Chapter 31 – AFO Vs Star & Stripes
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{Location - United States of America}

'All For One' finally arrived at America. 

The first thing he did was to attack the prison and free all the villains. He also used his ["Radio jamming"] Quirk so Police officers can't ask for help or inform others about this attack.

After dealing with Police Officers, he ordered the Villains to cause chaos in the city.

Some villains of course didn't listen to his words, and they ended up dying. 

After seeing 'All For One' ruthlessly killing all the villains who didn't listen to him, the other Villains became scared and immediately decided to follow All For One's Order.

When the Hero Association got information about the Villains attack in several places, They immediately mobilized some of their heroes. Military also send their Jet Fighter Planes to deal with this issue and this was the moment All For One was waiting for.

All For One immediately started searching for 'Cathleen Bate'. The moment he found her, he directly sent a ["Air Cannon"] at full power towards her. 

'Stars and Stripe' never expected this kind of attack since she was busy saving civilians and was sent flying.

She stabilized herself in the air and then looked towards 'All For One'. She immediately narrowed her eyes because her instincts were telling her that this enemy was dangerous.

'All For One' then activates a quirk combination of ["Strength Enhancement], ["Springlike Limbs"] and ["Spearlike Bones"]. This increases his physical strength by large amount.

'All For One' didn't give 'Cathleen' any time to talk and directly engaged in a close combat with 'Stars and Stripe'.

'Stars and Stripe' quirk was extremely strong, but it has some limitations as well. She always set up a rule to increase her physical strength, speed and durability with the help of her quirk ["New Order"] but her physical strength and speed were still not at the level of All Might's.

So, 'All For One' was easily able to handle her.

'Cathleen' was now confused about the quirk of 'All For One'.

First, the villain released some kind of Air Blast and now his physical strength is also ridiculous. Just what is his quirk?

She knew that both Air blast and Body Enhancement Quirk can't be same. They should be two different quirks. But then she thought that it's just bullshit. A person can't have more than one quirk.

Of course Cathleen doesn't know that 'All For One' is actually using a combination of several quirks to boost his Strength. 

'All For One' then started using quirks like ["Impact Recoil"] and ["Reflect"]. This made the situation harder for Cathleen since she was now getting hit by the recoil from her own attacks. But of course she was an experienced hero, and she changed her tactics.

She used her quirk ["New Order"] and proclaims that there will be no air within 100 meters ahead of her. This creates a star-shaped atmospheric vacuum void around All For One.

'All For One' has to hold his breath while his body is affected by the sudden lack of atmosphere. 

'All For One' decides to use his ["Warp"] Quirk to deal with this situation. He warps 'Star and Stripe' towards his location.

'Star and Stripe' was suddenly teleported in front of 'All For One' and this shocked her for a moment and this was a big mistake because 'All For One' immediately punched her on the vital spot like the temples located on the side of her head.

This punch stunned her for a few seconds and 'All For One' then targeted her other vital spots as well. All of those punches carried destructive power and caused a lot of damage to Cathleen's body. The combination of these punches almost made her unconscious.

When 'Star and Stripe' regained some of her senses, she felt the need of oxygen and had no choice but to deactivate the rule which created a vacuum void around 'All For One'. This allowed both of them to breathe again.

All For One then started using cheap tricks. He launched multiple ["Air Cannon"] attacks towards the city and its civilians.

'Star and Stripe' used her ["New Order"] Quirk to solidify the air around the city to protect the civilians from the attacks. But this made her invulnerable to 'All For One' attacks. Cathleen had to take the full brunt of all the attacks to protect the civilians.

'All For One' was becoming exhausted because of using so many quirks. His old body couldn't support him anymore. Also, Cathleen was able to land a few punches on his body. He coughed out some blood from his mouth. Then he decided to end this fight otherwise he will lose.

As for Cathleen, she was in miserable state. She was bleeding from many places and was on the verge of collapsing. 

By now, Cathleen understood that the enemy in front of her have more than one quirk. She has no clue how this thing is even possible.

But she understood one thing and that is, this enemy is too dangerous. She again changed her tactics. 

Earlier she was planning to capture the villain for interrogation, and she suffered the consequences, she was badly injured and bleeding from many places. Now she decided to kill the enemy at any cost.

Cathleen tries to contact fighter jet pilots for help and even contacts military headquarters to launch the Intercontinental missile, but she gets no reply. 

She then realizes that she can't connect to the base and this only means one thing. That the villain in front her has a quirk which is interfering with the Radio signals.

Because of this, 'Star and Stripe' can't use two of her strongest offensive techniques.

One of them was ["Keranuos"], In this technique she gathers the lasers from fighter jets and creates a giant laser sword for her giant air body.

Her strongest technique was ["Stand-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch"], 

In this technique she gathers the Tiamat Missiles and use them to attack her enemy.

There was one more problem. 

'Cathleen' still don't know the name of her enemy. Otherwise, she could easily set up a rule and directly stop the heart of 'All For One' from beating. 

So she had no other choice, she decides to use one last attack and pours all of her power into it. She shouted ["Fist Bump To The Earth"]. 

Then Cathleen solidifies the air into the shape of her body, but a thousand times larger. The giant air version of Cathleen was invisible and was capable to mimic her real body movements. She then punches towards the 'All For One' direction.

All For One creates multiple barriers and tried to stop the punch but when he noticed that all the barriers immediately broke when they came in contact with the punch, He had no choice but to use his ["Warp"] Quirk again, and he teleports Cathleen directly in front him. 

He held her by the neck and choked her. This caused her technique to get deactivate. 

"You were an extremely strong opponent 'Star and Stripe'. And I have to admit, you were more annoying that All Might.

I actually had to gather and study a lot of information about you before coming here. It was very hard for me to collect information about your strongest offensive techniques.

That's why I created this special plan to deal with an existence like you. I attacked you at a time when your Fighter Jets were not available for your support. So, you couldn't use your ["Keranuos"] Technique.

I also used ["Radio Jamming"] so you couldn't contact your military headquarters and order them to launch the ["Intercontinental cruise missile Tiamat"]. 

So, you couldn't use your ["Stand-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch"] Technique either.

While your fighter jets are busy dealing with small villains which I released in the city and ordered to cause chaos, you are in miserable state here.

By the time your friends will arrive here, It will already be too late. You will be dead by then Stars and Stripe." All For One said.

Cathleen couldn't resist anymore. She was completely exhausted after the fight. She felt completely helpless.

Then 'All For One' killed 'Star and Stripe' and stole her quirk ["New Order."]

In the Canon, Shigaraki actually revealed his intentions very early that he came here to steal 

["New Order"] quirk from the Stars and Stripes. 

So, she became cautious and even set a rule that ["New Order"] Quirk will cause destruction after it will enter inside the Shigaraki's body.

All For One was different. He was a mature person, and he kept his intentions hidden till the end. He never revealed his real intentions.

Star and Stripe only thought that he came here to attack the city or take over U.S.A.

During the fight she learned that the All For One has more than one Quirk.

But, All For One used limited number of his quirks and combination, so she thought that he is an anomaly born with 4 or 5 quirks. Or maybe he got this many quirks with some kind of scientific experiment.

The thought that he could steal quirks, and he already has hundreds of quirks never came into her mind. She died unwillingly and even ended up giving her quirk to All For One.

"Hahahahaha!!! Nine is also very close to becoming a Perfect Nomu. I should now start taking control over his new body. It's time for me to say goodbye to my old and injured body." All For One said and teleported away from there.


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