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Quirk: Hand Of God (The Ope-Ope no mi from One Piece, Trafalgar Law's Devil Fruit)

This Quirk has a lot of different abilities but if you're here I assume you have some idea of what it is or you're just ready to be pleasantly surprised.

If you've read my first story, Elementalist in a Dungeon(Danmachi Fanfiction), which is on this site then you should already know I like longer plots instead of rushing through things and I love foreshadowing things dozens-or 200 chapters in the case of Elementalist- in advance so be ready for that instead of demanding all the answers at once.

No idea if there will be any romance at all but if you have a request feel free to comment on this chapter somewhere.

We will be following canon, until we aren't, and since MHA is in the final fight of the series at the time of me beginning this project don't expect me to follow canon exactly. There will be changes to the structure and original missions/plots.

I like to keep OCs to an absolute minimum because that's not really why we read fanfiction in my opinion and I'll do my best to keep everyone in character with the main series.

Not sure if I'll keep Deku with the multiple quirks or not, depends on how the series ends and if I think that's necessary for this story.

Most of my readers are from the west so I'm using USD for everything, I'm not doing math every time I need to price something from Japan.

Alright, that's enough talking, I hope you enjoy the story :)