Okane o Subete Sekai e Chikara – Prologue
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Okane o Subete Sekai e Chikara Cover

Okane o Subete Sekai e Chikara



In a green prairie under a clear sky, radiated by the warm light of morning, is a well-maintained stone path. On which a carriage moves persistently, pulled by two horses with robust build.

Even at high speed, the passengers don’t feel any discomfort. Since the carriage is of sublime quality, with a design focused on the comfort of the illustrious lord who travels within.

So an excellent carriage, with fancy ornaments containing red mince skin curtains and gold threaded embroidery together with polished crystal windows that lets natural light through. The wheels, almost twice as thick as normal, have a special covering that reduces friction and offers protection to the fine wood from which they are made. Yes, such a carriage is like a beacon, telling the world how wealthy its owner is. It's no surprise for a bandit group to be present waiting to ambush it.

“OH NO!”, said a slim but well-fed man, showing of his well-off job. It was the coachman, who attempted to turn around at the sight of the obstructed road ahead. However, it was too late; another group of bandits were approaching on horseback from behind.

This showed that the bandits would not let anyone escape, even if they had to distribute the loot between more people. They thought it worth trouble and they were probably right, since in the carriage was the wealthiest person currently alive.

When the bandits were about 6 ft from the carriage, a figure appeared out from within it.

It was a young man with unruly brown hair, emphasized by a white band on his forehead, a snub nose and serene clear honey eyes. He was wearing a silver breastplate over a blue shirt and a golden shoulder pad with the engraving of a dragon upon it. He had single black gloves inscribed with white runes, and on his waist over his leather pants, you could see a sword in its sheath which was made of what looked like red scales. Standing out over the rest he wore white exotic shoes, with the emblem of a large feline in their sides, which looked as if they come out from a different age.

At the sight of the young man, some bandits remained motionless, their minds overwhelmed by shock. Only the leader could make out the situation, a corpulent man, wearing an open shirt of a dirty blue coloring. He looked as someone to be reckoned with, in fact the bandit leader wielded an undulated great-sword which stood-out for its sheer size.

Of course, those who gave up were the most outstanding members of the group, those who knew the only chance they had to keep their lives was to surrender. This proved to be true as in mere seconds the heads of the several bandits, who committed the stupid act of aggression lay upon the floor, spraying blood.

How idiotic you can be to attack the <<Hero>> of Jagheb, a man who effortlessly defeated the clandestine Gerga organization, who had over six hundred members. One whose deeds are the theme of songs and someday, legends.

 “It's over. Those who are still alive have already surrendered”, said the young man, looking at the owner of the carriage, the mastermind, the person who’d orchestrated the plan for the eradication of all bandits in the local area. He was now watching the fruits of his bribes, the fake information he'd planted in the underworld weeks ago and of course, hiding the fact that he was traveling with the hero.

Including this gruop, now making eight bandit groups that have been taken down and dismantled. The pace was excellent without a doubt. However, to keep up the pace, until all the large bands of bandits have been taken care of, it will be necessary to hide the fall of this group of bandits too, but that won’t be an issue after all; I am the richest man of all time.

The elimination of the criminals is a big step in my path to the top of this world. It's unbelievable how such of a worn-out cliché, the ‘unguarded carriage’ is, to make those fools keep falling for it every time; one time after another. The education level of this world is unmistakably low; compared to modern-day Earth. Not like I didn’t know it already, but the difference is still surprising, although it doesn't apply to everyone.

"Ho, you leveled-up Hero".

"It's necessary for you to call me hero now?"

“Well, finishing off a bandit group and saving the noble in the carriage is the standard cliché, since you made an heroic act; I call you hero” .

"You are doing it just to mess with me. Anyways, it’s been a while since I levelled-up. I was probably already pretty close; those guys were too weak to give any real experience ".

"You used to refuse to kill people... You were quite naive back then".

"Coming from you, I don't know how to take that. I bet you still see me as naive".

"You're not wrong, but you have grown ".

"And you've become even more corrupt".

"Not at all. I'm just as twisted as the day we met. After all, what could corrupt me more than an infinite amount of money...?"






Hi everyone, keitaro-sempai here. After reaching 50 chapters of Okane, I finally take the ride to translate the novel to english. Since english isn’t my first language and the story is full of complicated words and concepts, i don’t expect it to be perfect, but at least understandable.

This story is for those of you who want to see a logic-driven world, with a cunning MC who show how smart he is in full view, and not as some out of camera “oh shit! how did he knew?” or “how has he done that?”. Those questions will be answered, but you will have the chance to figure it out yourself. Anyways, i hope everyone to enjoy it as much as i do!

Also, I will take this chance to open up to you. I will really love to keep up with this and be a full time writer, but that present an issue, i will require money to pay my bills, so i will by opening a patreon for any of you who like the idea of me focued in this project.

Since I am not only the real and only author but also the translator, i hope you all to understand that i will be doing the releases when possible, but if we reach the goals, i will by putting in the effort to meet the corresponding numbers while keeping the quiality of the chapters. So, if you wanna have me working non-stop in the novels, support me in patreon or paypal, every help in my dream of become a full-time writer will be appreciated.

You can be updated with okane in the official site

pd. some reader gave me that cover, but i'm pretty sure the art is stealed, so if you find out who drew it, tell me.