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"Hm? You wish to be taught Waterbending by me?"



"Thank you Master Pakku!"

Aang smiled brightly and thanked Pakku for being his Waterbending teacher.

Originally, Aang was planning on going to Genji, however…

'I'm sure he's really busy. Even if I'm the… Avatar, I don't think he can just shed all of his responsibilities just to teach me…' thought Aang after remembering how he saw Genji carrying various stacks of papers.

Aang sighed and smiled at Pakku, "When do we start training?"

"Hm? Let's start tomorrow, I have something important to do today," said Pakku, waving Aang away before walking away.

Scratching his bald head, confused, Aang eventually just turned around and walked away as well.

Not long after, Aang ran into Katara who looked pretty tired and with dark circles under her eyes.

"Hey Katara!"

Aang greeted her happily whilst Katara just grunted a little in return.

"Hey Aang… how did looking for a teacher go…"



Fully awake now after hearing Aang's short story, Katara felt like she might go crazy soon.

Not ask the best waterbender because he's PROBABLY busy?!

You will never know if you don't ask first!

"I'll go ask him myself!" yelled Katara as she stomped away from Aang.

"Wa-wait! Katara!"

Aang couldn't do anything as Katara stomped away rapidly. He could just watch as she angrily walked away.

"What is she going to do??"

Aang rubbed his bald head, worryingly as he thought about how Katara looked angry.

"Oh spirits…"


'Where's Genji…' thought Katara as she walked around with a serious look on her face.

She wanted to be taught by the very best so that she can go back to her village and make proficient waterbenders in her little village.

Even when she's the only waterbender in her village at the moment, Katara is always preparing for when there will be more waterbenders at her village.

"Where could he be?" muttered Katara as she walked around the Palace, hoping to find Genji walking around.

Katara found it difficult to find Genji and only after searching nonstop for three hours did she finally stop.

Tired from all the walking around, Katara went to the entrance of the palace and took a seat down on a bench right outside.

She sighed and closed her eyes momentarily as she thought of the dire conditions of her village.

Moments passed and soon…

Tap tap…

Feeling someone tapping on her shoulder, Katara lifted up her head and turned to look at the person who had just touched her.

A beautiful white haired woman was sitting right beside her with a gentle smile on her face.

"Princess Yue?"

Katara looked at Yue with wide eyes before smiling.

"What brings you here Princess Yue?"

Yue smiled and just turned to her right where the Palace was making Katara blush as she remembered where she was.

"I saw you sitting her all alone and wondered whether you are okay," said Yue as she looked at Katara with a kind gaze.


Katara stopped what she was about to say and just sighed before continuing, "I wish to be taught by a skilled waterbender. I know Master Pakku is great, but I wish to be taught by someone more skilled! I… know I'm being impolite when saying this and I apologize."

Yue looked at Katara for a second before smiling and saying, "I won't say anything about it. Everyone wishes for the best of the best.

I will see what I can do to convince Genji to train you."

Shocked by what Yue had just said, Katara widened her eyes and turned to look at Yue with pleasant surprise.


"Yes, I don't see why not. He seems rather carefree recently," said Yue as she shook her head with a smile. "I hope you can keep him busy."

Katara nodded and thanked Yue, "Thank you so much Princess Yue! Thanks for this!"

No longer feeling tired, Katara was smiling brightly as she stood up from the bench happily before saying her farewells to Yue.

Yue giggled and waved her hand a little before also standing up and heading into the Palace.

The next day, Katara was standing in front of the Palace with a look of confidence on her face. A tiny bit nervous, but she was mainly confident as she strolled forward and into the Palace.

She didn't even manage to walk 10 feet in when she was promptly stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

Stopping in place, Katara turned around to see who it was only to see Sokka's unkempt appearance. Dark circles underneath his eyes, undone hair, fidgety movements…

"Sokka… you're a mess!" she exclaimed when she recognized her brother.

They had literally just arrived in the city two days ago and Sokka was already in such bad shape. She followed him yesterday and she didn't see such signs on him before.

"Wow, just… what happened to you?" asked Katara as she worriedly looked at Sokka.

Sokka looked at Katara in silence for a minute before finally managing to open his mouth, only to say…

"... nightmares…"

Sighing a bit, Katara shook her head and said, "Sokka, I don't have time for you jokes right now. I'm about to meet my Waterbending teacher. I can't have you distracting me right now."

Sokka's eyes shook slightly before retracting his hand from Katara's shoulder and slumping his posture, "R-right… I'll… catch you… later…"

Turning around, Katara walked away, leaving a skittish Sokka behind as he looked at his surroundings warily.

Shaking her head in disappointment, Katara sighed before muttering in a low voice, "... why can't I have a normal brother…"

"Hm? What was that?"

Caught off guard by the sudden voice, Katara's eyes widened before looking up at the man who had just caught her off guard.


"Hm?" Genji looked at Katara weirdly for a second before lightly coughing and saying, "That's 'Master Genji' for you young disciple."

"R-right! I apologize, Master Genji…"

"Nevermind that. Come, we have lots of work to do," said Genji as he led Katara over to his personal training area.

After leading her to the training area, Katara looked around in curiosity before focusing her gaze on Genji who was standing still and looking over at her.

Understanding what he was waiting for, Katara stood in front of him and said, "I'm ready, Master Genji."

Genji smirked and said, "Right. Now, let's begin with some simple moves."

Beginning training, Katara followed behind Genji and copied him as they began training.

She kept an eye on every movement he made and how the water moved so fluidly like if it had come to life. It looked so natural that Katara felt like Genji was just following the movements of the water.

'Amazing… so this is a master at work…'

And it was indeed true.

Genji had already hit the 'max' level for his Waterbending skill, but despite the skill already being at 'max' level, Genji continued to work on the skill in hopes of possibly achieving something.

Something like a skill for breaking limits or whatever. However, he knew that it was only hopeful wishing for something like that.

With the training coming to an end, Katara left to go home with a lot of questions. Keeping them to herself for the moment, Katara decided to see how training will go from here on out.

It was an amazing day of training nonetheless, she learned a lot in this entire day than she had ever learned any other day.

With Katara gone, Genji's smile faded and a pensive look appeared on his face.

He walked around for a second before smirking and leaving the training area.

Leaving the Palace, Genji walked around the city, and oddly enough, no one noticed him as he walked right past them.

Before long, Genji appeared at a market where vendors yelled to promote their products.

His eyes locked onto a single figure.

A young man with a ponytail, shuffling around and asking various questions with a tired look on his face.

"Tsktsktsk… poor Sokka," muttered Genji as he walked over to a lone chair and looked at Sokka from afar, watching his every movement and listening to everything he's saying.

'Should I mess with him?' thought Genji as he moved his hand in a smooth motion and like magic. A small area behind Sokka had a hand made from water emerge and rise up to his shoulder where it suddenly tapped his shoulder before rapidly disappearing without a single sound made.


Sokka turned around and his face quickly turned into a confused one as he looked around. However, he saw no one around him and it weirded him out.

Turning to the two people in front of him, Sokka asked, "Was there anyone behind me?"

The two people shook their heads since there attention was on something else when it happened.

Scratching his chin, Sokka sighed and resumed to asking questions about Genji.

Their thoughts on him, his actions, what he's done, how he appeared…

Everything seemed weirdly odd to Sokka.

It was like a well made pattern had a tiny piece within it that didn't match the pattern. However, he only knew that there was something there but couldn't quite pinpoint where it was.

'Just what am I missing?' thought Sokka as he looked over a notepad he had on hand filled with notes.

Suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, Sokka saw someone robbing a distracted old woman.

It was difficult to know who the thief was since they had a brown coat over their body, but Sokka didn't care as he quickly made a move.

"Hey! Thief! Stop right there!"

Quickly making a move, Sokka rushed over to the startled thief and was about to tackle the man when his feet suddenly became frozen to the ground.


Sokka groaned and quickly took out his trustee boomerang and began hitting the ice until he was finally set free.

Without wasting a single moment, Sokka quickly pinpointed where the thief had run to and he aimed his boomerang.

Tracking the thief's movements, Sokka waited for the perfect moment before throwing the boomerang.


Seeing his boomerang whiz through the air, Sokka quickly ran after the thief and watched as his boomerang fell from the sky and right towards the thief.

"Almost there…" said Sokka with a smile on his face.

He had been down in the dumps the past few days hoping to find some dirt on Genji before it's too late.

His eyes narrowed and a silly smile formed on his face as he thought about he will get some amazing rest after revealing Genji's sinister plan or evil side.

Just when he was getting excited, Sokka was shaken awake by the thunderous voice of a scared woman.

"Ahhhh!!! He's dead!! Someone killed the thief with a boomerang!"

Sokka felt his heart stop and his face go pale after hearing the woman's screech and instantly focused back onto the thief and only noticing the color red.

A puddle of red blood under the thief's body.

Sokka's eyes constricted and everyone in the area instantly turned their attention to the culprit who threw the boomerang.

Everyone looked at him with a bit of fear and other's scrutinized his actions.

Feeling all of their gazes, Sokka began to pant heavily before letting out a loud yell.