was complete and utter silence in the car. 

That was fine too.

When they reached Sky’s home, Leo looked like he wanted to say something. He didn’t. He followed silently as Sky entered the familiar elevator and watched Sky with an unreadable expression as Sky inserted his key and hit the button for the top floor penthouse apartment.

Maybe the expression could be readable, if only Sky could look at Leo’s face for more than a glance. As the elevator reached the top floor and dinged, Sky felt a brief flash of panic, wondering if his father would be waiting on the couch again. But the apartment was dark and silent and Sky’S parents were absolutely in bed at this time of night.

“Luka,” Sky said in a soft voice, not wanting to tempt fat by breaking the silence too harshly, “can you go wake someone from the medical team?”

Luka stepped back into the elevator, “sure thing, boss,” they said sarcastically and loud enough to make Sky flinch. They pressed a button and the elevator closed.

Sky took a deep breath, “take a seat, I’ll explain.”