CHAPTER 082(Provisional License Exam)
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Horizon warps outside of the waiting room and into the stands of the arena. Appearing with a red sash slung across his shoulder.

Looking around he sees rows upon rows of blue chairs in the stands. The 1km wide stadium in which these exams were held is the most absurd infrastructure built to train heroes aside from UA itself.

As he walks toward Eraser Head sitting in the stands, checking his phone, he looks to his left, seeing a fully constructed small city. Completely operational and furnished.

He also sees a few other zones, such as a mountain area, a forest, a lake, and a suburban area.

An even larger version of the USJ, a government-funded facility of course.

"How did you do?" Eraser asks, putting his phone away as Horizon sits one seat away, leaning his sword and hoverboard on the seat between them.

"Well they won't reveal the overall results until it's over, but the written exams were easy. Nothing the textbooks didn't have."

"What's the next step?"

"No idea, they just gave me a sash and said to get my Support Items and head to the arena, everyone else is changing clothes."

"I see, well, a little advice. I'm sure with your warping you'll be fine, but part of the exam is always disaster rescue, try to be gentle. We haven't done a lot of proper rescue training with you guys yet so just copy what the others are doing."

Horizon chuckles, "sometimes I feel like you people forget I'm literally a doctor, I know how to deal with injured morons. Plus, I'm always gentle."

Eraser sighs, "that's exactly what I'm afraid of..."

After a few minutes, Eraser and Horizon see people pouring into the arena, all in their full Hero Costumes. Almost everyone here was a year 2 or 3 Hero Course student. But Horizon was by far the most powerful in this venue, only two people here would give him a challenge today.

"Good morning everyone," a tired voice speaks through the speakers in the venue. "Congratulations on passing the written exam. 6000 Students applied to this venue, but only 4000 of you managed to get past the first stage.

Next is the combat portion. Each of you was given a red sash to wear when you exited the written exam room, assuming you passed. There are 4000 of those in total, when you collect and wear 4 at once, they will become green and you will advance onto the next stage.

That means only 1000 of you will move on from here. Only the red sashes are usable. Once they turn green collecting them won't get you anything, so just get off the battlefield once you're green."

The man yawns into the mic and Horizon gets up, taking his sword but deciding to leave his hoverboard with Eraser.

"You've got ten minutes to get ready, then the timer begins..."

Leaving one of his cards on the seat Horizon warps onto the battlefield, now standing in the mountain zone. Loose rocks all about, seeing people scrambling to find a desirable spot.

'Good call,' he thinks after seeing a few people that were heading for this zone immediately turn around when he arrived. 'Avoiding me is definitely the best choice at this stage.

All I need is to collect four other sashes. But if all I do is warp them onto me then I won't really learn anything.

I should at least try to get something out of this...'

"30 Seconds left to prepare," the announcer says.

Looking around Horizon still doesn't see anyone nearby.


He's forced to extend his room for nearly 100meters before he finds a small team in one of the office buildings laying in wait, a team of five people, one more than he needed.

"Ok, start."


Five rocks roughly twenty meters away from him are swapped out for the students.

Four boys who all had a similar outfits, but in different colors. Blue, red, white, black, and gold.

"Oh great, I'm fighting the fucking power rangers..." Horizon grumbles as they all look around confused, eventually spotting him.

They all share an awkward glance with each other, then black punches forward with both hands.

Horizon just tilts his head as both are shot off from the shoulder and rocket toward him, or at least that's what he expected. But instead, they just moved at a casual jogging pace.


Horizon swaps both arms for some loose rocks at his feet and steps on them, pinning them in place.

Without taking his eyes off the opponents he shakes his head, "what Quirk is that, detachable arms?"

"Yeah, now give em back!" The black outfit student yells.

"Oh my god, are you guys first years?"

"Third years," Red says. "Come on man after this we've only got one more chance to get a license, can't you just let us go?"

"Well..." Horizon holds out his hand, palm facing the floor.


One of the detached arms is traded for Black's sash, which Horizon immediately uses Takt on to raise to his hand, slinging it across his shoulder.

"Me or someone else, with a garbage Quirk like that you're just a walking bag of free points..."

"You jerk!" Blue screams out, leveling both hands at Horizon, flat with his fingers facing forward.

Ten fingernails are fired like bullets at Horizon, he instantly warps his sword out of the scabbard and into his hand, deflecting them to either side of him.

He prepares to deflect another set of attacks, only to notice that Blue's fingers are bleeding as the nails slowly grow back.

"Oh that's disgusting, are all your Quirks garbage?"

"Gazer!" Red screams out as he rushes forward, his footsteps suddenly heavier, but not showing any signs of actual super strength.

'Mass control?' Horizon questions.

Gazer -Gold- immediately fires off two thin golden energy beams from his eyes.

'Ok that's cool!' Horizon thinks as he raises a hand.


The lasers slam into the blue dome he's suddenly standing inside. Red reaches him in no time and is about to punch the dome aiming at his head, the mass in his fist increased a dozen times via his Quirk.

Gold stops the lasers as Red is about to connect, avoiding friendly fire.


Horizon drops the curtain and swaps with Gold. Red punched Gold in the back of his head, completely knocking him out and crumpling him to the floor.


Red turns around with fury in his eyes, just in time to see Horizon already standing beside Black -who was still missing one arm- and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Counter Shock!"

"AARRRGGGHHH!!!!" Black gets tased and falls to the floor.

As Red is rushing back to help his friend Blue leaps forward with his still-growing nails to engage in close combat and gets tased as well, leaving White standing a few feet away in a fighting stance, waiting for Red to show up, their only Power Type.

Horizon turns toward White and stares at him, raising his sword and aiming toward Red off to the side without taking his eyes off White.

"Injection Shot," Red feels a bullet rip through his thigh causing him to trip and slam his face into the stone ground. "Injection Shot," his other leg feels the exact same thing, immobilizing him ten feet away, leaving him groaning in pain.

White sees this and takes a few careful steps away from Horizon, hands raised to fight but trembling the entire time.

"Shambles," the red sashes from the three newly downed people appear on the floor by Horizon. With a thought, he raises them up and puts them on, all while White is watching in horror, and they immediately turn green. "So, what can you do?"

"Uh...I, ah, I can throw my voice," White says in a shaky voice.

Horizon sighs, puts his sword away, and shakes his head. "So that's why you didn't help them, because you're pretty much useless..."

"Well, I---"

"Give me your sash," Horizon holds out a hand for it.

"What? But you already have five, you passed."

"Yeah, but you don't deserve to, so hand it over, now..."

Moments later "Horizon is the first to advance," is announced over the speakers as he enters the next area. Taking off the sashes and placing them on the designated table for the staff to deal with.

Sitting in the waiting area he takes out his phone to play a game and pass the time, seeing a message from Sero about him and Ojiro getting past Power Loader for their exam, but ignoring it.

'Honestly, this exam is easy and these people are disappointing...'

Whilst Horizon was enjoying the half hour before the final students pass the current round, a completely different situation was unfolding at the opposite end of the arena.

Within the control room the proctor, Yokumiru Mera, a man with messy beige hair and heavy eyebags was yawning as he looked at Horizon's records.

'A perfect score...I can't fail him from the written section, and he got past the combat stage easily enough. Warping makes him a guaranteed pass for the next stage, the only way to get past him would be to defeat him, or make him hurt an ally or civilian...'

He looks up at the other Hero Commission employees in the control room who were regulating this exam. They were completely oblivious to the ulterior motive he had to achieve today, and how much sleep he's been losing over it.

'The boss gave me orders, so failing really isn't an option since I know so much...I guess I'll have to depend on those two to be a wall for Horizon...' he gets up from his seat and enters the hallway.

Walking a few doors down he enters a room with two people sitting patiently enjoying some refreshments.

The two people were brought on for the express purpose of delaying or stopping Horizon's hero career, under false pretenses of course.

The first was the #9 Pro Hero, Gang Orca. Standing at 202cm -6ft8- and wearing a formal white suit and pink tie. His Mutation Quirk gives him the appearance of an Orca, a menacing presence hiding a soft and kind heart.

He was brought here under the somewhat false pretense that Horizon requires more of a challenge and the Hero Commission wants to see exactly how capable he is. They told him that they expect great things from Horizon and want to see how he'd do against a current top Pro.

Across from Gang Orca, however, was the current #7 Pro Hero, Mirko. Standing at 159cm -5ft2- brown skin, with white rabbit ears and large feet thanks to her Rabbit Quirk. This muscled lady only needed to hear one thing to agree to this plan.

All she wanted was a chance to fight Horizon, a Mystery Class Quirk user.

"Looks like I'm depending on you two to put him to the test," Mera says in a tired voice.

"I'll have him on the ropes in no time!" Mirko says with a vicious smile.

Across from her Orca shakes his head, "I still feel like this is a bit much, has the commission really thought this through? It could be discouraging for him?"

"I assure you we've already considered all possibilities..." Mera says before leaving the room, telling them to get ready.

'If this doesn't work the boss will have to take drastic measures...if this gets investigated I'll get locked in prison forever...if I'm lucky, treason, abuse of power, fraud... I just hope this ends here...'