Okane o subete sekai e chikara 34 – Leave hope
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Chapter 34

Leave hope



Woaaaah ... Does that guy really have so much power?

According to what Garonte said, he eliminated no less than a hundred soldiers in one attack. Even if we consider that they are no more than PAIS rank, I don't think it is possible to do something like that if you are not a specialist in attack of the GERON rank, and from what I understand, he used a sword. Not only that, I don't know any ability that can immobilize thousands at the same time as he says happened as soon as the Demon spoke.

The more I think about it, the more it sounds like a damn monster. The only ones capable of such things are the <Raid> monsters, that is, those unique monsters that dozens of players face at the same time just to defeat them.

Is that guy even human?

No. Assuming that it is human would itself be a mistake, but it doesn't mean that there is no possibility.

Maybe a unique title like my << Scammer's Terror >>?

In TLO there was the possibility of acquiring titles that can be obtained under special conditions and that are only achieved once. These usually bring some kind of unusual skill or bonus. If it is a unique title, it may allow you to do something that not even a GERON rank could do.

Although it would be best to leave the analysis for later, since Garonte's story is not over yet.

"After I returned to Vangar along with 213 ... of the 6,000 of my men I left with. I found that the population considered me a hero. The first man to invade Iren and return alive".

For a moment Garonte's gaze was lost in darkness before continuing.

"Things didn't end there. While we were fighting Iren's men, peace agreements were being carried out with Iren, as many times".

Apparently, during the battle the men of Iren were ordered to cease all hostility and return to Iren, which is why they never counterattacked or defended themselves while they retired. Unfortunately, as this was a common occurrence and Jagheb's commanders had never pursued Iren's forces beyond the border, the messenger who brought the news of peace to Garonte was in no hurry, and the latter had no way of knowing.

"When what happened was known, the peace treaty was in danger of collapsing even before it was completed, something that alarmed all of the government. They looked for any way to avoid it and an opportunity presented itself. Better said, it was offered".

Instead of considering Garonte's attack as a hostile act against Iren, it was considered a personal challenge to the commander of the attacked city. This being the general who happened to be there at the time.

"As a personal challenge, Jagheb would not get involved in any way, freeing itself from any responsibility ... Abandoning me and my city".

The offer to recognize the attack as a personal challenge was made by the demon general himself. Jagheb didn't hesitate to accept, which meant that as the challenged, the general had the right to respond and fight for glory. The result was that a week later an army of Acme Soldiers was at the gates of Vangar, the city of Garonte.

"With a decimated army, it was impossible to resist the onslaught of an Acme army, even if it was less than 1000 soldiers. In addition, the demon knocked down the city gates himself, making way for the red monsters".

Once inside, there was nothing to do. The massacre was terrible. Without wasting time, not only the remaining soldiers, the civilians also began to be executed.

"From the height of my balcony I could see it, so many times that I came to notice it. The Acme soldiers showed no expression. There was no anger or savagery, there was no sorrow or sympathy, there was no pain, not even the pleasure of a madman. Each murder was exactly the same for them, it didn't matter. It was as if they stepped on ants ... No, even doing that would make you react if you notice it, it was like when you step on ants without noticing".

At times, Garon's body trembled, and it wasn't due to the pain of his wounds.

"There was only one case, a single situation in which their eyes looked alive ... When someone was resisting and confronting them. Only then was it different. For the brief moment they thought they would have a fight, before mowing the life of their adversary like any others, then their eyes turned the same as before".

In the terror of the massacre, there were many who hid, hoping not to be the next to be seen by those inhuman eyes. Apparently waiting to be rescued or ignored completely.

It was then, when almost the entire population had perished, that they stopped. The massacre was not total. But the words they said ...

"Those of thy who did not fight like fools, nor did try to flee like rats. On the orders of the General Demon of two horns, they have been forgiven. Remember forever the consequences of challenging the General Demon while watching the bodies of thy countrymen burn along with their homes".

Although the massacre stopped, the soldiers set the houses on fire before leaving the city. Many of the people who were still hidden to escape the steel saw their end in the flames.

Those who managed to leave on time, witnessed how their city and the bodies of their friends and family, neighbors or simple acquaintances, were consumed equally, slowly turning to ashes.

It was then that they realized. His lord was not a courageous hero. He was like them, they knew it because they had gone through the same thing. He had survived only because he became paralyzed with fear, a sensation that all Vangar survivors knew well.

"They never tried to kill me. With me standing on the balcony in plain sight, easily an arrow or a spear could have ended my life ... Now that I think about it, maybe at that moment I wanted to die and that's why I didn't think about hiding. What I know is that I couldn't take my eyes off it, I had to witness what my actions had caused".

The intention of the demon general was to humiliate Garonte before his subjects. Marking him forever. Something he got, at seeing his behavior while telling his story.

"After that, the survivors scattered among the nearby towns, they never looked back at me, they never told me anything. For them I was dead".

After these words, the room was silent.

I have learned a lot about the demon general from this story. Not only about his terrifying power, but also about his personality. Information that may be useful to me.

"After what happened, I wandered aimlessly until I arrived in this city. Then that man offered me a position as commander of the justice officers. He was not the lord of the city, but still he was the one who moved the threads. Then after I demonstrated my expertise as a soldier and commander, they finally decided to put me at the head of the whole city. After four years I earned their respect and that of the people of Garush, but it is not a mistake to think that I am only the military leader".

After a moment of silence, he told me about the man behind Garush's merchants. Apparently unlike Garonte, he's a smart guy who can give me trouble.

Aaah… This is what I was talking about. After all this city is not a bad place. People who try to take advantage of one are easier to predict and manipulate.

That Garonte seriously thinks he deceived me.

"Instead of serving a vermin like that ... I'd rather serve you!"

I don't think he knows about << Scammer's Terror >>, however it's obvious that he knows that lies don't work with me. So he chose his words very well, after all, preferring something is not the same as doing it.

Everything that happened was within his plans. He chose a subordinate who knew was easy to discover and chose a name as obviously false as Barbatus, all for me to discover who he really was, that way I could feel that I overcame his deception and he would at the same time have an excuse to praise me no stop without looking false.

Apparently Ryuuji's strength and the fact that I discovered that there was someone to whom he owed obedience took him by surprise, but he only took that opportunity to kneel before me. If the illusion is created that he is the one who serves me, I would use all my resources to carry out my plans ... his plans.

You have been my first adversary in a fight of intelligence and manipulation Garonte, but you have been naive to think that I would simply ignore such obvious logical failures in someone capable. That's why you've lost.

The funny thing is that he didn't lie about not wanting to be the one who takes the reins. Of course, that can be interpreted as being the coachman of a carriage.

This city really is much more like what I like. It is a pity that I must leave here in the next two days. After all I cannot be involved in the revolt that will happen in the sale of slaves. And above all, after hearing the story of Garonte, I am even more convinced that I don't want to get involved again with the people of Iren.

I am curious about whatever they are looking for, but it's not worth it, they are a danger.




"Ruthen, you finally arrive".

"Sorry, I was looking for Albert, but I couldn't find him".

"Ah, the sick girl's brother. You shouldn't worry so much about them ... Although I know you will do it anyway. Tomorrow I'll help you find him".

"Thanks Molak".

Suddenly, the leaders of the resistance entered the room and all remained silent. The plan that was talked about so much. The one that will put an end to the tyranny of the traffickers and the corrupt rulers of the city, was about to be announced.

"Brothers, we know you are eager to hear it. Yes, we have finished contemplating the details of the plan and it is time to announce it to everyone".

The man everyone listened to with anticipation was covered with the same mantle that symbolized the resistance. He was not a man who distinguished himself by his clothing, from his point of view, he was equal to everyone else. All were brothers and sisters of the resistance. This way of being made him distinguish himself in a different way. He was respected and that is why he was chosen to announce the most important plan in the history of the resistance.

Although his appearance was no more than that of a normal man, almost thirty years old. His black hair showed the dirt that usually cover poor Garush residents. However, there was something in his voice, and also in his gaze, that inspired confidence; which raised the morale of those present.

They were the sign of his faith in the plan he was announcing.

"Now I will tell you about Iren's soldiers murder plan!!"


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