I Choose You part 1
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"Oh, come on, that's nonsense!" While wearing a simple black shirt and blue pants, a fifteen-year-old teenage boy with black hair and brown eyes grumbled.

Austin Kevin is his name, and he was irritated to the point of indignation. 

"How the heck can Pikachu lose against a rookie Snivy, the Pokemon who defeated a Regice and held his own against a Latios?" Incredulous, Austin inquired. "Yes, his electric attacks were gone, but he could have utilized Iron Tail to launch that snake!"

This wasn't the first time he'd been irritated by the Pokemon Anime. There was a period when Ash only took Pikachu to Hoenn and didn't use any of his other Pokemon for one episode except for Bulbasaur, before doing it again in Sinnoh.

He switched the TV off, shaking his head and muttering to himself. "Anyone could do a better job." Austin grimaced as he turned away and put on his headphones to listen to music.

It would be another hour before his parents returned, so he planned to have as much fun as he could until ten, because it would be time to go school shopping once they returned.

Austin couldn't help but think about the Black and White Series while listening to New Divide, and how much better it could've been if they'd retained the growth that Ash made in Diamond and Pearl.

They could've done a lot more with him if he'd taken more than Pikachu.

That was a complete and utter farce.

Austin noticed he was exhausted only a minute into the song, which was strange because he had just been exuberant.

With a yawn, Austin decided to take a nap before his parents returned home, and he slowly drifted off.


Austin moved his head away from the sunlight coming in and curled up in his covers, his nose twitching.

... Hold your horses.

He didn't cover himself with any blankets.

Austin blinked open his eyes, startled by the fact that he was in a room that was not his.

Austin crawled out of bed as if he couldn't walk, and he noticed a Clefairy piggy bank, a Zubat hanging from the ceiling, and a Snorlax bed on the floor before coming upon a smashed voltorb clock with a small Pidgey on it.

Austin blinked a few times before walking, stumbling as he passed a mirror glancing in it.

When he noticed Ash Ketchum staring back at him, he came to a complete stop.

In the green pajamas, he wore in the first episode

As Ash's reflection drew closer, Austin took a step closer to the mirror and lifted a palm to his face, mirror.

'N-no way,' Austin was taken aback.

This was not going to happen.

It isn't possible.

"H-How -." Austin came to a halt since that wasn't his voice.

... It belonged to Ash.

After taking it all in, Austin made the prudent decision.

He let out a shriek and quickly realized that it wasn't such a good idea a few seconds later when he heard footsteps approaching swiftly and the door opened to reveal a young woman with mahogany hair and amber eyes wearing a pink buttoned shirt and blue jeans appearing anxious.

"Ash, are you okay?" Austin was filled with fear when Delia Ketchum inquired.

His first reaction was to say that he wasn't Ash and that this was absurd.

He didn't want to appear insane, though.

... And it gets worse.

As a result of the broken clock, he had to improvise by estimating where he was in the chronology. "I didn't get enough sleep!" Austin exclaimed as he entered the role of Ash so she wouldn't ask questions as he ran by her, a little uncomfortably since he wasn't even in his own body, demonstrating that he wasn't acclimated to the body of a ten-year-old.

"Wait a minute, you have to eat-." When Delia spotted Ash sprinting out the door, she came to a halt and smiled. "Just like your father," says Delia

Austin was in a panic as he sprinted down the street, unsure of where he was heading but unconcerned.

He's got to figure out what's going on!

'This is a dream,' says in a chant, Austin told himself. 'It's a dream, a realistic dream, but a dream nonetheless.'

This was not going to happen.

He'd wake up at any moment, with his parents preparing to take him shopping for school supplies.

... Any second now.

Austin came to a halt while panting and realizing that he had run far from Ash's house, which was still visible.

"Well, obviously, I'm in Pallet Town." For the sake of maintaining sane, Austin said to himself... Alternatively, to keep himself from yelling. "And then I turned into Ash."

Austin shook his head, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself down, unsure whether he had genuinely lost his mind and was in a rubber room, thinking he was in Pallet Town.

Hearing a commotion, Austin looked up to see a huge crowd standing in front of the gates that led up a hill where the Oak Pokemon Lab as he calmly walked over in time to hear an arrogant voice. "Well Ash, better late than never I suppose."

Not paying attention until he remembered that he was Ash right now, Austin looked over to see a brunette kid the same age as he was now wearing a blue shirt and black pan and was holding a Pokeball.

"G-Gary Oak?" Austin asked, his brain short-circuiting a bit.

"That's Mr. Gary to you, show some respect," Gary said causing Austin to remember what a douche Gary was in the first season. "Well Ash you snooze, you lose and you're way behind from the very start, I have a Pokemon and you don't."

Not liking his attitude one bit, Austin didn't stop a retort. "Must be some Pokemon if it has to put up with your big head."

Gary felt his eye twitch as some surprise flickered on his face considering how Ash didn't use insults like that. "I bet you're wondering what Pokemon it is-."

"Squirtle." Austin deadpanned causing Gary to gape.

"How did you know?!"

Realizing he might've said too much, Austin sighed. "There are three choices, I just chose one." He lied, trying to be convincing.

Gary looked at Austin weirdly before shaking his head. "Well it doesn't matter, I have a journey to start." He said getting in the red car as it showed another person was driving it. "Smell ya later Ashy-Boy."