CHAPTER 074(The Hosu Attack)
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---6 PM, Endeavor Hero Agency...

Stepping out of his room Horizon sees Burnin in full costume leaning against the opposite wall, giving him a vicious smile.

"Ready to get started rookie?"

"What are we even doing?" Horizon asks, falling into step beside her as they walk through the hallway to the elevator.

"Well, yesterday we got a request from the heroes at Hosu. Since Inginium died their organization sort of fell apart. His agency had 65 Sidekicks and he lead them all, they're still trying to figure out how to work without him leading."

"So they're like ants running about?" Horizon asks as they enter the elevator, noticing Burnin hitting the garage button.

"Pretty much, so they called us to send some people to help out on patrols, the rest of my team had the day shift."

"So we're the night shift...what about Endeavor?"

"He still hasn't left his office, he's been catching up on paperwork all day...very bad mood."

"Tch, so just us?"

"Yup, but you're supposed to be the strongest anyway, right?" Burnin shrugs. "Why? Are you worried? Isn't your catchphrase 'I'm enough'," she tries to copy his deeper mechanical voice and fails horribly.

"I don't have a catchphrase, but I am."

A moment later they arrive at the basement garage, and Burnin takes out a simple car key and leads him over to a basic and inconspicuous red car.

"I guess we're expecting a fight huh," Horizon says while getting into the front seat, having to adjust it for his size, and placing his sword in the back seat.

"Best to be prepared!" Burnin turns on the radio and begins singing loudly, not caring that she'll annoy him the entire drive.

Agency cars aren't uncommon at such top-tier Hero Agencies. Cheap and replaceable cars that look inconspicuous in most situations. Bought for transport and insured with the agency, completely expected to be destroyed if a Hero has to drive it to a combat zone.


1km outside of Hosu the car shakes violently as an explosion goes off in the distance. Horizon and Burnin see a massive fire tearing through the city and she immediately pulls over.

"What's going on?"



5km of information floods his mind.

"Nomu attack, two dozen of them, let's go."


They both disappear and arrive at the heart of the action, a seven-story building was completely on fire, heroes already rising over as a swarm of grey Nomu are destroying everything.

'Grey Nomu, they can't regenerate according to the intel we have,' Horizon thinks as he rushes forward.

Charging a Nomu with four arms, 3 meters tall and lanky, brain exposed as per usual.

Two other heroes attack before he can close the distance, dressed as ninjas they throw a dozen shurikens each, all of which bounce off the monster.



Horizon slashing the Nomu in two, directly down the middle. Another slash cuts the brain in half. Looking back he sees Burnin rip a chunk of her hair out and hit a grey Nomu with it, completely exploding the top half of its body.

'Above,' Horizon senses a Nomu flying through the air and slashes at it.


The winged grey Nomu gets slashed in two, hopelessly flailing as it falls to the road below. Burnin immediately pounces to finish it.

"Make me some rubble!" Horizon yells out. Shrinking his ROOM enough to encompass all the Nomus, allowing him to give them his full focus.

"I've got it," one of the nearby Pro Heroes yells out, a hulking figure with enlarged fists. He punches the ground and shatters the road, scattering rocks all across the street.

"Get away!" Horizon yells, and the nearby Pros understand exactly what he's about to do and get to his sides or behind him.


A piece of rubble gets swapped for a nearby Nomu.


He slashes it from range, leaving it flailing around on the floor as he repeats the process over and over.

One of the Nomu has some sort of speed Quirk and tries to rush him, but instead of warping away he simply raises a hand.


Every bone in the Nomus hand and arm shatter against the blue energy barrier, Horizon drops the barrier and slashes directly, cutting the monster in half.

Horizon immediately returns to the original plan.

Many of the Pros stand around ready to act in case his plan fails for some reason, while a few others try to get the fire under control.

And nearly twenty Nomu later, a black Nomu shows up.

'Shit,' Horizon immediately realizes what's about to happen. Burnin grabs a massive chunk of her hair and hurls it toward the pile of Nomus and the black Nomu all in one go.

All the other nearby heroes with ranged abilities do the exact same, stacking on the damage.


Sixteen slashes later there are massive slices in the road, and a pile of smoldering corpses burning in front of them.

Horizon could still feel the heat from the intense green flames Burnin made, the road melting away around and below the Nomu corpses.

"Let's get back to it..."

While Horizon and the Pro Heroes were finishing up the Nomu and putting out the fire, on a bullet train passing by Hosu another situation was happening.

Deku was wearing his new Hero Costume, pinned down to the floor by his internship mentor Gran Torino. An elderly white-haired man who was only 1 meter tall. Currently stepping on Deku's back with his yellow boots and leaning forward the push his face into the floor of the train.

Only a few feet away was the door of the moving train, and Deku was just about to reach for it when he got pinned down.

"What the hell are you doing brat?" Gran Torino asks.

"Going to Hosu," Deku says. "People there need my help."

"What about the people here?"

"What? The train is fine, my friend is in Hosu, I...I have a bad feeling, like I need to save him, please, let me go."

"Think about the situation more clearly," Gran Torino says. "You're on a moving bullet train, you open those doors or rupture the side of it and this thing stops, then whatever crisis is happening here has these passengers trapped in it too, is that what you want?"

"But...I..." Deku's voice shrinks and he just rests his head on the floor, mind and heart completely conflicted. "But he needs saving, I can feel it...I should have done more when I saw him."

"Perhaps, but your duty is the protect as many people as possible, that includes keeping these people away from that mess," Gran Torino sighs, seeing Deku making an angry face as some tears begin flowing.

Sitting on the floor beside Deku he gives him a pat on the head. "You're just like Toshinori, you know that?"

"What?" Deku looks at him in surprise.

"Yeah, no matter the situation he'd be unable to sit by when he knew someone needed saving, but that also caused him to make a lot of choices that he'd later regret. If that's the mindset you have, it will hurt even more if you ever fail, so you have all the more reason to master your Quirk and grow strong. That way you won't have to make the hard choices like these, you'll be able to save a lot more people than even him..."

Sitting up Deku wipes his tears, looking down the train cart at all the people staring out the window at the burning city, all the people he protected by simply allowing them to continue to the next stop.

Only fifteen minutes after the attack began, it was already dealt with.

Horizon and Burnin were currently standing to the side looking at the massive pile of incinerated meat, the road melted to such an extent that it was still bubbling and swelling the flesh.

While they were taking a breather the other Pros were helping the fire trucks put out the blaze as best they can, unfortunately, Manual, a hero with water manipulation isn't present at the moment to assist.

Standing beside Horizon, Burnin currently was missing almost all of her fiery hair, leaving her nearly bald. Her scalp was completely covered in small green flames.

"How come you didn't sense the Warp Gate?"

"Because I wasn't expecting one," Horizon shrugs.

"Any now?"

"No, I didn't sense any villains around in my range so I wouldn't know."

"I get it, its kinda like they sucker punched you, that makes sense. So what was your plan if I wasn't here?" Burnin asks.

"For what, the black Nomu?"


"Well even compared to these the USJ Nomu was a lot stronger,the first one we dealt with, and the second one just had basic Power, and didn't have anywhere near as fast healing. I could have handled it solo."

"Maybe I should have let you," Burnin rubs her head.

Horizon chuckles, "how long does it take to grow back when you overuse it like this?"

"About twenty minutes when it's this extreme. If Endeavor were here he could have waved his hand and incinerated those healing bastards."

"Hmmm, I'm still trying to form something that can deal with them, I don't think I'll always have a top fire Pro in my pocket."

"Why not just make flames of your own?" Burnin asks.

"It's not that simple, I won't explain but let's just say I can't," Horizon says.

"But you can make lightning, that takes a lot more energy."

"I don't make lightning, I amplify my bioelectricity and bring it outward, completely different. And since I don't have a fire inside me I'd have to do a lot more work than it's worth."

"Ahh, I what you're saying is," she looks up at him with her Cheshire smile, "I can do something mister miracle can't," she devolves into a mad cackle as they wait for the police to arrive in force and deal with this.

Horizon rolls her eyes, used to her antics and aggressive personality by now.

'Creating fire huh... focusing on such a small particle would exhaust me. And using TAKT to cause that much friction in anything would also entirely drain me, fire is just too damn erratic. Not to mention how much energy that would take...same reason I can't just warp around using dust in the air...

I'm sure I'll think of something to deal with the black Nomu, and I'll be ready if I ever see the USJ Nomu again...'