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First off, I didn't know what to expect when I started posting this fic. It took me a year before I psyched myself up with the courage to go through with it and here we are. And I have to say, I really feel good about myself. It's just one of those things that make me hug my pillow closer to myself when I go to sleep.

Enough about that. Let's get to the reason why I posted this Q&A session.

1. What to expect from this fic.

- To be honest, not even I know. I mean the idea are there but so are others as well. Sure the context of the MC's ability is hax but I try to downplay it a bit without making it seem like a cheap ripoff. Sometimes writing a chapter gets hard and boring so the story sometimes deviates a little until the author, me, get their funk back and pray to whatever deity is out there that their power outage didn't mess up the story.

But one thing for sure is the action and adventure I try to give my best in.

PS: The novels seriously kicks off from chapter 18 upwards so bear with the monologs and non-action of the previous chapters. 

2. MC's personality.

- Where do I even begin with this shit? Most of you might be saying that the MC's character does a flip through the chapters but you forget that he was imprisoned for two years and the only person he could talk to without restraint was himself. Think about that for a minute. And also coupled with the fact that he has a ridiculous active control over his emotions makes it easy for him to flip through it.

Did what I say make sense? Kinda.

Am I just making stuff up? Yes, probably.

3. Was the author on something when he wrote the first few chapters?

- I'm not going to answer that for...reasons. Like I said before, this was my first fic, so while the first few chapters might not seem consistent to some it is what it is. 

Personally I think I did a great job at those chapters.

4. Will MC be OP?

- Definitely. Is it anytime soon? Depends on the circumstances. I mean, MC can be said to be OP from Clint Barton POV but while that might be subjective, I have no plans of making my MC a slouch or a one hit wonder.

5. What timeline or verse is the fic following?

- The base timeline will be Canon MCU, with bits and parts from the comics and other aspects of Marvel. I'll do the best I can I. That regards.

6. What version of the Adaptation and Evolution ability does the MC have.

- Thsi part is harder to answer since there are different routes of power one can go with this ability. If you want to know what I'm talking about just google Superior Adaptation, Reactive Adaptation, Evolution, Absolute Potential and Energy Manipulation of the Superpower Wiki.

7. How long will this story run for?

- Since I'm serious about doing something different than working and lying on the bed all day, this story would definitely be higher than 150 chapters, maybe above 200 but fingers crossed and all that.

8. Romance.


Give me a break will ya? I'm still on the fence about who the love interest would be, so there's that.

But top contenders would be;

Ororo Munroe

Maria Hill

Susan Storm

Jane Foster

Natasha Romanoff.

My personal favorite would be Jane(as the love interest and not best female character).

And now for what you all have been waiting for.

9. Will it be a harem fic?




Sorry, but unfortunately no.

If I made it into a harem fic, it would no doubt turn into a smut fic and as much as I like reading those, I definitely won't write it.

To be honest the story doesn't have the premise of a harem fic and I can promise you this fic won't be one..

I'll update this chapter when more questions arrive.