Chapter 42: Passing Through Helios One
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The stop at Novac was rather uneventful. There was nothing too interesting from the get-go, to be entirely honest. Mainly because we only stopped at Cliff's shop to get some supplies to him. The supplies only ranged from guns to ammunition.

After that, we hit the highway again on our way to Boulder City, one of the largest settlements only seconded by New Vegas itself, according to Bob. All I knew was that Boulder City became nothing but ruins after the First Battle For Hoover Dam. Still, the scenery was rather spectacular from this highway.

On our left was the majestic Helios Power Plant, pretty much owned by the Brotherhood of Steel of Mojave Chapter. Even from here, the intimidating looks from their power armor, ranging from T-45 to T-51 sent a chill down my spine.

Those shining knights held their weapons firmly under the desert sun. I had doubts about whether the power plant was functional or not. Usually, the solar harvesting tower would shine brightly instead of not shining at all. Still, it remained a mystery why the Brotherhood kept that place.

"Those guys are the Brotherhood," Bob said.

"Ah yeah, the Brotherhood of Steel, the wannabe knights out of nowhere, taking every single piece of technology they could hoard without sharing it whatsoever with the rest of the wasteland," Jansen commented.

"Hmm, are you pissed about it?" I asked Jansen.

Jensen then intervened, "Last time we met them, they took Jansen's laser rifle."

"Sorry to hear that," I said.

"Yeah, I know right. That bloody Brotherhood came out of nowhere in their power armors, and extorting people like us for technology, what a pain in the arese," Jansen sighed. "Anyhow, they just took it away and we really can't fight back."

"Why?" That question just crossed my mind, really. There was no particular reason about it.

"For starter, you don't fight people using gatling lasers and miniguns with a bare laser rifle by any reason, more so when the said people are using power armors," Jensen added.

"Makes sense," I said.

The T-model power armor in New Vegas was not as protective as the power armor in Fallout 4 for unknown reasons. In New Vegas, power armor was just a piece of heavy armor while in Fallout 4, power armor would literally turn you into a walking tank. To be honest, right now, I didn't know which one was better.

Still, if the Brotherhood dared to extort a caravan, it'd be consistent with their doctrines of keeping people away from technologies. Hmm, it'd be a pain in the arse if I had a laser rifle or something similar to that. I'd not dare to carry that kind of weapon if the Brotherhood would take it away forcefully from me.

"Look up, gas station up ahead," Bob said.

A bunch of NCR troopers guarded the gas station, and some of their troopers formed a roadblock with a machine gun placement behind a concrete wall placed in the middle of the road. Something that never appeared in the game previously.

And no, first of all, pissing off the NCR would be a very bad idea, and second, that machine gun was a Browning M2 .50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun aimed at us with every intention of killing us, even the Brotherhood with their power armor might think twice before attacking this checkpoint.

The NCR applied some tactics, too. On top of the gas station, two people in red beret were waiting while aiming their rifles at the road, probably watching for possible hostiles. The NCR didn't use sharpshooters to that degree in the game, as far as I remembered. Both the NCR and the Legion used a human-wave tactic against the Legion.

"Aw, man, toll again?"

"Well, do you want rangers to hunt us down for killing them and not paying the toll?" Bob asked Jansen.

"Not really, boss," Jansen shrugged and we walked to that particular military checkpoint.

"HOLD UP THERE!" One of the NCR soldiers shouted and approached us. He was holding his Service Rifle firmly in his hands. He then approached us. "100 caps for a caravan, as usual, sir." He said but didn't give any friendly tone at us whatsoever.

"Damn, the NCR couldn't stop extorting poor caravans, could they?" Bob commented as he gave 100 caps to the soldier.

"This is for security, sir," he said as he let the Brahmin go through the checkpoint.

We got past that gas station. Bob didn't like paying the toll, and neither did Jansen and Jensen. Still, it was better than being ambushed by the legionaries, after all. So, after all was said and done, we continued our long walk to Boulder City.

"Anyway, it looks like we are near the end of our journey, boy," Bob commented as the city was in my point of view. Sooner or later, we'd arrive, I'd get my remaining 750 caps, and all of us would be on our way. Nothing too fancy, but I'd miss them.

"Yeah, it was a fortunate experience working with you, Bob," I said.

Before the entrance of Boulder City, Bob gave me a plastic bag filled with 750 caps. I took the bag and put it into my Pip-Boy. I gave him farewell to him before I booked a meal and a room at a nearby saloon. All in all, it was a good day.