A Ghostly Situation
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[ POV Change ]

It was a beautiful night.

The stars were bright.

It was the most peaceful night on that day.

Austin took a stroll through the town he was staying at with Pikachu on his shoulders.

He needed some fresh air after everything that he said to his friends.

Not that many people were around though as if everyone else went to bed.

"How come no one is out on a beautiful and peaceful night out like this?", Austin asked.

" Pika, Pi." Pikachu just shrugged as Austin said, "Maybe they thought it was too scary to stay up past their bedtime."

Pikachu's ears dropped at his trainer's terrible sense of humor.

Austin just sighed as time went on, they both enjoyed the beauty and peace surrounding them.

I needed this.

Austin thought before something attracted his attention.

The news was being broadcasted on television on display.

Austin stopped as he saw the team rocket logo on display.

[…] officers had to intervene after a seemingly peaceful protest escalated to an aggressive conflict between protestors from the Naturalist movement and a small group of civilians. The movement, self-denominated the "Acolytes of Mew", is a group of ideologists known for their radical views against the current state of Pokémon, calling out the man-made intervention and modifications as blasphemous. According to them, Pokémon should remain the creatures they were always known as and not the overdeveloped […]

[…] in other news, a crime was committed last Sunday night inside the grounds of the Gladiadores Arena, located on the East part of Saffron City. Francisco Drake, a Lucha Libre Pokémon player of the newly emerging sport Pokkén, was found dead having presented severe head trauma. Paramedics were called as soon as a spectator discovered the body lying on the floor of the building's parking lot but unfortunately were not able to do anything as the individual had already passed away. Drake was a member of a prestigious family line of athletes, who have called for justice against this act and demanded for the perpetrator be found. Authorities cordoned off the site this morning and the investigation suspects the involvement of team rocket […]

Austin frowned at the news but for some reason, he felt as if he was being watched.

 Suddenly out of the blue, a small drizzle began to occur causing Austin to look up in confusion.

I am sure there were no rain clouds when I came in.

( ~ Ting ~ )

Wortortle broke out of his Pokeball as he began to enjoy the rain which was slowly turning into a downpour. The rain was coming down in torrents and forming puddles on the ground and lightning moved through the air, lighting up the landscape for a moment, as everyone searched for shelter. Meanwhile, Wortortle was having the time of his life in the rain.

Austin hoped to reach his inn faster, but it looked as though that would have to wait; the wind was so strong that it was nearly impossible to walk against and the rain was stinging their faces except for Wortortle, making it hard to see more than a few feet in front of us. 

Austin tried to enter the T.V store but it was closed.

Then why is the T.V running? 

Austin thought furiously before Pikachu shouted out.

Following Pikachu's finger, a large and crumbling mansion with paint flaking off the walls and several wild Zubats fluttering in and out of a broken window. What with the storm and everything, it was so eerie that it bore a strong resemblance to the set of a horror film.

' Ok, that's just screaming it's a bad idea to go in there.'

"Maybe a mad scientist lives there," Austin suggested. "And he's going to capture us and use us in some evil experiment."

" Pika, Pi." Pikachu glared at his trainer for trying to scare him while Wortortle spat out the rainwater he tried drinking. Why is it so bitter?

" We are only staying at the porch until the storm dies down."

Pikachu nodded as, after everything that happened in Lavender Town, he was done with anything creepy.


Austin, Pikachu, and Wartortle stood bored as it rained cats and dogs.

Austin and Pikachu were playing I-spy when Wartortle suddenly turned with something tapped his shoulders.

Suddenly a hand of darkness outstretched from the ground and snatched up Wartortle's glasses before fleeing.

Wartortle followed after into the creepy mansion.

Pikachu and Austin stared at one another before releasing a sigh.

Of course, this was going to happen.

The door creaked on its rusty hinges as Austin pushed it open, sounding as though it was complaining to itself about being disturbed after a long and pleasant sleep. It was dark inside, so dark that they could hardly make out the silhouettes of the others, and there was a gloomy air about the place as if some unspeakable horror had occurred within these walls. Maybe whatever that was had been the reason this house had stood abandoned for however long it had been, Austin speculated as he steeled himself and stepped over the threshold with Pikachu hiding inside the backpack.

" Real brave buddy."

" Pika, Pikachu," Pikachu called out from the backpack.

Austin could feel a light switch on the wall and flicked it in the hope of giving themselves some light. But nothing happened - the chandelier whose outline was visible on the ceiling continue to hang there unilluminated. "The electric's off," Austin told Pikachu.

Austin released Charmeleon from his Pokeball as his tail lit up part of the room allowing them to see at least some of their surroundings, which appeared to consist of an old parlor of the sort once found in relatively wealthy households. A large fireplace and mantelpiece dominated the wall immediately in front of them, the chairs were made of red velvet with high backs and craved wooden armrests and an Arcanine stood tall and proud in the corner. But there was something odd about it - it hadn't moved a muscle and, when we got closer, we immediately saw why . . .

"It's stuffed," said Austin as used the light provided by his Pokedex as his torch on the Arcanine and revealed its glassy lifeless eyes. Beside me, Charmeleon shuddered at the sight of the Pokemon frozen into a position that made it look as though it would come to life at any moment, but I was quick to try and reassure him.

"It won't hurt you," Austin told him "It's just a dead Arcanine and dead things can't do you any harm . . ."

'Well, why didn't its trainer bury it?' 

Austin thought while keeping a wary distance from the Arcanine. 

Who in their right mind would want to come within touching distance of such a thing? But Austin also had an idea what the unknown trainer's motives had been . . .

"I expect whoever its trainer was couldn't bear to be parted from it," Austin suggested. "All the same, I don't think we'll be spending the night here. Let's find Wortortle before he hurts himself . . ."

Pikachu and Charmeleon nodded hurriedly.

Austin held his makeshift torch in front of him as he led the way up the creaky old stairs, which squeaked loudly as we stepped on them. None of them had any idea what they would find in the upstairs rooms, but Austin hoped that they would find Wortortle as fast as they could.

" Wortortle!"

" Pika !"

" Char !"

Austin was distracted by his thoughts before Pikachu grabbed him by the shoulder.

Austin whipped around intending to scold Pikachu for startling him. But the words died on his lips when he saw the terrified expression on his face.

"Pikachu," he whispered nervously as he raised his paw towards his ear.

"Hear what?" Austin asked, cupping his hand around his ear. "I don't hear anything."

' Ok, this is official. I have the worst luck ever. First lavender tower and now this.'

Munna, Clefable, and Ninjask emerged from their Ball in a flash of light and stood beside me protectively.

Charmeleon, Munna, Pikachu, Clefable, and Ninjask - five Pokemon assembled beside Austin, all of them alert for the slightest hint of trouble. We could only hope that they would be enough for whatever was lurking here; this was exactly the sort of place where Ghost Pokemon liked to hang out . . .

As if even thinking about Ghost Pokemon had tempted fate, the sound of mocking laughter issued forth again - and, this time, we all heard it. "Haunt haunt haunt," came the eerie whispering laugh of a Ghost Pokemon from somewhere nearby, although none of us could tell where. That was the problem with Ghost Types - they were notoriously tricky to spot and were inclined to play mischievous tricks on unwary trainers.

The sound spooked Pikachu before he hid behind Austin's leg. And the other Pokemon seemed rather nervy as well.

Before the floor suddenly split out a pie splattered on everyone's faces.

" Kekekekeeke." 

From the shadows, the shiny alpha haunter they battled in Lavender Tower emerged with Wortortle laughing on Haunter's back.

Austin couldn't help but break out laughing in disbelief at the situation they were in.


[ An Hour Later ]

After surviving Haunter's prank, Austin made his way back to the inn only to receive a call from Agatha.

 "Your father's… pokémon?" Austin swallowed, trying to digest what he had just learned. "Your father…"

"Ethan Ainsworth," Agatha pronounced. "My father had left to reseal that monster you fought in lavender Tower… and then never came home again. "

Austin cast a sideways glance at the door. 

Haunter dissipated inside the shadows lining the corridors while Pikachu was on edge since he had become a victim of Haunter's pranks.

" Elite four."

" It's just Agatha."

" Agatha, what is Haunter doing here? Shouldn't he be with you ?"

" She."

" Pardon."

" Haunter is a she."

" Sorry, shouldn't she be with you ?"

" The Ghost Tower is not just home to Haunter's first master, but also home for her kin."

"I… understand." He tried.

"You don't." Agatha accused sharply, staring at him from the screen with her sharp hawk-like eyes. On closer look, one of her eyes seemed dead, cold—a prosthetic at best to maintain her facial outlook. Her face softened soon after. "And for your good, I hope you never do."

Austin didn't know what to make of that statement.

" You still haven't answered my question."

Agatha shrugged. "She wants to be your pokemon. It is not my decision. It is hers." She stared at him with a curious expression as she gazed upon Austin who had a surprised look in his eyes.

Austin called out," Haunter, is this true ?"

Haunter emerged from his shadow before placing an egg in Austin's hand.

Austin looked at the egg in confusion before looking up which scared him to his core as he looked at the terrifying look on Haunter's face.

Haunter burst out laughing at Austin's fear.

" Get used to this because raising ghost-type pokemon is harder than handling children."

" C..can I say, no ?" Austin said but Haunter smirked as she grabbed a Pokeball from Austin's belt.

" Ahhh!" Austin screamed as he tried to cover himself since Haunter had ripped his pants off.

" Ting "

The sounds of a Pokeball shaking caused Austin to look at the ground which had his torn pants with a Pokeball shaking before it stopped.

" Good luck," Agatha said.


[ Omake Paragraph ]

The vile musk that Gloom is infamous for is not the only scent the grass/poison pokemon is capable of producing. Much in the same way it can choose to spray sleep powder or stun spore, a Gloom can also activate various scents, most notably a sweet one like a Hoppip's which draws pokemon near.

The way this scent is used varies from Gloom to Gloom, and some say depends more on the trainer than the pokemon. Some Gloom, if their trainer endures their smell and treats them with kindness, will release this sweet scent in their trainer's presence. Other, more mean-spirited or mistreated ones will use it to draw people close, then switch odors to its noxious smell and release fumes which often require hospitalization of all those who inhale them.

Interestingly, while the noxious smell is distilled into a perfume, the sweet one is more commonly used by athletes as a deodorant. After a few hours when bottled, all that remains of the sweet fumes are its abilities to block other smells and attract wild pokemon.