Breaking Point
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Quickly moving about, Genji looked away from Arnook and went down to the arena and landed right in front of both competitors.

"Master..." said the young girl when she noticed Genji land right in front of her. "Your cloth! It's off master! I can see your eyes..."

The young girl yelled in shock as she noticed Genji's golden eyes that weren't covered in cloth and was shocked that he didn't have a cloth over them.

Smiling, Genji said, "I finally managed to recover my eyesight. Now, let me take care of this dark spirit."



The ice ground split and a large dark spirit emerged from the crack like a wisp of smoke. It appeared before everyone and stood tall and instilled fear into every onlooker.

"D-dark spirit?!" the young girl exclaimed in shock.

Genji nodded and took a step back before sending a palm attack towards the young girl and boy.



Two figures flew out of the arena rapidly and everyone watched as Genji didn't bother to look where they were sent to by his palm attack.


"How could he attack the children!"

"Look! The dark spirit is moving!"

"It's so fast!"

The dark spirit was very fast, it's speed close to that of a cheetah as it lept to Genji who stood there looking at the dark spirit with a smile.

"Time to try out some newly improvised moves," muttered Genji as he got into a basic waterbending stance.


Wisps of energy was beginning to be emitted from Genji's body, surround his body and coating it in a light blue color barely visible to the naked eye.


A low growl came from Genji who had slowly moved and changed the stance of his Waterbending.

Waterbending Stance: Bear Style!

As if being possessed by a bear, everyone could feel like Genji had become a ferocious wild beast.

Water Bear Claws!


Genji moved his body and with a clawing motion towards the dark spirit who was rapidly closing in on him, Genji waterbended the nearby ice into water and sent it hurling to the dark spirit in a slashing motion.




Out of four water slashes from the claw attack, only three had struck the dark spirit, but that was enough as it was soon dispersed into the floor.


Or is what everyone believed before the dark spirit reformed itself and came back, shrieking at Genji.

"Looks like you don't go down with brute force," muttered Genji with a smile as he sent more Water Bear Claw attacks.

It was then that someone finally spoke up and spoke to Genji.


Lifting his head and turning his head over to who was calling him, Genji saw Yue looking at him with a concerned look on her face.

"Use your healing abilities on it to purify the dark spirit and return it back to it's pure form!" yelled Yue, ignoring the fact that Genji wasn't wearing a cloth around his eyes.

Nodding, Genji turned back to the dark spirit that had reformed itself and smirked.

Moving his hands in a fluid movement, Genji began to waterbend and applying the healing skill to the water. He swirled the healing water around the dark spirit and watched as the water turned golden along with the spirit, signifying the process of purification.

"Don't lose focus," said Yue, continuing her instructions.


The dark spirit was immobile throughout the entire process and by the time it was done, the dark spirit had remained golden before disappearing into a couple of golden lights in the air.

With the dark spirit finally gone, everyone in the arena had looked at Genji in awe and couldn't believe what had just happened.

It had been decades, if not, a couple of centuries since the last dark spirit was sighted around here in the Northern Water Tribe. The people couldn't believe it but it was something amazing that they couldn't help but applaud Genji and his fighting abilities.



Clap! Clap! Clap!

Every single person applauded Genji and his valiant self that jumped down into the arena to take care of a dark spirit.

They were amazed and couldn’t believe that a dark spirit would suddenly appear before them. Especially right after they made a festival to appease the spirits two days ago.


Suddenly, a loud sound rang through the air, catching everyone’s attention.

Turning to look at the culprit, everyone saw Arnook standing tall on his throne with his chest puffed out. His eyes were dead set on Genji and he spread his hands as he said out loud.

“People of the Northern Water Tribe. Do you all see the danger this man has brought upon us?!”

Arnook pointed at Genji who was standing in the middle of the arena.

“Because of him, two young children were badly injured!”

Dragging his finger over to a side of the arena, Arnook pointed at the young girl and boy that Genji had thrown away to keep them away from danger.

Everyone turned to look at the two figures that were on the wall with curious looks on their faces. But it was long before their faces turned into a bit of ridicule as they turned to look at Arnook.

Arnook on the other hand felt a bit weird.

He had believed that everyone would start booing Genji or even start hurling insults at him. However, they remained quiet and it completely confused Arnook and made him wonder why.

He opened his eyes and turned his head over to the two kids.

Expecting to see two badly hurt children, or even dead, Arnook was surprised to notice the children completely unharmed. Not even a single scratch on them.

‘What’s going on?!’

Worried and confused, Arnook turned to look at Genji and glared at him.

“Luckily! The kids are fine, but that doesn’t excuse this man for causing the spirits to appear. His appearance and the changes he’s forcing upon the people is disrupting the piece and natural order!”

Arnook took quite an aggressive stance and was already publicly portraying Genji as quite an offensive figure to the Northern Water Tribe.

However, some very skeptical and worry-filled people began to believe in Arnook’s story.

“Yeah! It’s all  because of him that my plants died!”

“My grandmother got a heart attack when he arrived!”

“I hit my pinky toe on a wall when I was looking at him!”

Baseless accusations, but all filled with wariness and worrying about the small stuff. The paranoia in some activated and they looked at Genji with stares and glares.

Genji remained quiet and just continued to look at Arnook who was joyfully smiling in triumph.

Shaking his head with a small smile on his face, Genji turned to Yue who was a couple of feet away from Arnook.

Yue looked at Arnook, a hand over her mouth, not being able to believe what her father was doing. To believe that her father would portray an innocent man into such a terrible person.

She just couldn’t believe it and could only look at her father with disappointment.

Just when everyone was about to rile up and throw items at Genji, a huge explosion went off in the distance.


A couple of houses in the distance were destroyed and the area went quiet as they looked over in disbelief at the destruction.

Seconds passed and it wasn’t long before the people began to yell and scream in fear.


Genji looked over as well and quickly focused his  Spirit Sense over in that area. The moment he did, Genji couldn’t believe the amount of dark spirits that were appearing.

5… 10… 15…

26 dark spirits!

All rushing over to the location of the arena.



Constant explosions rang out as the dark spirits continued to ram through buildings and destroy them in the process.

The people grew worried as they approached but some people began to step forward and jump into the arena.

Pakku, some elders, men, and even the women that were trained by Genji.

Some people turned quiet when they noticed the women joining the others and couldn’t believe their eyes.

No one said a thing and just waited for the arrival of whatever was causing the destruction of the buildings.

Soon enough, a large shadow appeared and slowly moved towards the center of the arena.

It was a giant monster.

At least three meters tall and covered in a dark aura.


Everyone present knew exactly what that was.

A dark spirit.

With serious expressions on their faces, everyone watched as more dark spirits continued to appear next to the first dark spirit.


It was deadly silent.

The dark spirits and the people were all quiet as they looked at each other. Like the beginning of a battle.

Tap... tap... tap...

Suddenly, everyone could hear someone's dainty footsteps and they all turned to see who it was. The eyes of the people widened and they couldn't believe that the princess of the Northern Water Tribe had stepped up in front of them.

"People of the Northern Water Tribe! We may not know why the spirits have been riled up! But today! Today we will protect our city from any further destruction. Whether it be man or woman, young or old, we will defend our homes!"

It was then that a dark spirit suddenly screeched and a ton of dark spirits quickly moved as they rushed towards Yue who was the closest.


"Protect the Princess!"

Everyone began to panic and they couldn't move fast enough to waterbend and protect the princess. Fearing for the worse, some people shut their eyes closed, unable to watch as the dark spirits tear at their princess.


A sound unlike ripping apart flesh filled the ears of those who closed their eyes. They slowly opened their eyes and looked at the thing that caused that sound.

When they opened their eyes, they noticed Yue standing proudly behind a large wall of ice.

“Wh-what’s going on?!”

Everyone was surprised by what was happening and no one would have believed that Yue had created this wall of ice if they hadn’t seen her do it just now.

The one with the most shock was Arnook.

‘YUE!! What are you doing there?! How are you waterbending…?’




The dark spirits began to make screeching noises as they jumped over the ice wall and ran around it.

It didn’t take long for the people to move and begin attacking the dark spirits.

They all joined together and fought against the dark spirits. Some used water to freeze the ground and trap them while others used earth to break the ice walls and attack the dark spirits.

But still, the dark spirits continued to charge at the people.

Even though they were using their full strength and speed, the dark spirits continued to pummel the people.

It was then that healers and the waterbending 'sages' appeared and began to 'heal' the dark spirits and turn them back to their good natured selves.

The dark spirits were healed and soon returned to normal.

With the last dark spirit healed and turned into a mult of golden light, everyone finally sighed in relief.


Suddenly, everyone heard Arnook yell in anger and everyone turned to look at him in confusion.

"Wh-what's wrong with the Chief?"

"Why did he say 'no'?"

Everyone looked at Arnook with skeptical and worried gazes.

Yue on the other hand looked at her own father with anger. With her anger finally reaching a breaking point and no longer being able to hold back, even Yue no longer wished to protect her father.

During the past few days, she was stopped by her father from doing things to enjoy her own life. When she finally believed that she had reached a point where she could finally start to truly 'live', her father stepped in and was already trying to ruin things for her.

Genji was the man who had saved her from a dark place where she believed that the only outcome for her was a premature death. She was held at the Northern Water Tribe without much form of freedom, especially as both the daughter of the Northern Water Tribe Chief and the advisor to the Chief.

She had been severely limited from doing anything.

Finally, she had reached a limit where she could no longer hold back.