If I will, I will do it right.
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[takuya's point of view]

Today I was on my way to see a movie with san.

It's supposed to be a date, but someone came by without an invitation.

'Maki...' - he looked at the guilty one for ruining my date alone with san, maki when she felt my gaze turned to see me and gave me her evil and mocking smile.

'...' - I stopped looking at her while sighing because I can't be calm in my break from training.

First maki wanted to come sneakily, but I found her and before she could do anything to tell her that she wouldn't come, san suddenly appeared and was happy that maki was also coming with us to watch the movie.

The reason why maki wanted to come. It's because he thinks I'll do something to san while we're alone... I'd be sad if he really planned something like that, but I just wanted to have fun with san on the date. after all, she accompanies me to train every day after doing homework.

I could only sigh and accept, san's happiness is enough to make me happy, it's rare how a person like me feels like this with someone else.

'...' - I was watching the two premieres.

The first would be 'the boleros of love and youth'... it's about romance, I think, I didn't see the description.

And then this 'deadly chivalry 3: the end of evil'... I don't have to read any further to know that san will want to see that one.

"Two tickets for 'deadly chivalry 3: the end of evil', please" - I said to the cinema employee while she looked at san.

she could practically see the gleam of happiness in her eyes when I said the name of the movie.

After that we went to the waiting area and while I was walking I saw a girl running towards me without seeing where she was going.

"Hey, be careful" - I said as I grabbed the girl by the men, preventing her from colliding with me.

"Hey?" - the girl was surprised by the sudden contact.

"What is a girl doing watching a movie like that?" - I asked quietly to myself, but it seems that the girl heard me.

"I fell asleep. 'Deadly Chivalry 3' by my bunta willis is about to start" - the girl said while I stopped caring, it was just a stupid question I asked.

"Eh?, you're a fan of bunta willis?!" - San asked in surprise as she had her hand on her mouth.

"Eh, onee-chan is also bunta's fan?" - Asked the girl while I was sighing for these couple of fans of that actor.

"YES! YOU MEAN BUN-CHAN" - shouted san excited to get another girl like her.

After that the girl and san started talking about the movie, I was sighing while thinking about the movies from my old world and how I missed the 'predator' series and the 'alien' series, those really caught my attention.

"FORGIVENESS TAKUYA-SAN I TALKED TOO MUCH. I HAD A NICE TALK WITH BUNTA'S GIRL FAN" - san said as he could tell that he had a lot of fun.

"Don't worry as long as you have fun it's fine" - I said while smiling, seeing the happy smile of san... what the hell am I thinking so much.

'Come on takuya, don't start' - I thought as i shook her head. this is not me. I would normally think that I wouldn't mind that, I wouldn't think that.

After sighing we went in to see the movie, the style in which they made it reminds me of rambo movies. Even though I don't know that, it was many years ago that I saw them.

I can't believe our seats are right behind the girl, she's yelling at the screen all the time, doesn't she know this is a recording, it's not like she'll hear it.

Well san was too excited that she was yelling her motto about chivalry and sirens, good thing no one is listening.

"I thought you were going to take advantage of the darkness to take san-sama's hand..." - Maki said while I stopped watching the movie and turned to see her.

"Who says I need to do that so I can hold san's hand? Besides...san is more interested in the movie, I don't think she wants me to bother her." - I replied to maki, while i sighed I lost against a movie.

After the movie ended, san said goodbye to the noisy girl and we started walking home while talking about the movie.

"It was interesting, wasn't it, takuya-san?" - San asked while smiling.

"Yeah, that part where she jumped off the top of the building while she was swinging on a rope and the back part exploded, that was good" - I replied.

"Yes, it was very good. But did you see that scene where the truck hit a building. Were they made with a computer?" - San said as he asked.

"Who knows..." - I said but before I could say anything else I saw a truck coming towards us very fast.

"SAN-CHAN, BE CAREFUL!" - I yelled as I pushed san away from the place and the truck went by very fast and crashed into the cinema.

Creating a ruckus, the truck ended up passing through the entrance of the cinema to the elevator.

Some people began to guide others to move away from the place.

In a moment of carelessness, san ran to where the truck is... what can I do with her.

"IS ANYBODY INJURED? NOBODY WAS INJURED?" - San yelled while I finished reaching her.

"THE DRIVER IS SAFE" - one person said.

"I'LL TAKE HIM OUT" - san said as he grabbed the driver.

"Let me help you" - I said as he grabbed the driver's arm and placed it around my men.

We then handed the driver over to another guy while san had a serious look on her face checking to see if he finds anyone else in the building...hope there's no one inside.

"THERE! THERE'S A GIRL ON THE 3RD FLOOR OF THE BUILDING" - shouted san while I wanted to hit myself for having raised the flag before.

The one inside the building is the noisy girl from before, who had gone to the bathroom.

So san tried to convince the officer to go help the girl, but the officer didn't want to because the truck might explode and hurt the rescue team.

'...' - In that I made a decision and before san was going to enter, I ran towards the entrance of the building.

"TAKUYA-SAN!" - I heard San's cry and then the policeman's but I was too far away to hear what he said.

'The things I do so that san doesn't do them...' - I thought I knew that if they didn't send someone to help the girl, san would come and I don't want that.

"SO HERE YOU WERE LOUD GIRL...!" - I yelled after I found the girl.

"Girl who..." - Before the girl could say anything, I quickly reached her and hit her in the neck that made her faint, the first time I've done it.

"What are you doing?" - asked maki from my shoulder.

"I can't let the girl see what I'm going to do" - I said as she activated my aura and wrapped it around my body and the girl's.

"With my aura I will be able to prevent her and my clothes from getting too burned by the fire, although the smoke is still annoying." - I said, thanks to the aura my resistance against fire is great, but I need to activate it if I want to prevent my clothes from burning and to help the girl so that she can resist fire as well.


the truck exploded.

"Tsk, everything was going so well" - I clicked my tongue in annoyance as I got up from the ground.

As I walk looking for something to help me get out of here since the ladder must be too destroyed to go down I found something that will serve as a rope.

"CURSE!!" - I yelled as the ground fell, holding the girl with one hand and the rope with the other, this got too complicated.

"NINGYO ANCIENT LYRICS: HERO SONG!!" - in the middle of all the noise I heard the voice of san and the song.

"HERE WE GO...!!" - I yelled while with the physical increase of the song I used a piece of rubble to propel myself up.

"TAKUYA" - I heard maki's voice yell at me, but I didn't hear what she said.

"MAKI! HANG THIS ROPE ON YOUR SHELL!!" - I yelled as I threw the rope at maki.

"DO NOT ORDER ME!!" - Maki yelled while I was getting impatient.

"HURRY UP, MAKI!!" - I yelled at him to hurry up.

"JET RAM ATTACK" - maki shouted mie after using her shell.


After that I left the building while it exploded, I turned off my aura because I felt that the girl woke up.


The girl woke up and started screaming but shortly after she shut up and started smiling, she doesn't know what she has but it's better for me that she doesn't scream so I didn't mind that change in behavior.

Then seeing the opportunity I threw myself and fell into a car in which San was with a megaphone.

"Fuuuu... I'm back, san-chan" - I said while sighing with relief to get out of that place.

"Welcome home, takuya-san" - said san as he had a smile on his face.

"AFTER FALLING THAT WAY. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MOMENT, YOU HAVE TO SAY SOME COOL PHRASES!!" - the girl shouted with her eyes that seemed to shine, I already saw why the behavior from before.

Take a breath and speak... san seemed expectant to hear it.

"Heavens! It seems that I have an unbreakable bond with chivalry" - I said a phrase that the protagonist of the film said with the most serious voice and look that I could do, if I will do it, I will do well.

And it was worth it, san's cheeks were flushed, I don't know why but hey.

"By the way, take this, inside the building we get wet, it will help you not to feel cold" - I said while handing my jacket to the noisy girl.

After that, we said goodbye to her and san, maki and I went home, the good thing is that the police and everyone were more aware of the explosion than of us.

'I'm in love?' - I thought as I saw San who walked next to me with a smile and I was hypnotized because she looked very beautiful, even more so because of her sunset glow.

'I guess so... I am' - I thought then that he will come back to reality.


The protagonist is realizing that if he likes san, I wonder how it will end.

Something that I have realized while I am delving into the personality of the characters. is that mikawa kai is a bastard, he bets and tries to buy san as if she were just another object.

While he was reading it I didn't take much notice of him, but now, I don't like the bastard anymore.

Well, about the part where takuya gives the girl the jacket. just to say that takuya used her aura to protect her from the fire, he didn't add heat to her own aura so that it would dry her clothes, that's why they were wet.

And the last thing he wanted to say.

The ff for now will be a copy and paste of the manga, it has a reason, which will be explained in the future.

I hope you liked the chapter.