Okane o subete sekai e chikara 40 – The Blacksmith
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Chapter 40

The Blacksmith


I may not possess the incredible strength and combat skills that Garonte and my subordinates think I have. However, I have other capabilities that have been shown to be almost as significant. Among them the skill << Borderless Trade >> that I have constantly used since I arrived here. Another skill that has also paid its dividends is << What's mine is mine >>.

The reason for thinking about all this is because after leaving Albert and Selia at the inn, another ability to be taken into account has manifested itself.

<< Catalogue >>

This is one of the skills contained in << Trade (G) >>.

So far I hadn't paid attention to it. During my time at TLO, this ability served as a memo and automatic listing of the items which I traded. It wasn't particularly impressive, although I avoided having to remember things and also compared the different prices of the same item that I found on different occasions.

However, that's no longer the case. A few moments ago I received a skill alert (as I decided to call them at the moment) that said:

《Catalogue has finished updating》

To my surprise, after a look not only was the information on the items that I have found, but that of each item for sale in Garush and Galia. In addition, it included its purchase / sale prices, showing maximums, minimums and averages.

Just like that, I have the information about each and every item in the local market.

What I can't understand is why was the skill activated? Why didn't it do it while in Galia? Why was it activated now and not when I entered the city?

Is it possible that it requires some time? After all, it said "Finished updating." It means that it is a process that doesn't happen immediately. And now that I think about it, it was more or less at this time that we arrived yesterday. Do it need a day to update?

As for the reason why it was not activated in Galia... It might be because in Galia no transactions were made abroad.

All this is nothing more than assumptions, but it's all I've had since I arrived in this world. I have nothing left but to trust my reasoning at the moment. I will have to confirm it in the next city.

Right now I am driving through the shopping plaza. My goal is to find the famous blacksmith of the rumors.

First I thought about buying the information about his whereabouts, but it didn't take long to realize that the merchants and locals knew as much as I did about it. They had only heard the rumors. Because of this I decided to change tactics, that is why right now I walk from one place to another, analyzing everyone I see. If there is a blacksmith good enough to meet my expectations, then I should be able to notice it in his status.

While searching, I also prepared to confirm whether those men were still following us. About halfway through my search they decided to leave. Which I thank, it probably would have been inconvenient when talking to the one I think is the famous blacksmith ... And speaking of the king of Rome, I think I found him.















































<< Nox Blacksmith >>

I don't think there is any other who can be referred to as a famous blacksmith here. For starters, this guy is in EFEBO grade. Their stats also show that they have exceeded the PAIS grade, and have the correct distribution for a blacksmith.

Now, how am I going to approach him. I know their location thanks to the monocle, it's inside a building, but it doesn't look like a shop, nor does it have open doors. Considering the fact that they are not doing business in the streets, I would say is not interested in receiving clients. This could make things a bit difficult, but I have no choice. We have to talk today, it can't be another day.

I knocked the door *knock knock*


By his response after knocking on the door, I can tell in his voice that he is not pleased to have visitors. I will have to probe a little. At least to get him close to the door and listen to Ren's voice prompting him to let me in.

"My name is Argent".

"I don't know you. What do you want?"

"I bring something that might interest you".

"Street vendor? I don't want anything, get out!"

"Everyone who comes to this city wants something".

"Go sell to them!"

"I know who you are".

I can hear the rattling of metal behind the door, which at one moment opens slightly, revealing the sharp end of an ax.

"Leave me alone, or I'll have to hurt you".

"I see it difficult ... Captain".

With an order, my Argent guard push the door and get in, causing the man to go back inside, where he watches us without lowering his guard. It is a house with two rooms and a bathroom, modest and functional, like most in the city.

The blacksmith has a black skin like coal. Dull gray hair and long ears. His appearance is that of a man in his 40s and despite being muscular, his figure is rather slender. I could not say whether or not he has scars on his skin, the features on his face are barely visible due to his dark skin.

His skin tone and long ears are not things you would expect to see in an ordinary human. Among the dark elves, the Nox are known to be very skilled as craftsmen. A Nox blacksmith is certainly on another level than a human one. The story of TLO said that at one time they were called Dvergr.

"Who are you !? Don't think I'll be intimidated, if you know who I am ..."

"I'm not here to intimidate you, I just can't have an appropriate conversation with you outside".

"Those clothes... Who are you?"

For a moment, the grip of his hands on the ax becomes lighter. I did well to force my entry for he to see me. The impact exceeds his alert level.

"I am sure that I have already answered that question, but I will delve into details. Captain, watch the door, but let the others go far enough to not attract attention, let them buy something they can eat standing while they observe the surroundings".


After giving the orders and leaving himself, inside the building were the blacksmith, Ren, Ryuuji and me. Needless to say the reason why I keep only these two.

"I'm sorry if I altered you when entering without permission, but we really can't speak outside. As I said, my name is Argent. Argent Makoto".

"I imagined you were a nobleman for your clothes ... but an Aristoi".

"It's early to be surprised. But if it doesn't bother you, could you lower the ax? I can give you my word that I don't mean to hurt you, nor force you to do anything you don't want".

"No, I guess you don't seem like that kind of person".

The blacksmith was more relaxed, and without much thought he leaned the ax against the wall and took a couple of steps away from it.

"I will be frank with you. I am no longer doing work for anyone. I regret any inconvenience that you had to happen, but as I told other noblemen and merchants before you, I am not interested in your money".

"Trust my words. Everyone has a price".

"With seeing how you look, I am sure you could pay me whatever I ask, but I am not interested. I moved away from the capital because I could no longer achieve anything there. Very important people offered me great wealth, and I still left" .

"I offer more than riches. I imagine you know what this is".

The blacksmith's eyes widened as wide as plates. His gaze froze for a moment on the object that was in my hand. A metal coin that has a glow of various colors. 5 colors, to be precise.

"An Arcor coin ... I could make three rings with it, if I could keep one as pay".

"Ah no, you are not understanding me, I do not want you to use the coin as material, I am offering it to you as payment in advance".

"Are you telling me you're going to pay me with an Arcor coin !? It's worth at least 5 white gold coins".

Oh yeah, I didn't mention it before, but as I suspected, there are several types of coins in addition to the ones I saw in Galia. It's just that in such an isolated town they don't need them and they never got there.

A platinum coin is worth double that of gold. The white gold coins are worth 3 platinum. Therefore, a five-colored metal coin is worth 30 gold coins, 3 million Ja. There are also mithril coins worth 10 gold coins.

"Actually that is another misunderstanding. The advance is a coin. If you decide to work for me you will receive more".

The blacksmith's gaze turned more severe before he directed it to me.

"I admit that I am interested in the Arcor's coin. And to think that you would go so far to convince me  that you got one. I can do the job you have for me, but when I finish I want you to leave me alone".

"Well, I really hoped you could work for me from now on. After all, you seems to be able to use five-colored metal as a material, as the rumors said".

"Although it is true that there are not many out there capable of working the Arcor Steel, after making some rings, necklace or bracelet with the coins in your possession, you should be able to find someone else to work for you".

"You still don't understand, I'm not here for jewelry. I want you to make armor for me".

"I don't know what you heard, but I've never tried to make an Arcor plating, I don't know if I can do it, to begin with it's not like it could just be melted like iron".

"I don't speak of plated armor, but completely made of this". I say, pointing with the head at the coin in my hand.

The truth is that I came to the rumor about the famous blacksmith, because I was finding out if there was a blacksmith capable of working the metal of five colors.

"... You can't be serious".

"I assure you, I do. I have everything needed. If you accept, I would like you to start as soon as possible, I would like a complete armor that I can wear between my clothes and also a woman's, but it must have a certain peculiarity ... two openings in the back ".

The smith's gaze faltered again, before opening his mouth.

"If you are serious, answer in this language".

"I'm serious. Don't you believe me?"

The reaction on the blacksmith's face was almost as exaggerated as when he first saw the coin. After all, I responded appropriately to his question in Haldan.

"The girl next to me, Ren, is a siren".

"A siren ... So she manipulated me. That's why I didn't feel that I should attack when you entered".

"Then you understand why it must be you".

"It's because I'm a Nox".

"I think a Nox blacksmith would be the only one who would accept such a job".

"He ... true, any blacksmith who deigns to be one would be unable to refuse the opportunity to make authentic Arcor armor. Although if they are human, perhaps they would not be silent about it, after all it is something to boast about".

"Then I correct myself. I would not accept just any Nox blacksmith, in reality, I think it should be none other than you".

"Cause I was once Jagheb's boss blacksmith?"

Oh, that sounds important, it's good to hear it.

"You know, in the capital they said that there was no point in continuing to relive old blacksmithing techniques, that my job was the perfected blacksmithing I did, but the real value was innovation. It was then that I knew I should leave. In that place they valued me for being the best blacksmith, but they were not interested in more than that. For them its more valuable to discover new things.

I see that this man has a hard time talking about his past in Jagheb, literally.

"I accept your offer. Only if it really is as you say".

It only takes one more push for him to trust my words. I have been prepared for this, I have been placing large amounts of coins in my item bag for some time. Since I had to take a mountain of gold coins to make those armor, I thought it would be good to have them beforehand.

Gradually I took out handfuls, after handfuls, of five-colored metal coins ... Or as he said, should I call them Arcor coins? Anyway, I did this while I was placing them on the only table in the room.

"I have more, but they will start to fall off the table. Do you believe me now?"

"After seeing this, I don't know how I could doubt it ... You really wants to use Arcor coins to make armor".

"That for now, I would also be interested in making some weapons. However, before continuing with our business, I would like to ask you something. As far as I know, this metal is known as five-color metal. However, you call it Arcor steel ".

"Ah, yes. Well, five-colored metal is how the Halfs call it. We Pure races know it as Arcor steel. Arcor was an ancient kingdom that existed long ago, they were famous for their steel. Stronger, but over everything, lighter than any other. Basically, a special metal. They used it in their weapons and armor ... Even coins".

That's why there are coins made of this metal. It was really helpful that they made money with it, otherwise my ability would not work.

"Well. The Arcor kingdom ceased to exist a long time ago. And nobody knows where or how they extracted the metal, that's why it's impossible to find it in its purest form and the amount there is of it is limited".

Yes ... "Limited".




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