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[Brazil: 400.000 BC] 


Look, two years have passed since I sent the little ones whose names were Tui, Tuli and Tula, they were brothers and did an excellent job, their short stature and low energy emission made it possible for them to enter really dangerous places and catch very useful materials .

  Now where am I you might be wondering? I moved to a region closer to the heart of what would be Brazil, of course I stayed in an isolated location hidden by a mountain range. Here I erected a forest whose trees were almost the size of buildings, and here I built my forge.

  Here with the materials that the three Saci brought from various places I built many things, and while I did that I taught the three of them a little forging, I intended to make them the leaders of a meeting of Saci to forge many things in the future.

  Some of the materials obtained form the skins and leather of some animals from Asgard and the Jotuns, they were very resistant and of good quality, metals from all possible places including the famous adamant of the Greeks.

  Fun fact all these places are not on Earth just their connection points, all the realms mentioned above are in what is known as SkyLand, a dimension located in the Sphere of the Gods, even I have a place there but still small.

  All the Pantheons have a region in the SkyLand its counterpart in the Sphere of the Gods was the Underworld where all the Death Planes of all the Pantheons, including the Phantom Zone of the Kryptonians.

  And these little ones used several of those connections with these realms to travel between the worlds of SkyLand, I must say I was very impressed when one of them came back with a book of Nidavelir runes.

  And now we were here working on my latest invention, I was using my time productively to develop myself, my first task was to take this region as completely mine, for that I will have to beat the gods of this region, I had already managed to make progress on it.

  A few months ago while using my senses I managed to find the sun god of a tribe his name was Guaraçaí and he was a tremendous asshole, of course I had no principle in giving him a beating and using his body as a source of energy for my forge, making it much more efficient.

  With the heat of a god and with the materials I created some objects, a spear similar to King's from that Nanatsu no Taizai, I didn't see it but I knew its powers due to a friend of mine, then it was a spear similar to Karna de Fate that in in my opinion he was one of the best characters.

  And now cooling in front of me was a mirror, it was very exquisite and arguably better than any mortal hand could do, that was my dimensional mirror, I intend to use it to find other dimensions, more specifically those that don't have an owner.

  The three brothers were sleeping in their rooms after work, their skills in this art have evolved a lot, mine too because now I really feel prepared to face any God in this region.

  I discovered that there are humans, but they are not the type I know, they are more primitive and do not have a proper soul. I think we are in the period before the origin myth of "man" they are the ones that walk around.

I found out more or less my time period, after a lot of effort I remembered that Zeus was born around 300,000Bc.

  At that moment the race that dominates Olympus in SkyLand are the Titans, a powerful race but without a domain of their own at birth, having to conquer it.

  The most prominent are Kronos, their leader and most powerful, Atlas the main general and physically strongest of the race, and Reia, queen of the Titans and mother of the strongest trio in Greece.

  Currently Asgard was ruled by Bor and it was only a matter of time before his children reached adulthood, Osiris had not yet been sliced ​​by his brother and the indigenous gods are still very new there in Mexico.

  I think in my situation I'm just a god, however powerful if I want to maintain an empire my people need myths to learn and believe. I think about what I should do I think the best way was to get gods that are somewhat forgotten in their Pantheons.

  Right here in Brazil I can get the goddess of the moon and water Jaci, besides being very beautiful it can be useful, I intend to take Brazil and other parts of this continent, not entirely just enough to be a bigger country.

  My plan was to create something similar to the Wakanda counterpart for this universe, honestly I'll just take the name and use it here, I also changed my name and now everyone knew me as Aman the Mighty.

  There was also something I wanted to do and that was to make my own humans, they would have a difference from others, in such a volatile universe my people need whatever protection they can get.

[Ten Years After] 

Another ten years passed and everything was ready, one of Guaraçaí's friends came looking for him and I simply put him in a jar and sealed him inside, now this has made me an enemy of the gods led by Tupã.

  The battle took place in the sky in their region in SkyLand, I must say that I was surprised by their strength, while their group consisted of about half a dozen gods I brought my inventions the stone giants and some creatures like giant eagles with multicolored feathers .

  In the end, the final battle was between me and the supreme god of the future Tupi Guarani, he threw lightning and manipulated the weather, his lightning was very strong but I managed to fight back each one without much effort.

  "You can't beat me young god, but your strength impresses me join us and give back Guaraçaí and I promise I will forget this confrontation."

  I smiled and gave my answer.

  "Thank you but if I intend to be the king of this whole region then I can't even think about the possibility of surrendering, I appreciate your offer nonetheless."

  "Let it be a boy, but know that you at least have my respect."

  Soon the sky fills with lightning and Tupã increases his size to at least two hundred floors, really impressive but I wouldn't come here to lose, all the gods connected to him were looking at our battle now.

  I smile and behind me a golden portal appeared and from it I took something that could very well look like a cannon with a handle, because in this period of learning with effort and a lot of spent material and runes I created my strongest divine weapon.

  Sword of Rupture EA, able to pierce the sky itself and that included its gods, Tupã seems to have sensed the danger and shoots all his energy at me, I smile and do the same pointing EA at him.

  In the sky two glows, one golden and one blue and two armies below watching everything with admiration, in the heart of the indigenous gods a great concern because their leader and strongest member was fighting with everything.

  In the end the golden beam won and from the clouds Tupã with a hole in his chest bleeding fell towards them, I could see the horror on his faces but before the god of lightning fell I caught him.

  "Coff Coff..that was impressive boy."

  "Thanks, you gave me a good fight, old man."

  "Yes… unfortunately my time seems to be up, let me reward you for emerging victorious."

  "All gods above me! the one whose name is Aman has defeated me and therefore is now worthy of the title of leader, sorry to disappoint you, but this is the end of me."

  And then he turned into several particles of light going to I don't know where, leaving only his bracelets, in your honor I'll decide to wear them, have a good trip God of Lightning.

I look at the now defeated "army" of gods looking at me worriedly, I just said they could go back to their homes as I still needed to work on some things, but rebellions would not be tolerated.

  After confirming that I would return Guaraçaí they left, among them I could see Jaci her dark skin like chocolate and hair as white as the moon and blue tattoos in the form of lines on her arms was indeed a very beautiful goddess.

  But now was not the time to go back to my house, my domains in SkyLand increased a lot because it was now the size of what would become Brazil in the future, but I wanted more and conquered some more regions.

  After that came a long process of taking over my domains, but it was worth it when all the other Pantheons heard about the unknown god taking over as King, of course most didn't even care.

  Now I had a whole domain in SkyLand to play with and I did that and turned it into a real fantasy land, mountains, rivers, deserts, forests, fields and even seas, all of which made up what I called Aduim the "Greater Kingdom ".

  This would be the Land of the gods and immortals where the population would not age I took this idea from Lord of the Rings, here my new home was built with the help of the now established "Perendar" people, uniting all the Saci Perere in a single tribe with the three brothers in leadership taught their people the arts of the forge.

  They helped to build everything including the mountains and forests with the help of the Stone Giants whose flame Guaraçaí fed, I released him but his fear was still visible, I will not apologize obviously.

  After that came the construction of my palace where half a dozen gods would live, of course in the region below me, for I was the king and stronger at the time and no one wanted to mess with me.

  It was a total of nineteen gods that I will call "Eldor" lesser gods, the ones that would stand by my side would be the Aldor greater gods, now it was just a matter of choosing but I have time to do that now it was time to make some modifications in my region of Earth.

  With the help of the Perendar the whole region was remodeled, not too much so as not to be too different from the original but still different enough to notice, the Amazon rainforest was a little more enlarged with a large tree whose branches extend throughout the region feeding and connecting everything to the around.

  There the fauna and flora was filled with a new amount of life never seen before, after that came the construction of mountains and volcanoes with one near the coast of the continent, came the fields where there would grow the most beautiful flowers of the most diverse colors.

  Also brought some exotic animals, elephants, tigers, giant snakes, cows and my favorite Black Panthers they couldn't miss. My plan was to make this part of the world similar to the regions of Avatar, a river crossing the entire country with its two points being the coldest with even snow falling.

There I manipulated the ley lines and using a lot of power I managed to connect this area of ​​the world to a set of dimensions that I conquered, that would be the "Amarandrin" or spiritual plane, it would be like the one in Avatar where the residents were made of my energy.

  Inspired by Marvel's Odin I created my own cosmic force that would feed all my domains, I called it "Amin" it would be similar to many other energies with the differential that it is highly renewable. The gods of my Pantheon could use it and when it was introduced to them they liked it very much because it matched their powers perfectly.

  Now only the realms of death were missing, I had a region there too and it was big enough, with some effort I managed to inject my energy there too and now it was under my domain, it was now just a vast field but it would be divided in some time.

  But since there was no mortal life for now I would do that later, when Adam and Eve fell to Earth and all the Pantheons got the idea of ​​making their own humans, it would look less suspicious that way.

  But of course I couldn't be calm because coming towards my lands from the sea a very tall figure was walking without sinking, and by its size I could guess that it was a Titan or a Jotun.

  When his figure became clearer it was possible to see a blue skin, that is, it was a Jotun but while I was waiting for an irrational attack he knelt down to stay out of my vision level.

  "King of these lands, I Ingrid , humbly ask for your help."

  He said and soon I noticed his injuries, well I think it's going to be more interesting than I thought at first.