Working with The Fire Nation
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They all joined together and fought against the dark spirits. Some used water to freeze the ground and trap them while others used earth to break the ice walls and attack the dark spirits.

But still, the dark spirits continued to charge at the people.

Even though they were using their full strength and speed, the dark spirits continued to pummel the people.

It was then that healers and the waterbending 'sages' appeared and began to 'heal' the dark spirits and turn them back to their good natured selves.

The dark spirits were healed and soon returned to normal.

With the last dark spirit healed and turned into a molt of golden light, everyone finally sighed in relief.


Suddenly, everyone heard Arnook yell in anger and everyone turned to look at him in confusion.

"Wh-what's wrong with the Chief?"

"Why did he say 'no'?"

Everyone looked at Arnook with skeptical and worried gazes.

Yue on the other hand looked at her own father with anger. With her anger finally reaching a breaking point and no longer being able to hold back, even Yue no longer wished to protect her father.

During the past few days, she stopped by her father from doing things to enjoy her own life. When she finally believed that she had reached a point where she could finally start to truly 'live', her father stepped in and was already trying to ruin things for her.

Genji was the man who had saved her from a dark place where she believed that the only outcome for her was a premature death. She was held at the Northern Water Tribe without much form of freedom, especially as both the daughter of the Northern Water Tribe Chief and the advisor to the Chief.

She had been severely limited from doing anything.

Her father was the person responsible for this sort of limitations.

"You! You should have died to the spirits!" yelled Arnook in frustration.

As soon as he yelled that, he realized what he had just said and his eyes quickly widened as he felt fear. Fear that he will be ostracized or attacked.

He had called upon spirits and although others might not know how he had done it, he had just admitted to doing something to have them attack Genji.


Yue flared up in anger and the ice around her cracked.

Everyone looked at the king in surprise and disgust. To believe that their chief would stoop so low as to kill someone for such a 'petty' reason.

"You don't understand! He's disrupting our lives!" said Arnook as he quickly turned to look at Yue with a serious look on his face.

"Why?! Why did you do it? Was it really because he wished to change the lives of women for the better?" asked Yue, making sure to try and understand her own father.


"They why?!"

"Because I had to!!"

"Father! Tell me why!!"

"I… I don't wish to lose my people!"

Yue furrowed her eyebrows and looked at her father with disappointment, "I'm your daughter! However, I am also your advisor! If you had such fears, why didn't you speak to me?"

"Because I wish for women to stick to their roles! To stay at home whilst the men go out to hunt. There's no need for you to go out to fight! I will keep you locked up in the castle if need be!"

Yue felt her heart break at the thought of her father locking her up and tossing her into a prison. Or at least chained up and hidden from the view of everyone.

Unconsciously taking a step back and looking at her own father with disgusted eyes, Yue knew that she could no longer defend her father any longer.

"Father… you…"

Arnook understood Yue's gaze and what he had just said. He regretted it the instant it came out of his mouth. However, he couldn't say anything to refute what he had just said.

Everyone heard him loud and clear.


Before Arnook could say anything else, Pakku had stepped up and waterbended. He moved the ice around Arnook and quickly restrained him with it.

With his mouth covered in ice, Arnook could no longer say anything. He couldn't move either since even his feet and arms were bound together by ice.

Pakku stepped up with a sad but angry look on his face as he looked at Arnook with disappointment and disgust.

"I'm sorry, but I could no longer continue to watch as you continue to make yourself a deeper pit. To defame yourself and make the distrust of the people rise as they continue to hear you… I just couldn't stay still anymore," said Pakku as he shook his head disappointedly.

Arnook widened his eyes before closing them in regret and lowering his head.

Seeing this Pakku said nothing more and moved his hand to the side, signaling to the soldiers, "Take him away and lock him up."

Yue looked at her father's back as he disappeared into the distance with a sad look on her face. Despite the anger she has for him, she still couldn't let go of the familial love she has for him. No matter how much she was disappointed by him or hurt, she just couldn't completely hate her father.

All she would remember were the fun times she had when she was little with her father.

Then, with a resolute look on her face, she turned to the large crowd of people around her and spoke loudly for the first time in her life.

"Today… was filled with various unfortunate events. However! Today! Also marks the day that women are free and equal to men!

Every single person here was a witness to the fact that we are stronger together. Would we have been separate, we would have been overrun and our city that we worked so hard on would be destroyed.

We have entered a new era of change and prosperity. Hard times are ahead of us to complete this process. It's a wonderful thing that will make us grow together as a community that will unify us as one. This was all thanks to Genji for igniting our spirits and helping us flow and change like water along with the currents of time!

To have flexible minds and views!

Which is why I will be naming him as my advisor and an elder of the Northern Water Tribe!

In these times of change, his knowledge and wisdom will be of great help to help us change smoothly."

The crowd was awed.

They couldn't imagine how Yue would suddenly step up and take command so elegantly.

It was such a shock that they were suddenly attacked by spirits and that Arnook was a ruler who had harmed his people in order to stay on the throne. Now, they were more at ease and wouldn't be as shocked if they suddenly had a new ruler or had new customs to adapt to.

However, no one complained. They looked forward to these changes with open arms.

A small handful of people were against this, but their voices were drowned in the cheers of the crowd.

Smiles spread on the faces of the majority of the people and they began to cheer and yell in celebration.


""""Chieftess Yue! Elder Genji! Chieftess Yue! Elder Genji!"""

The people began to chant Genji and Yue's name, recognizing their roles.

It was then that Yue turned to look at Genji and smiled brightly.

Genji smiled and thought, 'Looks like it's going well.'

Thought Genji as he finally accomplished a couple of steps in advancing his control over the Northern Water Tribe.

For now, all he had to worry about was Pakku who could suddenly report everything he experienced here to the White Lotus.

For impersonating the White Lotus, tricking a high-ranking member, and even causing a 'revolution' in a city by 'using' their name could hold some consequences.

'Fuck! I'll just deal with it when the time comes,' thought Genji as he clicked his tongue before smiling and joining Yue.

"Let's focus on recuperating and fixing the damages done to the city and appeasing the victims of the spirit attack," said Genji as Yue nodded and ordered a soldier to do exactly that.

After the soldier nodded and left, Genji and Yue were finally left all alone in the room.


Yue stood up from her chair and walked over to Genji, keeping eye contact with his now exposed golden eyes.

She had such a serious look on her face that even Genji felt a bit awkward under her staring.

'What the hell does she want? Is it the eyes?' thought Genji as he looked at Yue with a fake smile on his face.

"You…" Yue opened her mouth and began to talk. "Did your eyes finally heal?"

Genji raised his eyebrows before smiling 'genuinely', "Yes. It took a while but after some constant healing, I was finally able to see after such a long time!"

Seeing Genji look so happy and excited about his 'restored' eyesight, Yue smiled gently before pulling something out of her coat's inner pocket.

In her hand was a small flask with a liquid in it that even Genji understood within a second that this liquid was something precious. His Spirit Sense and Awakened Senses both told him that this liquid was something precious.

Something within him also acted up, reacting to the liquid within the flask.

Something very deep within him.

"It looks like I got this thing for no reason then," said Yue with a soft smile on her face as she presented the item to Genji.

Seeing the design of the flask, Genji already knew what it was at a single glance.

"What is this?" asked Genji.

Yue smiled and handed the flask to Genji, "Here, keep this with you. It's a gift from me to you, the now Advisor and Elder of the Northern Water Tribe.

This is water from the Spirit Oasis. It enhances the effects of Healing. I was planning on giving it to you to have your eyes heal, but I didn't expect you to already be healed today."

Grabbing the flask and tucking it away into his shirt before tossing it to his inventory with it out of view, Genji thanked Yue for such a lifesaving item.

This water might have the ability to bring back someone from the dead, and the proof was Aang who had died and was quickly brought back to life by Katara.

"This is amazing. Thank you Yue," said Genji with a smirk.

Yue blushed and looked down at the floor whilst saying, "No problem…"

Genji's eyes narrowed into slits as he smiled cunningly, "This… is such an amazing gift."

"R-right! W-what should we do now, moving onward?" said Yue, moving onto a different topic.

She couldn't feel confident around Genji and only felt shy around him. It was like she was nothing but a stuttering mess next to him. She couldn't maintain eye contact against such steady and deep looks from him.

His voice is soothing…

And although he had an appearance above average, he had an inexplicable charm and air of charisma that could attract anyone.

Genji rubbed his chin a little before saying, "We will soon be visited by the Avatar.

He needs a master who can teach him Waterbending."


Yue raised her eyebrows and looked at Genji in surprise, not expecting to hear such an exciting piece of news.

"I've heard sightings of the Avatar and of his return, but I thought they were just rumors and stories to inspire the people to rise against the Fire Nation," said Yue.

At this point in time, stories of Aang's adventures were all spreading already. His time in omashu… helping a small set of villages to revolt against the Fire Nation who had made prisoners and enslaved them, every notable event was recorded and spread across the lands through various merchants and travelers.

"Indeed. After hundreds of years, one would have believed that the Avatar would no longer be a thing," muttered Genji with a smile on his face. 'Hell. Back on Earth in the modern day, most people would no longer mention the Avatar after 20-40 years.'

Genji looked out the window and snickered before continuing to speak, "Yue… I have something I need to tell you."

Yue went stiff for a second, surprised by the sudden seriousness of Genji's voice. She turned to look at him, waiting for him to continue speaking.

"I… am helping a high-ranking Fire Nation 'official' to finally put an end to the war and stop the meaningless deaths. For that to come true… I need your help Yue.

Will you help me? Help me and someone from the Fire Nation to put an end to the war once and for all?"