CHAPTER 080(Exam Preparations)
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Sitting in Nezu's office Law was enjoying a meal bar, waiting for the principal to enter.

And a few moments later he walks through the door holding a stack of papers under his arm.

"So, how was your internship?" Nezu asks as he walks over to his desk to get to work.

"Eventful and successful. Endeavor agreed to give me a contract once I get my Provisional License."

"Oh, that's incredible, but expected for you I'm sure."

"Naturally. What's with the papers?"

"Let's I need to sign and send it to the concerned parents. People are worried about the safety of their children. And I need to send in another official report to the Hero Commission.

And what do you think of the Hero Killer Stain?" Nezu asks.

"Is that why you asked me to come here in person, scared I'll switch sides?"

"No I asked you to come to see me so we could discuss another matter entirely, but I figured we could get to this first."

"Alright," Horizon finishes his meal bar. "Stain is a dumbass, and like it or not heroes are a necessity. A lot of them are useless and shouldn't have licenses but I'm not gonna go kill them because of it...that'd null my contract."

"And it's wrong to do that."


"Well that's good to hear, still somewhat concerning but good," Nezu says without looking up, still signing papers. "Those posts you made after the bank incident and the Hosu City attack were a great help in preventing UA from being bashed. Thank you for that."

"Miracles are what I do remember, what about the Provisional License Exam?"

"I already signed you up, and I assume you'll be training even more for it. Some people may try to target you to test themselves. You've got seven weeks before it's time for that."

"Only a moron would attack me intentionally. That's like handing me free points, or whatever they rate based on. But yeah I'll amp up the training even more."

"Don't forget your Mid Term exams also start this week."

"Ugh, that's so annoying."

"I don't see why you're groaning, you don't even have to study for it..."

"Doesn't mean I like them. Usually I either train my Quirk or sleep during classes, now I'll have to stay awake and write some stupid exams."

"I'm sure it won't be that bad."

"We'll see, so what'd you want to talk about anyway. I'd like to get to my training ground and get to work."

"Two things, the first being your counseling session," Nezu says. "Did perhaps anything interesting happen during it?"

Horizon pretends to think about it for a second before shaking his head, "no not that I can recall, why?"

"Really? So you didn't lash out at anyone today..."

"Ohhhhh, do you mean some nosey bitch that decided to run her mouth about my family? Yeah, I reminded her where she belonged...nothing to take note of."

Nezu sighs. "She gave me a long list of mental issues you may possibly have and recommended mandatory professional therapy sessions."

"Ugh, of course she would," Horizon grumbles. "I'm not going."

"I know that. I understand how pointless it is to have you change through words."

"Good. So what's the next thing you need to talk to me about?"

"Your family..."

"Seriously, did we not just go over this?"

"Not your parents, your uncle."

Horizon immediately sits up and looks at Nezu, who hops down from behind his desk and takes a seat on the couch opposite Horizon.

"So, I assume you knew about him?"

"My parents kept no secrets from me," Horizon says. "But what does he have to do with anything?"

"The Italian Hero Department is running a big operation to capture him and the other members of his organization, they called me in to help with logistics, and maybe find some patterns."

"And you want me to tell you something about him..." Horizon sighs. "I've never met uncle Doflamingo, he's not even really my uncle. Not since he sent mom to kill dad."

"That's how they met?"

"Yeah, a few years before they had me. Grandpa died...well my uncle killed him. My dad was the resident doctor and successor, so naturally, he sent mom to kill him. Assassin and mafia doctor fall in love, she gets caught up in some shit, then one of her clients offers to get her out of it if she accepts a lifetime contract to work for him.

Then she marries my dad to get him over here and they make me. He's never been back to Italy since, and I've only visited the fun places. I've never even met any family beyond my parents. They stopped being family the moment they tried to kill my dad."

"And who was this client she worked for?"

"That's really none of your business," Horizon says, still intent on protecting his client's information. "But he's basically why she couldn't just quit after having me, every few months he'd send a contract, and she'd also take a few on the side to keep other contacts and powerful people happy. It's not a business you can just choose to retire in. She retires and a lot of people get sent after her, and by extension, us..."

"I see, well fortunately your on the heroic path now..."

---6 Weeks Later...

"Listen up," Eraser addresses everyone at homeroom first thing in the morning. "You've got one week until your final exams. I'm sure you're all constantly studying and reading ahead, because these will be a lot harder than the mid-term exams. It'll test you on everything you learned in class and in training, be ready for it.

These are your mid-term results, I expect to see improvements from all of you." Eraser taps the board and a list of nineteen names shows up before he leaves the room.

The entire class is fixated on the board, immediately finding themselves on the ranking and realizing how much that had to improve, all but one person.

Mid-Term Rankings:






and the list goes on and on until Kaminari at the bottom in 19th place.

"Dude how the hell are you at the top?" Sero is the first to ask Horizon, but everyone else was thinking the exact same thing. Most people blatantly stared in confusion while others were just annoyed that he once again get a perfect score.

"Because that's where I belong, obviously," Horizon says.

Sero just rolls his eyes as Jiro does the same. Behind Horizon Momo sighed, hoping to at least be competitive with him in this, her main attribute all her life, but now resigned to the fact that she'd likely never catch up to him...but walking behind him wasn't that bad at all.

"Seriously man, you sleep in class all day and then get a perfect score, what's the secret?" Sero asks. "Is it the visor, does it give you cheat sheets for the exams?"

"The visor can't do that. Do you honestly think I need to study for this stuff? It's I feel like sometimes you people forget that I'm literally a genius doctor even without my would high school exams be any issue?"

"Oh yeah...I guess it's not really fair huh," Sero says as the room devolves into constant chatter.

Horizon just leans back in his chair and focuses on warping around the leaves outside, constantly training his Quirk.

'The first rule of having a perfect memory? Don't tell anyone you have a perfect memory... because then you can't conveniently forget all the pointless crap people always pretend to care about.'

After a few minutes of chatter, a few students get Momo to agree to help them study, and of course, being the ray of sunshine she is, she invites Horizon along.

"I don't think I'll be of any help to the group, geniuses make the worst teachers," he says. "Plus I don't do sleepovers."

"Oh, I see," Momo looked down at the floor between them as beside her Jiro tried to quietly signal to Horizon that he should accept.

All he does is roll his eyes beneath the visor and say "good luck on the study session I guess, see you Monday," before warping away to his training area in UA.

"Honestly I thought they'd be over this stupid crush by now..." he mutters while getting ready for his final week of intense training.

Preparing for his next step, taking the stage with his Provisional License...


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