CHAPTER 256(Global Test Pt.II)
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---Friday, 27th January 2315, Undisclosed Location...

In a room of smooth and cold metal, eerily silent even as a dozen holograms play.

Each of them display one of the massive drones currently attacking cities across the planet, there sits one man.


A decrepit older gentleman who appears to be one step from death, atleast judging by his body.

He was frail, so much so that his bones were almost ripping through his own skin, sitting in only a pair of long pants on a large metal throne he has dozens of thick cables jacked directly into his body.

And one particular cable plugged into the back of his skull.

His eyes are glazed over, but occasionally, they flicker blue as he shifts the focus of his Quirk.

His pale skin nearly matching the few strands of grey hair on his head, and the sneer that forms on his lips is the only true sign of life he's shown in the past few days.

"Too...many...heroes..." his throat struggles to speak after all this time in silence.

His eyes shine with blue light as he focuses on one of his screens, seeing one of his massive spider-like robots attacking The Pentagon.

Closing his eyes he directly taps into the cameras around the battle, getting an up close view via his technopathy.

Even 7000km -3449mi- away, the connection was instant, his dominance over technology was absolute...almost absolute.

---The Pentagon...

Only minutes after his massive spider-like robot began lumbering toward the pentagon, Star and Stripe had already taken off from New York to fly over.

Compared to her it was gargantuan, 75m -246ft- tall and 50m -150ft- wide, its 8 legs keeping it stables and guns and rockets are fired at anything that moves.

But the pro heroes and military responded immediately, launching their counterattack.

In the precious minutes it took for Star and Stripe to fly into the battle, many lives were lost and hundreds of millions of dollars in destruction had been done.

Looking down from above she narrowed her eyes, thinking of how to best approach this situation.

The most overlooked downside of her Quirk: New Order, by the very few people who know about it that is, is that it can theoretically do anything.

Which means making the wrong decision is extremely easy.

This forces her to considers the outcome of all actions before taking them.

She could create a giant version of herself from the atmosphere and crush the robot, but that could set off any explosives in it.

If she tries to move it the same thing could happen, showering the city in dangerous projectiles.

Breaking it apart could also cause problems, because to her knowledge this thing could be nuclear powered, and that's not a risk she can take.

So in the second it takes her to assess the situation, she's already flown down and landed roughly on the robot.


The sonic boom she entered the battlefield with has all heads turning, and immediately smiling as the red, white, and blue blur enters their sights.

The massive robot buckles from the impact, even with its 8 legs distributing the pressure, the ground below it cracks.

The camera of every news drone and helicopter focuses on her atop the robot, seeing her get down on one knee to rest her palm against its reinforced metal armor.

Deciding on the most logical course of action, star focuses her mind.

She deactivates her second rule, removing her ability of flight.

Then speaks softly, "NEW ORDER: This robot, down to its smallest parts, will be frozen in place."

Mid step the robot immediately stops moving, suddenly, as ifΒ no longer even attempting to move.

Star stands up and raises a hand to her communicator "get someone to take a look at this thing, I need to know if I should make it fall apart or not."

"From the looks of it blowing them up is safe, that's what Blitz did," the rough voice on the other side answers.

"Blitz? The lightning guy in Germany?" She asks.

"Well that's what his name means in German, so yeah."

"This isn't just some crazy deciding to build a death machine?"

"Sadly no, looks like a lot of other countries are dealing with the same thing, keep this one frozen for as long as you can, maybe we can pull some answers from it."

"Copy, but I can't do this all day, be quick admiral."

"Sure thing Cathy', and keep an eye out for any other enemies while you're out there..."

Tech's eyes flicker as his focus returns to his body, a frown on his lips.

Looking at the screens with a bored expression he sees his robots falling one after the other.

"Too many heroes, too many different Quirks to account for," he says. "This little test proves it, I can't build an army to contend with them. No army organic or metal can contend with them. I doubt I can build anything that could put down that one," he looks at Star and Stripe.

"And she's not even the only one like her anymore," he looks at the holographic screen showing Japan's fight against his robot.

The docks of Yokohama Japan, just south of Tokyo, were a complete mess. The robot was freely wrecking everything it could, and killing anyone it could find.

But as the battle went on and on, Horizon didn't show up.

For minutes Tech watched the feed, until he eventually grew tired of it and simply searched for Horizon himself.

Activating his Quirk and focusing in on the thought of Horizon, he scans every camera feed in Japan, listens in on every microphone.

Anyone who even says 'Horizon' in range of a microphone or any posters and murals of him across the nation on camera are filtered until he can find him.

But once again, Horizon eludes him.

He growls in annoyance, "Nezu," he mutters.

Ever since Wolfram's blunder Nezu he's been able to just barely keep even his technopath empowered technology out of his private network.

But while that means Horizon would sometimes be in a blind spot, only a few such blind spots exist in the world.

"He's nearby in Horizon Tower but isn't rushing over to help, he must be busy with something else," Tech realizes as he cuts off all the camera feeds.

"But the results are clear even without his involvement. Building an army capable of defeating all the heroes and forcing humanity to submit is impossible, so I'll use the olden ways."

As Tech says that his eyes glow bright blue, and they don't stop.

As if his body was frozen in place with his glowing eyes wide open, all the screen in front of his switch to different sets of numbers and letters constantly being changed and scrambled millions of times each second.

Containing many different languages, with many different alphabets.

Because in the age of Quirks and heroes, humanity has certainly not forgotten what made the first superpowers of the world some 4 centuries ago.

And ever since then, countries have only improved the efficiency of their nuclear arsenals.

'With this, even those mystery class freaks won't be as powerful as me, because unlike them, I can be everywhere at once' Tech thinks as the information bombards his mind. 'I'll finally be at the top, as I was born to be. A god, because what else could a technopath be in this modern world? With this, I'll be stronger than anyone, and everyone.'

As he begins the process of deciphering the launch codes for the worlds' arsenal of nuclear weapons, Tech resigns himself for this long and taxing process.Β 

'I've waited this long to have the world in my hands, what's a few more months,' he think while shutting off his focus from the rest of the world, focusing only on the task at hand.

---Horizon Tower...

In the absolute darkness of Horizon's bedroom, two people are sleeping peacefully.

Ryuko has her arm and a leg draped across Horizon's naked body, softly purring in her sleep.


Both their eyes shoot open, trained to always respond to the sound of the Hero Network Emergency Alert.

They both immediately sat up, then Ryuko took a moment to remember that she's not a hero anymore and lays back down, diving back under the blanket.

"Mmm," she groans as Horizon checks his phone.

A moment later she hears Horizon speaking, "Juzo, Yokohama, giant robot, take the team."

Then she feels him lay beside her once more. "You aren't going to deal with it yourself?"

"I had a long and annoying night tracking some Nomu, they can handle this without me."

Ryuko giggles softly, "you can just admit you want to spend more time with me, I won't judge...much."

Horizon groans, "believe what you want woman," he says while pulling her close and wrapping his arms around her once more...


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