Okane o subete sekai e chikara 42 – Humans and elves
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Chapter 42

Humans and elves



My talk with the Nox blacksmith, Veran, continued for a time. Since I showed him the stack of coins, he left all doubts about me, so he began to speak in a relaxed way about any topic I brought to the table.

For instance, one of the things that caught my attention during the trip to Garush was that we did not find any source of water, and the reality is that it has not rained even once since arriving in this world. If it wasn't for the fact I took one of the Posei crystals in Galia, I would have been in trouble. However, the plain we walked on had vegetation and apparently there is even a lush forest not far from here.

"That's normal, we aren't in the rainy season. As a source of water ... I know there is an underground river that runs through the area, I understand that its source is the snow that melts from the eastern mountains".

Mmm. It sounds right, usually one side of the mountain ranges is arid, because the terrain itself prevents the passage of wet air currents. The water that comes from such mountains is also a normal thing, since the water in those air currents condenses and even freezes in the heights of the mountain, from which it descends forming rivers.

But that would mean that as we move further away from the mountains, we will find more arid lands.

"Well, of course, water becomes a problem upon reaching the great desert that is to the west. Although that didn't prevent a group of humans from settling there. There are behaviors that we elves do not understand. It makes me rather uncomfortable to be in one place with as little plant life as this, I would just settle in a treeless place by obligation".

"Oh, is it true that elves have a strong appreciation for nature?"

"Well, surely the forest elves fit that description ... Blacksmiths like me can't do our jobs without wood and coal for the forge".

That answer was quite logical, with no preference basis. Does it mean that without being the ones who live in forests, the elves don't have a special attachment to natural life? I remember some players in TLO talking about elves and their characteristic love of nature. I was never very interested, but apparently there is more to it than I had understood.

"On the subject of the elves, how is your relationship with the humans? I imagine that good, after all, you were working for the kingdom of Jagheb".

"Well, the kingdom of Jagheb is special, after all they have that policy that capacities and progress come first. They are particularly interested in finding talent, no matter where it comes from, be it from the poor or another race, for which maintains a cooperative relationship with all the elf tribes and with neighboring nations in general. To begin with, the Nox have never had greater problems with humans. The forest elves are another story".

It seems that the forest elves are the ones that fit into the concept of elves that the TLO players had. They are a group that lives among the trees, excellent hunters and with a certain reluctance when dealing with other races, particularly humans.

"Well, I don't blame them, after all in the last few years humans have started cutting down a lot of trees, their population has skyrocketed and they require a lot of territory. Although Jagheb has a treaty with the elves, other human groups are not Included, Iren is an example. If I had to say it, Iren represents a constant concern for all elves".

"That's something they have in common with humans".

"I'm not so sure about that. In recent years Jagheb seems to have established a certain balance, alternating between times of war and peace with Iren, which has many elves worried. I remember hearing my tribal chief fear for the day when Iren is no longer satisfied with the situation and launches an all-out attack against the eastern populations".

That ... It may happen sooner than you think, considering what they did to Galatea and Galia, I would say that their methods are changing under the command of the demon general.

"Right now Jagheb represents a shield that protects all other populations. However, I heard that from time to time Iren attacks desert people, so they don't just fight Jagheb. They may choose to ignore Jagheb and go for the elven tribes. Although I personally doubt it, most of them are located north of Jagheb after all, so they should first go through the metropolis and get past Bombasta. Which I doubt is possible, even for Iren".

"Is the capital of the kingdom so safe? From the stories I have heard, nothing seems enough to stop Iren's army".

"If that were true, Jagheb would have long since fallen. Bombasta is the largest city I have ever seen, it has spread so far that it connects with two other nearby cities, forming what they call a metropolis. This metropolis is protected by the joint efforts of The best that humanity and the elves can offer. They say that the High Elves assure that no human army could defeat the defenses in a frontal attack".

Just a frontal attack? Did they not consider the possibility that Iren won't play fair? To speak so confidently, I think I overestimated the elves' intellect. Although Jagheb's talent hunt seems to indicate that they know what they are doing. If history has proven anything, it's that you never know where the next genius will come from.

"And tell me, have you had problems with the human nobles? Since you decided to stop working for the kingdom and came here incognito".

"As a rule, we all avoid offending the nobles, as it can cause unnecessary conflict, and as I said, we have a cooperative treaty with the kingdom. When I left, I did so with authorization from the kingdom, although that didn't stop more than one noble to try to hire me privately, implied that I did not have to obey them either".

"It was good for me as I was able to meet you and come to an agreement".

"Make no mistake that I accepted because of the opportunity to work with such a large amount of arcor steel. But it is also partly because you are an Aristoi".

Hearing him say this surprises me more than you imagine, even if it doesn't show on my face. I have long been waiting for an opportunity to better understand what an Aristoi is, when all I know is that is a special kind of noble.

"What is the reason for the special treatment of the Aristoi?"

"I really don't know very well, but this is one of the few things I heard directly from the mouth of a High elf. The Aristoi must be respected regardless of their race, their lineage is worthy of admiration. I think it has to do with something prior to the end of the age of legend. Due to their longevity, the High elves remember old matters better, because for them not so many generations have passed, so I would not be surprised if it was something from those times".

<< High elves >> are elves of a higher evolutionary degree, according to the history of TLO, they can live much longer than the common races. Apparently that also applies in this world.

"And what do you think?"

"I have only met 2 Aristoi including you, both fit the high elf's words, they are worthy of admiration".

It's the first time I've heard of another Aristoi, but I don't think it's a good idea to keep questioning him on this matter for now. It will be better to return to the previous topic.

"When you left the capital, what made you come to a place as remote as this? You could have gone anywhere that was not in the vicinity of the metropolis".

"Well, it's true that I didn't need to come this far if my only intention was to go where they didn't recognize me. What brought me here was the rumor about a particularly interesting piece of metal, which seems not to have been made by conventional methods, the rumor says it could be a part of a larger artifact".

"A piece of metal?"

The conversation took an unexpected turn. I don't want to be optimistic, but could that be the item that Iren's soldiers ... that the demon general is looking for?





In a hut built under the roots of a large tree which seem to embrace the structure with the intention of protecting it, is the figure of a slender man, with fair skin and no other hair than his long golden mane, carefully observing the young man with ears as long as his as he finishes his report.

"Have there been no more reports since then?"

"It hasn't been long enough for that yet, but there doesn't seem to be anything strange with the information".

"So he managed to successfully infiltrate the emergent's party ... So them are heading north the same path as Iren's army. Is it possible that they have already been found?"

"We can't rule it out, but if that happens, he will certainly send another familiar to report".

"Is there any other information about the emergent in the report?"

"Well ... Apparently, the emergent is a person worthy of admiration, who cares about his servants enough to treat them as friends. In his opinion, we should stop doubting him, instead it would be beneficial ... To talk with the emergent directly".

"But who does he think he is ?! HE HAS EXCEEDED HIMSELF BY TELLING US WHAT TO DO!"

The young man's scream echoed throughout the hut and shook his interlocutor. Who looked shy for not being able to ignore the anger and contempt on his superior's face.

"That bland always finds a way to make me mad, even when following my orders".

It was obvious to the messenger that his boss didn't appreciate the spy, even when he was risking his life on a mission of vital importance to the tribe. Although, he did found the suggestion strange; He must know that intervening in decision-making escaped his duties and would certainly provoke the tribal chiefs. Above all, it was obvious that openly showing that you favor a human would be frowned upon.

"You can go, just be sure to let me know when the next report comes. And tell the hunter chief that I call him".

Regardless of what the emergent intends to do, the elven chief saw it necessary to keep watch over the movements of the Irenit army. An experienced group of hunters would do a great job scouting. And if the emergent were to once again encounter Iren's army, this time in the midst of a battle against Jagheb, a good opportunity to act might present itself.

"It doesn't matter if it's Jagheb or an Aristoi, humans can't be trusted".



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