To Prison, You Guilty Bastard
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Seconds ago, a boomerang was flying through the air and hit the thief square in the head.

However, as the man was knocked unconscious, his body fell down to the floor where a man was selling icicles.



The man was stabbed by the countless icicles pointing upwards.

Despite not being the main reason for the thief's death, Sokka had led the thief to their untimely death.

Everyone has turned to look at Sokka and instantly labeled him the killer.

Sokka was panicking and he shook his head, not believing that he could have killed this thief before him.

He took a step back and stumbled down to the floor where he saw his boomerang to the side.


With a deep intake of air from fear, Sokka quickly made space between himself and his boomerang.

The fear of having killed a man had made him reproachful about using his boomerang now.

A trauma had nestled right at the back of his head, holding him captive.

Tap tap…

Soon, Sokka was surrounded by the NWT's officers. They used Waterbending and quickly handcuffed Sokka using methods they were taught.

Very soon, Sokka was up on his feet with his hands cuffed behind his back. Two officers were standing to his sides and holding his arms as they led him to the prison.

And off in the distance was Genji, with a wide smile on his face.

"Is this the corpse?" asked Genji as he looked at the officers who have yet to touch any of the 'evidence'.

The boomerang was still off to the side on the ground and the body was still over the icicles that pierced it.

The officers nodded and Genji rubbed his chin as he said, "Leave this to me, I will deal with this. After all, this all has to do with the companion of the Avatar.

We can't have the innocent Avatar 'incriminated' or have his reputation tarnished because of the crimes of one of his partners."

The soldiers nodded, understanding that this was obviously a bigger deal since the Avatar was indirectly involved.

"We'll leave this to you then, Chief Advisor!"

The officers soon stomped their feet and began to march away, leaving only a handful of officers behind to keep people from touching the 'crime scene'.

Genji nodded and waited for most of them to leave before making a move.

He went over to the body and couldn't help but let the corner of his lip rise.

Covering the dead body with a thick leather blanket, Genji made the ice rise and encased the dead body. Soon, he called over the officers and had them take the block of ice away for Genji to investigate later.

With all that complete, Genji simply walked over to Sokka's boomerang and picked it up before leaving and dispersing everyone.

Genji raised his head high and walked away like it was any other day.

Meanwhile, he was thinking about other things…

'Haha… such an easy way to stop Sokka from snooping around,' thought Genji as he twirled the boomerang around on his hand. 'There will be some dysfunction in the Avatar Gang, but, all I need to do is fill in that void…'

Back at the palace an hour later, Genji was standing in front of a block of ice with a cold and calculating smile on his face.

Melting the ice, all that was left was a tattered cloak, a bag and a pair of shoes.

With no sign of a body, Genji could only chuckle at the mere sight of just a tattered cloak.


Because Sokka's imprisonment was all but something he had created through sheer Acting and trickery!

The thief? Nothing but a puppet made through Waterbending in a mix of ice and water.

It was extremely difficult to control and in the end, Genji managed to somehow create a puppet. However, to control the puppet, he would need to focus on the puppet entirely and stop doing anything else.

Either way, his plan of 'getting rid of' Sokka worked perfectly. With a bag of penguin otter blood within the puppet, making it look like it was bleeding out was easy.

Genji smirked and began to prepare a fake corpse through the use of his Physician skill and the various animal parts at his disposal.

Skin similar to a humans, the skull of a humanoid beast that was sold in the market, bones, muscles and organs of various animals that are eerily similar to humans', and finally, hair.

[Ding! Skill level up!]

[Ding! Skill level up!]

[<Adept Crafter> (Lvl. 36)]

[<Adept Physician> (Lvl. 38)]

Seeing his Crafting and Physician skill upgrade, Genji knew that his little fake corpse had been completed. However, it still looked fake and he needed it to look real, so, with a bit of help from his illusions and formations, Genji was able to make the corpse look insanely real.

Not a single person would doubt this corpse, not even a trained physician or doctor.

In order to be even mode careful, Genji went ahead and added a formation to stop people from possibly thinking that the corpse is someone they know to prevent any mishaps with the Avatar.

What type of mishaps?

Well the type of mishaps that will make Aang want to protect Sokka from being executed by the people who believe one of their relatives were killed by Sokka.

In times like this were a global war is happening, a peaceful city like the Capital City of the NWT, something like murder would instantly set off the entire city and put them on edge.

Violence would erupt and various people would be nervous to even look at their own neighbors.

However, with this being humans we are talking about, with someone they don't know having been killed, they wouldn't bat much of an eye.

The most they would do would be to say empty things before moving on with their day.

On the other hand, on rare occasions, there are people who definitely care.

But they are only one in a hundred.

With the body complete and the illusion placed, Genji moved and put the cloak on the body before forming icicles and stabbing them into the puppet.

With everything complete, Genji put the body inside a block of ice before finally leaving the room and heading to his office.

The place where he deals with crimes, laws, and various stuff where he helped out Yue.

As Genji was writing on some paper, a figure burst into the room with a firm look on her face.

She stared at Genji for a second before saying, "I want you to release Sokka."

Genji raised his eyebrows before shaking his head with a stern look.

"Release him!"

Katara's voice cracked and her lips began to quiver.

Genji shook his head once more and said, "I can't."

Katara's eyes squinted and tears began to form at the corner of her eyes and her shaky voice came out.

"ReLeasE HiM… PleAse…"

She slowly began to sob as she began to think about her brother and all the times she had seen him smile happily and joke around. And although he had been annoying to her many times, she loved her brother nonetheless.

"PLeAsE…" she pleaded once more as she fell down to her knees, her hands wiping away her tears.

Genji stood up and walked over to Katara before patting her shoulder as he slowly brought her into a hug.

"I'm sorry… but there's nothing to do since your brother admitted to it and everyone was there as a witness," said Genji as he rubbed her back as a smile formed on his face. "I will help him as best as I can Katara, but I don't think he will be able to accompany you on your journey anymore."

Katara bawled a bit more but remained within Genji's embrace before slowly returning the hug and crying a bit harder.

The smile on Genji's face grew a bit and he thought to himself, 'Looks like I have entered asshole territory by manipulating this girl's emotions.

However… it's what's needed to get them to trust me quickly and not question it when I suddenly join them in their travels…'

Rubbing Katara's back gently, Genji felt a little guilty, but he quickly shook it off as he focused on the warmth between him and Katara.

'This feels nice…'


Next day.

"Sokka has been found guilty for the murder of the poor thief whose name is not known.

With the evidence pitted against this poor fool who has murdered someone, either by accident or not, I sentence Sokka to 30 years in prison."

The judge stood up and left after giving Sokka his sentence and everyone began to murmur amongst themselves.

"30 years? He should get a lifetime in prison!"

"Lifetime? He should be executed for killing another human!"

Various people talked amongst themselves and they discussed the various punishments Sokka could have done instead.

However, they all knew that Sokka was only receiving 30 years in prison because of his connection to the avatar.

This didn't make them dislike the avatar or anything like that, rather they looked at Sokka with annoyance and anger. Knowing that a possible killer only received such a light punishment.

They could only watch in displeasure as Sokka was being taken away and to his new 'home'.

Just as Sokka was about to be dragged out of the building, Katara appeared in front of him and the two guards dragging him away.

"No Sokka! You didn't mean to do it! Doesn't that make you innocent?! Don't go!"

Katara looked at Sokka with pleading eyes but Sokka only closed his eyes sadly and with regret before shaking his head.

"No… Katara… I… I killed him… it being an accident doesn't mean that I can continue living freely like nothing happened. Nothing will change the fact that I killed that person…

There's nothing you can do Katara. Not you, nor anyone else.

That's how this works."

Katara dropped her hands to her side gloomily before dropping her head down and looking right at the floor.

As Sokka got dragged away once more, Sokka decided to stop and turn to Katara, telling her something before being dragged away once more.

"Goodbye Katara. Save the world with Aang for me, would ya'?"

With those words spoken, Katara could only lift her head and look at Sokka's disappearing back with a small smile.



"Thank you! Thank you for helping reduce my brother's sentence," said Katara as she looked at Genji with a grateful look on her face.

Genji shook his head and said, "It's nothing. It's the most I can do for the Avatar and my disciple."

"Thank you," said Katara before looking at Genji. "Really… thank you."

"No problem, just relax and make sure to frequently visit your brother," said Genji, smiling 'warmly' at Katara.

Katara looked at Genji's smile and felt her body warm up and she felt butterflies in her stomach.

She remained stunned for a second before suddenly nodding and repeatedly saying, "Yeah… yeah…"

Genji chuckled and watched Katara leave with a smirk on his face.

A red hawk flew through the air, with its wings spread and a sharp gaze.


Suddenly, the hawk heard a whistle and quickly flew down to a building happily.

"What did you write about today, Azula?"

Genji asked himself as he reached out to the hawk and began to pet it gently before giving it a treat.

Grabbing the letter strapped to the bird, Genji unrolled it carefully before reading the contents of the paper.

'General Zhao will be attacking your little tribe.

- Love Azula'


Genji smiled and looked out the window before using his awakened senses and seeing a large amount of warships in the distance.

"Right on time.

Let us commence the next phase," muttered Genji as he burnt the paper in his hands and wrote down a note before sending the bird back to Azula.

Leaving his room, Genji headed straight over to Yue's room only to find her standing there seductively in see through lingerie, exposing her beautiful body and her seductive curves.

"Hey~ Genji…" she seductively cooed.