Yue’s Pleasure (Lemonade 18+)
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A/N: Just advising those that are going to read this lemon chapter-

It's been a while since I've written a lemon scene and it might not be up to standards compared to what I've written before (if it was any good before, I mean).

Anyways, hope you ladies and gentlemen, though I doubt there are many women here… on my book… or any of my particular books…


(* ̄▽ ̄)d


Looking at Yue with a bit of surprise, Genji furrowed his eyebrows and walked over to her slowly.

"Yue… are you sure? Just a couple days ago you said that you weren't ready…" asked Genji as he lifted her head to meet his gaze.

Yue smiled gently, "I'm… ready… and you've already told me that you won't be by my side for long before leaving… however, I will make the most of it and spend my time with you."

Hugging Genji tightly, Yue nuzzled her head into Genji's chest.

Genji chuckled a little before hugging her back.

'Hugs really do feel nice…' thought Genji.

"We aren't able to spend much time together, that's why… I will spend the rest of the nights sleeping with you," muttered Yue as slowly reached down to Genji's crotch with one of her hands, trembling.

'The next two nights? There's a large fleet of warships ready to attack us a day away,' Genji asked himself as he just caressed Yue and waited for her to make the first move in order to not scare her away.

Yue trembled a little before finally being able to touch Genji.

Astonishment filled her as she finally grabbed a hold of Genji's member and couldn't help but retract her hand a little in embarrassment.

"Ah…" she yelped a little, quietly.

Genji chuckled and narrowed his eyes before lifting poor Yue's cute face and planting a kiss on her sweet and plump lips that were waiting for a kiss.

He rubbed her cheek a little as he continued to kiss her and assault her mouth with his tongue.

It wasn't long before both their tongues were fighting a war for territory within their own mouths. It was a shame for Yue that she was fighting a losing battle, a pleasurable loss that is.

"Genji…" she moaned a little after they broke the kiss off a little before resuming with full force.

Like a fight between dragons, both their tongues coiled around each other viciously, saliva connecting them like never before.

Yue's face turned red from shame and once the kiss ended, she fell onto Genji's chest out of breath.

"We're not done yet," whispered Genji, as he lifted Yue's face that was filled with embarrassment. "No use hiding your pretty little face, Yue."

Then, understanding what to do next, Yue closed her eyes and waited for Genji's kiss only to be met with a thumb entering her mouth.

"You're not getting a kiss that easily after wanting to stop," said Genji with a grin as he pressed on Yue's tongue with his thumb.

Yue didn't even have to think as she felt her tongue unconsciously lick Genji's thumb and her lips puckering up to suck on his thumb.

'Wh-what am I doing?' Yue thought to herself in confusion as she began to lick and suck on Genji's thumb.

She wasn't aware why, but Yue began to like being looked at by Genji with a dominant gaze. Sucking his thumb only heightened that pleasure she was feeling.

Yue felt something slide down from between her legs and couldn't help but burn in shame as she thought to herself, 'Why am I getting so wet?'

Genji smirked as he watched Yue scrunch up her eyebrows in shame as her face took a darker shade of brown from embarrassment.

He reached out with his free hand to remove Yue's clothes and easily undressed her, properly revealing Yue's perky and round breasts to his naked eyes.

Such a delectable figure with amazing curves stood before Genji and he couldn't help but stare at her breasts as he cupped one of them into his hands.

Smooth and plump were the first two words that appeared in Genji's mind as he felt up Yue's breasts.

"Mgh…" moaned Yue as she opened her eyes slightly and looked up at Genji with a submissive look on her face.

Genji's eyes lit up and he pushed Yue towards the bed, slipping his thumb out of her mouth before laying her down and laying beside her.

"Wh-what's wro-aah Aah!"

Yue moaned in pleasure as she felt Genji's fingers press on her pussy before she felt it spread open.


Yue yelped in surprise before feeling pleasure wash over her as Genji rubbed her clit.

"Let yourself fall into pleasure Yue… leave yourself to my hands and let me have my way with you…" softly muttered Genji to Yue as she began to show her vulnerable side to him whilst she was feeling pleasure.

"Nnngh…" moaned Yue as she felt Genji's voice soothe her and make her feel calm. "… it…"

"What was that?" asked Genji with a smirk on his face as he leaned in close to Yue's face before planting a small kiss on her lips.

"Do it…" she sweetly muttered as she gazed back into Genji's eyes with her lust filled eyes.

"Do… what?" asked Genji with a smirk as he slowed down his rubbing on Yue's clit, edging her and preventing her from orgasming.

Yue bit her lips in "agony" as she tried moving her hips herself to make herself orgasm under Genji's touches.

However, to her dismay, Genji had anticipated it and moved his fingers alongside her movements, preventing her from cumming.

"Yue… what do you want me to do with you? Do you want me to make you cum? Or do you want me to… thrust… something in you?"

Genji smirked and slowly slid one finger into Yue, surprising her and making her hips buckle as she greatly enjoyed that feeling of something entering her.

She bit her lips nervously as she began to think to herself amidst all the pleasure she was feeling.

'Mgh! Ah… what do I want?! Ah! I…I want to let it go! But… but I want to feel him…' Yue's eyes turned to Genji's eyes.

Genji smirked and squeezed at Yue's clit, making her buck her hips and throw her head back onto the bed as she let out her juices onto the bed.

"AHHH!" Yue moaned in pleasure.

Narrowing his eyes, Genji whispered into Yue's ears, "Looks like someone won't be getting something…"

Suddenly, it was like something snapped within Yue as she quickly turned Genji around and pinned him down into the bed. It was then that she began to lick Genji's neck, slowly going down to his chest before removing the little piece of clothing he had.

"Sssuu… ahh…" moaning and licking Genji's body, Yue used one of her hands to remove Genji's pants and reveal his lower body making Yue excited as her eyes trailed downward and focused on something that was between Genji's legs.

Reaching her hand over to it and grabbing it carefully, Yue blinked her eyes and turned to look at Genji in the eyes.

"I… I did it…" she said before leaning in and planting a kiss on him.

Her hand moved awkwardly up and down on Genji's dick as it got harder and harder by the stroke. Her eyes lit up and she began to move her hand a little faster, becoming smoother as time went on.

"You're… pretty feisty now…" said Genji as he smiled and looked at the smiling Yue.

Yue blushed and lowered her head before straddling Genji and placing herself on top of Genji's cock.

It was then that Genji saw her tremble a bit, nervous and afraid of what's to come.

Genji rolled his eyes inwardly and raised his hand with a smile on his face before lightly caressing Yue's chin.

"In the heat of the moment, you won't feel anything. So look into my eyes and relax," said Genji in a smooth and calm voice, making Yue relax and smile at Genji.

Whether it was Genji's own skill with people or his "skills", Genji had an effect on Yue. Her trembling body slowly stopped trembling and her eyes were now determined as she looked at Genji lovingly.

She lowered her head and gave Genji one nice steamy kiss.

Mauh! Mch!

Their tongues intertwined and they invaded each other's mouths. Their bodies were getting warmed up and their kids was getting more intense.

Genji nibbled on Yue's lip before bringing up his left hand and placing it on the back of her head before pulling her in for an even more intense kiss.

"Mgh… mah… euh…"


Yue moaned and drowned herself within Genji's skillful kisses and his amazing touch. She felt how her tongue and lips were bit on and sucked on and she couldn't believe the amazing feeling she had.

Her stomach churned in delight as she experienced a weird pleasure she never knew about.


She had heard multiple women before speak about their times in bed with their men and never once had Yue heard of such an exhilarating kiss.

Not too mention the amazing touching and the 'foreplay' Genji had shown her with his fingers.

By the time Yue could understand anything of the pleasure she was receiving, she heard a squelching sound that gave her pleasure to hear.

'No! I'm not hearing it! I'm feeling it!' Yue thought to herself in delight as she bounced her ass up and down on Genji and slammed it down.

Her body shivered with delight as she felt a dick go in and out of her. A pleasure she had never felt, not even with her own fingers.

And just like Genji said, before she knew it, she was having sex and it just amazed her. It was an amazing feeling.

Pak! Pak!

These movements… they were nothing the other women of the city had mentioned.

It was strange… it was new… and it was amazing!

"Ahh! So good! Why haven't we done this before?"

Yue exclaimed out in pleasure as she brought up her hands up to her body and pressed them up onto her breasts.


Pak! Pak!

Yue threw her head back and rolled her head back at the sudden electric feeling she had suddenly felt.



Her hips shook and her body trembled as a liquid rapidly came out of her pink slit, coating Genji's cock in nature's lube.

"Ahhh! Ahh! More!"

Moaned Yue as she experienced such an amazing orgasm.

"Ho~? You have sensitive nipples when you're excited?"

Suddenly hearing Genji's soothing voice, Yue brought back down her head and her gaze fell upon Genji's teasing golden eyes.

Nervously smiling, Yue blushed hard and turned her head to the side in embarrassment.



Suddenly, another electric feeling befell her body and Yue knew who was the cause.

Pak! Pak!

She looked at Genji with an embarrassed look and tried to hide her face with one of her hands as she continued to bounce on Genji's cock.


"D-don't… Mgh! Don't flick… Mgh… my nipples…" muttered Yue in between moans, not stopping for a second despite already experiencing two orgasms.

However, it was of no use as Genji chuckled and began to tease Yue's breasts and pinching her nipples, constantly sending electric waves of pleasure into her body.

"Annhh!! N-no! St-stop! Yo-you'll make m-me… ANNHH!!"



Yue didn't even get to finish what she was going to say as she orgasmed once more under a pinch of her right nipple.

"Let it out Yue. Let me see your true self," muttered Genji in his soothing voice, making Yue lose herself in the feeling of pleasure.

Pak! Pak!

The sound of naked flesh slapping against each other resounded within the room and echoed for a second within the room made of packed ice.

Pak! Pak!

Yue had let herself go and began to move her hips more rapidly as she only looked for the nice and amazing feeling of release!

"More! Mgh! Ahh!"

Her moans and Genji's light grunts filled the room along with the sound of clapping.

"Let's make this more interesting…"

Out of nowhere, Yue felt the world move and before she knew it, Genji was on top of her and her legs were moved up before slowly moving them to Yue's upper body.

"Mm… yes. Such a delicious sight. An exquisite and round bottom and such a beautiful pink pussy glistening because of your naughty juices," muttered Genji loud enough for Yue to hear and make her feel embarrassed.

With her legs up in the air like that, Genji slowly approached her and slid himself into Yue's glistening pussy and pushing his entire weight onto his pelvis, making his cock enter as deep as it can into Yue.

"Ah! Oh spirits! That's! That's really deep! Anh!"

Yue gasped and moaned as she could feel Genji slowly slide deep within her and expanding her.

"Hmm… that's not the feeling…"

Yue heard Genji mutter to himself and wondered what it was before suddenly feeling him pull himself out of her.

'No! D-don't pull out!'

And as if Genji had heard her, Yue felt Genji enter her once more. However, this time he had entered with such vigor and force that it astounded Yue!




It was an amazing feeling as Genji entered her multiple times with such strong and deep thrusts. Thrusts that brought her a large amount of pleasure to the point of making her feel like her mind was going blank everytime she felt a thrust.





Before Yue knew it, she had orgasmed once more, but Genji didn't stop and it made her feel amazed. It was a shame that she had orgasmed so many times already.

Her body couldn't resist it anymore and it only felt like the pleasure was something agonizing since she couldn't orgasm anymore.


Genji's eyes narrowed in delight and instantly knew that Yue had reached her limit. He pulled out of her with a light pop sound as large amount of Yue's liquid left her body in a rush and wet the sheets.

"Ah… haha…" chuckled Genji as he gave himself a few strokes before approaching Yue's face and feeling his balls tighten up.

A creamy white liquid left Genji's body and landed over Yue's face making her look extremely erotic as she gave Genji such an amazed and pleasured look after having the most amazing time of her life.


Without warning, Genji suddenly placed his dick into Yue's mouth and moved his hips a little after feeling Yue's tongue slide over the tip of his cock.

With one light and final thrust, Genji released the rest of cum into Yue's mouth, giving her one last surprise.

"Mgh?! Hmm…"

Genji slid out and gave Yue a satisfied smiled before using his Waterbending and moving the cum from her face and just when he was about to throw it away, Yue suddenly grabbed onto Genji's hand and looked at him with an embarrassed look on her face.

"D-don't… I… I think… I like its taste…" muttered Yue with an embarrassed look on her face.

Genji raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything since he liked it when a woman swallows.

With a look of amusement on his face, Genji watched as Yue slurped the creamy liquid and savored it before swallowing.

It wasn't even surprising that his dick had gotten rock hard after what she had just done.

Yue noticed it and before she could say anything, Genji was already dressing himself up with a smile on his face.

"Rest up Yue… we have a lot to talk about later," said Genji with a smile, downplaying the seriousness of General Zhao's attack that will happen soon.

"Mm…" Yue nodded with a smile and assumed it was just the usual convo and didn't say much as she watched Genji leave.

Leaving the room with his clothes on and a rock hard dick in his pants, Genji was feeling a little pent up despite already releasing a second ago.

'After my stats went up… my vigor went up too,' thought Genji as he opened the door slowly and was surprised as to what was on the other side.

"Is something wrong Genji?" asked Yue from the bed as she looked at Genji stand at the door.

Stopping at his spot and smiling gently, Genji looked at the two cute servant girls standing at the door with blushed faces and their hands between their legs.

Genji chuckled a little before turning to Yue and answering her question.

"It's nothing… I was just thinking about something. I'll see you later," said Genji before leaving the room and closing the door, leaving a smiling and satisfied Yue.

Looking at the two cute servants, Genji's eyes narrowed into slits, "Now, why don't you two fine ladies join me?"