Chapter 507 – Scarlet Flame Serpent
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Gu Long sensed that the Scarlet Flame Serpent was slumbering, so this was the best opportunity to ambush the magical creature when it was still asleep.

With his present strength as peak Spirit Rank 99, who was not that far from grasping Divinity and Laws, he had a very high chance at succeeding.

But if there was one grave mistake that he made, it was that he slightly underestimated the power of the Scarlet Flame Serpent.

From the very start, he entered the volcanic area and approached the place where it was slumbering; the beast woke up and sensed Gu Long.

This was because the main Law of the Scarlet Flame Serpent, which the Scarlet Flame Serpent was comprehending, was the Law of Fire, and this place was paradise for anyone comprehending the Law of Fire.

Scarlet Flame Serpent fused part of its true will with the entire area where volcanoes were active, which amplified its power even further. Naturally, Gu Long Lucifer was blissfully unaware of such as he continued deeper into the area...

Suddenly, as he was preparing to enter the volcano, it erupted with lava and ashes as Gu Long sensed the Scarlet Flame Serpent, which roared into the air.

"This was a slight miscalculation on my part."

Gu Long could clearly sense the power of the Scarlet Flame Serpent, which had long ago crossed the Law Baptism and its comprehension of the Law of Fire should be around 90%, which was extremely terrifying and even he turned to be serious.

"At least the fight is going to be interesting."

He gripped his Dragon Slayer Halberd tightly as he erupted with power and enormous Dragon Aura coated his weapon as he looked at the Scarlet Flame Serpent, which exited the raging volcano.

The Scarlet Flame Serpent was enormous; its length was around 5 kilometers, and it was truly a hegemon of the beast.

The serpent instantly noticed Gu Long and sensed his draconic aura and reacted very violently because the draconic aura that Gu Long was releasing was suppressing its own.

Erupting with a golden dragon aura, he jumped directly at the Scarlet Flame Serpent and slashed at its head with his Dragon Slayer Halberd.

In a split of second, even despite his huge size, it agilely turned around and with its tail, it hit Gu Long at full force.

With one move, the Scarlet Flame Serpent sent Gu Long flying and crashing into the ground, which created small aftershocks and a giant crater on the ground.

Gu Long quickly stood up and grinned when he looked at the powerful Scarlet Flame Serpent, which started releasing a tremendous amount of flames that were burning everything in their path.

He unleashed Devour Clan Trait in full might, as the flames of the Scarlet Flame Serpent disappeared as quickly as they appeared, making the Scarlet Flame Serpent enraged when it realized that its flames were being devoured by Gu Long and turned into nothingness.

He inherited the whole Holy Flame and Devour Clan Traits from his father and at the same time, he inherited almost all of the racial abilities from his mother. Aside from that, the Godhood of his father manifested in Gu Long through an inborn ability he called "Extinction".

Using Holy Flame was technically useless in front of the Scarlet Flame Serpent, which was comprehending the Law of Fire, so he was using only Devour and his draconic abilities.

Normally he would really feel the flames of this level, but because they were imbued with the Law of Fire, he needed to be careful.

'I should go all-out... using the Extinction is the only opportunity to end this thing quickly.'

Gu Long decided to go all out and attack the Scarlet Flame Serpent with full power, which meant using Extinction.

Suddenly, a crimson energy erupted around his Dragon Slayer Halberd, very similar to the Power of Destruction and Law of Destruction, but at the same time, it gave off a vastly different feeling.

It was more profound and more dangerous as he slashed at the head of the Scarlet Flame Serpent, causing the creature to shriek in pain as he severely injured the magical beast and cut deep into its flesh, destroying its right eye.

With lightning speed, the remnants of the Extinction started spreading from the wounded eye socket and were destroying the Scarlet Flame Serpent from the inside.

Extinction was an inborn ability based on the Aspect of Ruination, the Law of Destruction and The End.

In truth, even his father was completely baffled how Gu Long could inherit such a terrifying ability.

The Scarlet Flame Serpent hacked around and tried to fight against the remnants of the Extinction that was spreading in its head.

Still, it was useless because the second Gu Long had the opportunity, he released as much power as possible and pierced through the skull of the Scarlet Flame Serpent with a swift movement.

With the Extinction boosting up his offensive potency, the Scarlet Flame Serpent was killed in a split of a second and fell down as the ground shook upon the impact. When the Scarlet Flame Serpent died, Gu Long started cutting out the Nuclei, which the creature condensed.

"It is bigger than I thought..."

He stated as he then cast a spell that captured the departing soul of the Scarlet Flame Serpent and tied it to the Nucleus that he obtained. With this, the comprehension of the Law that the Scarlet Flame Serpent achieved would be tied to the Nucleus, which drastically increased its usefulness.

"I should also take the entire corpse together with me... it would be a great source of food for a few weeks."

Now that he had killed the Scarlet Flame Serpent and obtained its Nucleus, Gu Long had a hunch that he could reach Tier 9 sooner than he thought. He was very close to condensation of Godhood and his comprehension of the Law of Devour was also nearing completion.

He only needed a small push toward the final step and his instincts told him that this little crystal would be that step.


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