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Pakku groaned in pain as he jumped back and fell on his ass. He quickly waterbended some ice onto his feet to offset the burning pain on his soles.

Whilst doing all that, Pakku kept his eyes on the bright red glow on the floor and watched in shock as the ice was beginning to melt.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Pakku quickly moved away and hid away from the glowing red light.


"We've made it out and there's no one in sight," said a Fire Nation Soldier as he looked at his surroundings before jumping out of the hole.

Once that man was out, many other soldiers began to jump out and follow behind the first man.

"Squad 14 has made it out," muttered one of the soldiers.

As Pakku listened in, he began to make his way out slowly.

He didn't wish to attract any attention to himself so he had to avoid a fight right now.

To take out the Fire Nation and prevent them from invading the Northern Water Tribe, Pakku had to partner himself up with his new enemy, Genji.

In order to save the Northern Water Tribe, he had to prevent himself from killing Genji… for now.

Sneaking out of there, Pakku managed to slip out without alerting any of the Fire Nation Soldiers.

Just when he thought he was away from the Fire Nation Soldiers, Pakku found out that he was wrong.

His eyes widened and was shocked to see the Fire Nation Soldiers within the Northern Water Tribe and launching an all out attack on the surprised Waterbenders.

'How did this happen?!'

Underneath the palace, in the prison, a group of two Fire Nation Soldiers had infiltrated and instantly began killing the prisoners by burning them to death.



"You filthy ash-makers!"

As each prisoner died one by one, the soldiers slowly made their way down the long corridor filled with prison cells.

By the time they made it to the last two cells, the Fire Nation Soldiers glanced at the second to last cell, confused as to why it was empty.

"The last cell has someone in it, right?"

One of the soldiers turned to look at his partner for confirmation and when he saw the nod, he grew even more confused.

"I'll check it out, go ahead to look at who is in the last cell," said the Fire Nation Soldier as he slowly burnt the ice bars.

Entering the cell quietly, the Fire Nation Soldier looked around curiously, wondering where someone could possibly hide.

As he thought about this, his eyes trailed over to the bed on the side.

The bed was an average one made of wood, very cheap, but enough for criminals to sleep in them.

Walking slowly to the bed, the Fire Nation Soldier looked at the bed warily before deciding to suddenly attack with a powerful fiery attack.


With a powerful stomp of his foot and his use of firebending, the Fire Nation Soldier managed to destroy the bed and burn it to a crisp.

"Hm? There's nothing underneath it- Ack!"


Suddenly falling to the floor, the Fire Nation Soldier didn't even have a chance to look at it's aggressor as he suddenly fell to the floor dead.

Standing before the dead body of the Fire Nation Soldier was Sokka, in his hand was a large sharp piece of ice with blood dripping from it.

Sokka's hands were shaking badly as a grave look appeared on his face. His eyes landed on the corpse before him and his eyebrows scrunched up together in pain.

'I… killed another…'

"Ajul, something wrong?"

Suddenly, the dead Fire Nation Soldier's partner called out as he made his way over to where the dead Fire Nation Soldier was. After hearing a loud noise akin to something falling to the floor, the Fire Nation Soldier had some doubt arise in his heart as he stopped his torture on the dying Chief Arnook.


Glancing at the man beneath his feet, the Fire Nation Soldier gritted his teeth and gave Arnook one last stomp to the face before walking out of the cell and heading over to the next cell.


Just as he was about to enter the neighboring prison cell, a black shadow flashed before his eyes and he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen.


Groaning in pain, the Fire Nation Soldier stumbled back and looked at the figure in front of him with a confused look on his face.

In front of him was a young man about the age of 15-16, his face filled with pain and his eyes filled with sorrow.

'Damn it! Just… who… is he…'

The Fire Nation Soldier slowly slumped to the ground as his eyes grew lifeless and his arms limped to the side.

'I… had to do it…' thought Sokka as he clenched his fists.


Hearing a cough, Sokka's eyes widened and he quickly remembered about the existence of the Northern Water Tribe's ex Chief.

Quickly rushing to the next cell and over to the fallen body of Arnook's, Sokka quickly stood over him and felt sad.

Arnook's gaze that was originally lost slowly focused on Sokka, his breath getting weaker by the second.

"Don't… trust… Genji…" muttered Arnook as the light in his eyes dimmed and he fell into an eternal rest.

After hearing Arnook's words, Sokka frowned.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before suddenly punching the ground in anger.

'I knew it…'

Slowly exiting the prison with the armor of the Fire Nation, Sokka slowly disappeared into the chaos within the Northern Water Tribe.


Running out of the building, Genji glanced around at the chaos and could only sigh.

He wasn't the kindest out there, but he had tried his most to strengthen the Northern Water Tribe these past few days. However, all of that would go to waste if Zhao ends up killing one of the spirits for Waterbending.

With that problem about to rise, Genji made sure to look for Zhao to kill him to prevent that from happening. Not just that, but Genji wouldn't like Yue to die.

He had already grown fond of Yue.

If she were to die, Genji would feel sad, a feeling he wouldn't like to experience again.

'Again… have I experienced something similar before?' thought Genji. As far as Genji was concerned, his past was a blur to him.

As much as he tried to remember his past, nothing would come to mind. The earliest memory he had was back when he first appeared in this world.

Frowning a little, Genji was about to continue thinking about this problem when he suddenly caught a glimpse of someone whilst he was running around the Northern Water Tribe.

'Was that…'

Suddenly stopping, Genji froze and slowly turned his head to look behind him.

His eyebrows were raised and a look of pleasant surprise appeared on his face as he looked at the absolute beauty before him.

A young woman at the age of 19 was standing right before him.

Her gaze was sharp and condescending and her eyes were beautiful like those of a Phoenix. Long and luscious black hair and piercing yellow eyes.

A slim waist but a moderately sized breasts and a nicely shaped bottom. Her legs were long and her thighs were just the right size.

Such a beautiful and seductive looking woman was difficult to find and yet Genji had found her.


"Azula…" muttered Genji as he gazed at the woman who has yet to see him.

Smiling a little, Genji walked over to Azula, disappearing into his surroundings by using his illusion skill before slowly appearing behind her.


Azula, who was just admiring the chaos, heard someone's voice behind her. In full alert, Azula turned back fiercely with her hands raised into her fighting stance only for her to suddenly freeze when her eyes fell on the glowing golden eyes before her.


"Looks like my surprise has been ruined," said Azula with a smirk as she narrowed her eyes and glared at Genji.

Genji snickered after hearing Azula and couldn't help but say, "A surprise that might have killed me I'm sure."

"Hm, a surprise that would have definitely 'blown' you away," said Azula in a joking manner.

"What brings you here, Azula?"

Genji slowly approached Azula as she lowered her arms and looked at him with a calm look on her face. Her eyes no longer showed the condescending look from earlier, instead it was replaced by one filled with interest.

Azula smirked and also began to approach Genji in a confident manner as she responded, "I can't come and visit my most favorite admirer?"

"Depends on what those intentions may be…"

Slowly, Azula and Genji were keeping a distance of five feet away from each other as they walked in a circle, their eyes glued to each other.

"My intentions are completely pure!"

Azula smiled but Genji could definitely feel like she was lying. He looked at her smiling face and couldn't help but feel that Azula looked a bit different compared to before.

"Intentions so pure you had to use make up?" asked Genji as he noticed what made her look different.

"You noticed?" Azula raised an eyebrow and lifted on hand before placing it on her cheek and tilting her head. "So, how is it? Do I look any better?"

"Hmph, your natural beauty is much better than your caked up face," said Genji with a smirk.

Azula narrowed her eyes and before Genji could react, Azula had launched a sneak attack. She struck fast and her fist was about to land on Genji's face but his reaction was quick and he managed to stop her fist with his hand.


"A good response…" muttered Azula as she thought about what Genji had said earlier about her makeup.


Azula struck again and Genji managed to block the fist again and before he knew it, they began to fight against each other. Without using their bending abilities, both Azula and Genji were fighting against each other with their fists and legs.

Although it could be called a fight, Genji didn't fight back and was just casually stopping every single one of Azula's punches and kicks.

"You know…"

Azula flinched a little when she heard Genji's voice, but she didn't stop attacking. Instead, she had sped up and attacked even stronger than before as she anticipated his next words. Her heart was thumping and all she could compare this feeling to would be to when she was about to receive praise from her father.

The highest form of pleasure she could receive.

Before, she couldn't even express a single bit of those feelings. Now, with Genji by her side, Azula felt like she could reveal herself a little to this mysterious individual before her.

The individual she would swap cards with and had made her change.

"You're extremely beautiful today. A beauty who is ready to conquer the world and dominate it," said Genji as he smiled widely and gazed straight into Azula's eyes with a sharp gaze.

Hearing Genji's compliment, Azula had unknowingly begun to smile and blush a little. Her attacks became even faster than before, but they had lost their lethality and were now just gentle.

It was like Genji's words had thrown her completely off her game.


Before Genji knew it, he had been driven up a wall.

Despite blocking every single hit of Azula's easily, Genji had constantly stepped back in to avoid having Azula so close to his body.

In the end, he was led to a dead end and he ended up hitting the wall.


Azula smirked and she raised her hand before suddenly smacking it over to Genji.


Yet instead of hitting Genji, her hand ended up hitting the wall and her face had gotten extremely close to Genji's face.

Their eyes were locked onto each other and Azula had this ferocious look on her face filled with seductiveness that was only enhanced by her smile and her narrowed eyes.

By the time Genji had realized it, their lips were locked together and they were kissing each other.


Breathing heavily, they both began to immerse themselves into the kiss despite the yelling and chaos around them.

Their lips were glued to each other and just when Azula thought a kiss couldn't be any more amazing, she felt Genji's tongue enter her mouth and pleasure her tongue.


Their lips separated and Genji bit her lip lightly before looking into Azula's heated gaze.

"That wasn't too bad," said Azula as she grabbed Genji by the collar and pulled him in for another kiss/


"From now on, every time you see me, you must give me a kiss!"