Chapter 509 – Information Obtained and…
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From her memories, he learned that the Breaking Dawn Magus whom he killed was named Blazing Flame Monarch and was one of the few Breaking Dawn Magi of the surface world.

'They are this weak and yet they have lofty titles like Monarchs? What a piece of garbage...'

In the Kadath Universe, only those who crossed to eternity dared to give themselves the title of Monarch, and in many cases, not even them. Only a few of the most powerful Beings of Law dared to call themselves Monarchs because of the implications behind the title.

Still, the place where Gu Long was right now was called Düz City, or rather right now, only the remains of it stood there, as the rest of the formerly glorious and one of the biggest cities on the surface world was just rubble.

Basically, due to the seclusion of the Subterranean World and Rank 7 and Rank 8 Magi, since the Final War against another world called the World of Gods, the surface world of the Magus World declined drastically and only a few Rank 6 Breaking Dawn Magi existed on the surface world.

At least that was based on the publically known information, though the Blazing Flame Monarch he killed was aware of several hermits that reached the peak of the Rank 6 and secluded themselves from worldly matters.

Among the several Rank 6 Breaking Dawn Magi, the only one who attracted Gu Long's attention was called Monarch of the Skies, own name Zabofel.

The main reason behind his attraction was the control of Sky City, which was essentially a Floating City from the ancient times of the Magi when countless Beings of Law walked the surface world during the times of the ancient Byron Magus Empire.

'I will go and visit him at a later date.'

Gu Long made a mental note because the Sky City under the Monarch of Skies contained the profound mysteries and arcane secrets of the ancient magi. Gu Long was sure that weak magi like the ones of the surface world wouldn't probably able to enter even the Core Room of the Sky City.

After that he turned his sight in the direction of a certain place within the Central Area of the Surface World of the Magus World, which was the Phosphorescence Swamp, home to the latest Rank 6 Magus, called Bloodline Monarch, Leylin Farlier.

From the memories of the Blazing Flame Monarch, he knew about him and he instantly recognized the man was the Son of Fate of the Magus World or probably of this entire Dimension...

Highly possible that he was the Son of Fate of the Universe.

Gu Long quickly concluded that the man was on the verge of becoming Being of Law and the strength of the Bloodline Monarch should be roughly equal to his, naturally that under circumstance if Gu Long didn't use any of the trump cards or some of the more tricky abilities, he inherited from his parents.

"That should be the person father wants to contact."

One didn't need to be a genius to figure out whom his father was keen on cooperating with, so he hoped that everything would go alright... now the only thing that remained was to find the Bloodline Monarch Leylin Farlier and set up the cooperation with him.

Then the only task which remained was to find the Baator in this Dimension, obtain the source blood of the Archdevils living there and summon the Avatar of his father.

He was aware that the Avatar of his father would face severe suppression when it was summoned to this Universe.

Gu Long then transformed into his human form and started searching through the things that belonged to the Blazing Flame Monarch whom he killed. Naturally, as the pinnacle expert and powerhouse of the surface world, she gathered a high number of treasures.

After he plundered everything that had any remote value, Gu Long transformed back into his dragon form and flew towards the Phosphorescence Swamp.


Meanwhile, Gu Long left the ruins of the former Düz City; it didn't take a long time for the news spread about the destruction of the Düz City and the death of the Blazing Flame Monarch.

Soon enough, all Magi factions were aware that somebody had destroyed the Düz City, killed almost all of its inhabitants and also killed the Blazing Flame Monarch. This was something that shook the entire surface world because the Blazing Flame Monarch was one of the strongest Breaking Dawn Magi.

Naturally, if there was somebody who celebrated, it were the warlocks whose path was on the tremendous rise. For them, the first thing which signified their rise once again was the birth of the Bloodline Monarch, which essentially stopped the suppression of the Warlocks by the Magi.

And now, one of the strongest Magi who supported various organizations that led wars against Warlocks perished together with all of her followers and entire power base. This not only led to the fierce counterattack from the side of Warlocks against some of her supported organizations but also had another side effect.

Which was the creation of the power vacuum as one of the top experts of the surface world has perished; this was the time for other greedy people who had some things in mind to act.

And naturally, it didn't take long before several magi organizations started fighting against each other for resources and power.

All Magi organizations were driven by their greed for resources for their further advancement and the fall of the organization led by Breaking Dawn Magus was an excellent opportunity.

While the headquarters in the Düz had been destroyed, there were countless branches of the Düz City around the Magus World that were ripe for taking, not talking about other Worlds that were conquered by the forces of the Blazing Flame Monarch.


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