Arc 1 – Now or Never: Chapter 17
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Disclaimer: I own nothing, this is purely a fanfic for enjoyment.

Cross-over from various games, books, anime, manga, and movies.

The familiar characters you see here belong to their respected authors and owners.



Arc 1 - Now or Never: Chapter 17

Holy crap, the ghost is ugly as ever, even when I've already seen its appearance via space field. It still doesn't change the fact it's plain ugly even by using my own eyes to look at it.

Floating in midair is a ghost with numerous varieties of limbs from different animals, including human ones of all ages. It doesn't have any eyes, mouths, or ears. Just a large amount of limbs merged into a giant ball of... flesh I wanted to say, but it's a ghost and I have no idea what's made out of.

"Oh, I think I might be sick after this." Juvia's face looks paler than usual.

"So this is why Master Makarov warn me many times in my first job of dealing with ghost." Erza looks ready to faint any moment now.

I didn't bother to wait for either Juvia or Erza to snap out of it, as I use Snap Bullet Spell with the cheat influencing the ghost to make it unable to resist nor be immune to my Bullet Magic. In addition, I throw a couple of Binding Cards to keep it in place and Evil Cleansing Cards as well.

In a matter of seconds, the ghost died an awful death of being pierced through by multiple bullets made out of heat and Magic Power along with being burnt away by the Evil Cleansing Cards. Unable to do anything for it's unable to move under the effects of the multiple Binding Cards. All of which are boosted to the extreme under the influence of Failure Manipulation.

"Seriously?! It's dead like that?!" I shouted in disbelief, where I thought it would take more than that to take down the ghost. Hell, I even thought it would be able to escape by some kind of trump card it has on standby in case its life was in danger. Not that it would be able to thanks to the Binding Cards. But, still, it should have something to protect itself from the bullets from hitting it at least!

"You didn't even give it a chance to do anything, Renato." Erza looks at me in shock.

"Renato-sama is a very powerful Mage." Juvia hug me, then give me a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah..." I said dryly and felt a bit sad because I've also prepared a set of new Magic Cards last night. Since I wasn't going to sleep for the rest of the night, then it is best to train and create more new Magic Cards. Prepare for other future opponents I'm bound to face. Even with the Beyond Card being powerful, but better to have other trump cards ready and not need them. Instead of needing them when not having them at hand.

"I can already figure that out with the amount of Magic Cards he has created yesterday." Erza snort at Juvia, but I can see the look in her eyes has changed as she looks at me now. Before it was just lust for my dick alone and now it's much more. Still lust, but there are other emotions mixed in it now. "Also, Juvia. I won the bet."

"What?!" Juvia shouted as she let go of me. So she could get into a better position to glare at Erza and prepare to fight her as well.

"Don't you remember our bet last night? If you can land a hit on the ghost first, then I'll back off, but if you can't. I get to be with Renato here. Of course, I'll allow you to stay with Renato. I'm willing to share, shouldn't you be thanking me?" Erza smirks at the fuming Juvia. "Also, don't bother trying to get Renato's help. After all, we both made the bet by taking an oath with our magic on the line."

Hearing this put made me confused and somewhat annoyed. Since this is another thing I don't think was part of Fairy Tail's canon. This whole oath thing sounds like it belongs to another series, but then again, anything is possible in Fairy Tail. As there are many hidden things in this world.

Anyway, the oath is real and I have read about it briefly while searching for what magic I wanted to practice in at the time. As the oath is magically bound once one has placed their magic on the line, making anyone violence the oath to lose their magic at best to death at worse, depending on the oath itself. Therefore, it's very hard for most Mages to use an oath since the oath itself is harsher towards Mages due to having Magic Power. While people without magic would have a lighter punishment, but not to the point of death.

So in a way, Erza using the oath for the bet just prove to me that she truly wants to be with me. And the best parts? I didn't even have to use my own cheat to make it so Erza would fall for me. This is of her own free will.

Juvia made a few grumbles noise before looking in my direction with a sad look on her face.

"I'm sorry, Renato-sama. I made a bet with Erza and you being part of it was something I shouldn't have done. If it means anything, I'm willing to take the punishment of the oath so you won't be affected." Juvia said to me, where Erza let out a gasp of shock.

"Yeah, not happening." I pull Juvia into my arms. "Although, part of me does like Erza with how forward she was." And just like that, Erza's smile returned. "I know this would hurt you, but I rather have you keep your magic."

Of course, this makes me feel like a douchebag for wanting Erza as well. However, it was already too late when my stupid lower brain decided to make this happen in the first place. Yet, at the same time, I know for a fact that I can nullify this oath with my cheat, but yeah. Feeling like a douchebag since I didn't want to. Ugh. Curse my horny brain.

I look over to Erza and move my left arm to make a gesture for her to join in this hug, which she didn't even hesitate.

"Ow!" Both Juvia and I cried out in pain when Erza's armor banged against Juvia's head while Erza push a bit too much strength into her own hug and cause my spine to ache.

Holy shit, this girl got strength!

"Sorry!" Erza apologized. But, she didn't let go and just adjust her strength.

"It's fine." I said to Erza, then glance at the teary Juvia. "You okay, Juvia?"

"I'm fine..." Juvia replied, but not in the 3rd person like usual. So maybe not fine.

"How about this." I lean in to give Juvia a deep kiss, causing her to go stiff for a moment before relaxing completely. Afterward, I move over to give Erza a kiss too, shocking her with this sudden action of mine. "There, now everyone feeling better?" Of course, I made sure to use my cheat to prevent Juvia from becoming jealous of me kissing Erza so soon.

"I don't know if this is love or lust, but I don't care. All I know is that I want more...!" Erza narrow her eyes at me before leaning in for another kiss.

"Hey! It's my turn!" Juvia shouts at Erza, then separate her from me. Only for her to do the same.

Oh boy, these girls are now thirsty after one kiss. Luckily, the ghost is dealt with.

A few hours later*

I find myself still baffled how I somehow got Erza of all people to be in a relationship, especially having her with Juvia as well. Truly baffling.

Anyway, after reporting back to the townfolks about the ghost being dealt with, leading to many people shout in joy while some are still bitter about their houses and people they know are dead.

I left a large amount of the Cool Breeze Cards, Warming Cards, and Evil Cleansing Cards to the townfolks. Mostly for those that are homeless.

Fun facts: Magic Cards are worth a lot for those that don't have access to them and mainly people without having access to magic; therefore, many civilians see them as very valuable due to being able to use them. Making them temporary Mages until they run out of Magic Cards to use.

So many townfolks' despair didn't even last that long before most are happy because of this. Although, both Juvia and Erza had to push everyone away once some townfolks started to become greedy and begins to blame us for not taking care of the ghost sooner, even though technically we couldn't do anything about it. By the time we've arrived. It was too late.

Now, we're just heading back to Rose Garden to rest before going back to the guild to report the job is complete.

"So, Erza. What are you going to do now? Because Juvia and I will be just relaxing for some time before doing our next job for the guild." I look at Erza from my left, where she is hugging my left arm and thankfully she wasn't wearing her armor, instead of a lovely purple dress. Also, a sign that she has opened her heart to me due to not wearing her armor around me. And Juvia of course, who is on my right.

"Of course, I'm going to follow you to your guild and join." Erza smiled at me; however, the words she just spoke gave me a pause.

"You're not part of any guilds?" I ask Erza in disbelief.

"Well, I was trying to join the Fairy Tail Guild due to an old friend that's dear to me; however, the requirements to join that guild are harsh, making it hard for me to join at all." Erza let out a sad sigh. Not noticing the confused look on my face.

Juvia noticed this going by the way she raise an eyebrow at me.

"Is Fairy Tail Guild that hard to join?" I spoke out my thought.

"Well, for one. You weren't allowed to join unless you were referred by someone that is already in the guild or by an ally guild to recommend you and by proof too. Something I didn't have, even though I mention an old former guild member's name, which didn't count." Erza frown in the end. "Unless they are with you, then it's pretty much impossible at that point. Let alone the other requirements."

I'm speechless. Then how many other characters that are supposed to be in Fairy Tail Guild aren't part of it because of this rule? Hell, how much difference is Fairy Tail from canon?! Then even more of my canon knowledge is useless than it was already is!

Also, was this one of the reasons why Lucy was able to join Fairy Tail Guild so easily in canon, or it's the whole being friendly person bullshit that makes one be able to join? Well, damn. There go any leftover happy thoughts about Fairy Tail Guild in this world.

Although, on the bright side, this means Erza would stick around longer now due to the fact she isn't a Fairy Tail's Mage. This is very odd in my opinion, but nonetheless, she is now my girlfriend and I'm pretty sure she just like Juvia. Starving for affection and whatnot.