Legendary Confrontation?!
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[ Kingdom of Rota - Inn Room ]

" That was amazing. Where are we going next ?"

Yellow asked innocently as she played with Tenty.

" Yellow, what are you doing here ?"

" Well, I am visiting my parents."

' Parents ?' Austin thought while narrowing his eyes at Yellow.

" So where are we exactly ?"

Yellow started sweating at her friend's question as her eyes moved from place to place before fixing on the small glass Pikachu statue.

" W...we are at the orange archipelago."

" ..... " 

Seeing Austin's stoic face, Yellow raised her hands into thumbs.

Austin meanwhile pinched the bridge of his eyebrows before sighing.

She is really bad at lying.


[ Kanto Region - Celadon City ]

Green had a big grin as she sat on a tree branch, her Jigglypuff next to her while she was drinking some soda. "That hits the spot." She said with a satisfied sigh.

It's been a tough few weeks for her, ever since she met that boy with the Pikachu on the SS. Anne and after team rocket's attack, she was almost captured by the authorities when they began searching everyone's identities.

Thank Mew that Ash's friends were able to vouch for her.

Just thinking about that made her frown yet there was a small smile hidden within. She remembered how she first met him and how her pride as a thief was damaged from being pickpocketed by somebody who wasn't a thief.

She knew he wasn't a thief because while she lost 1000 Pokedollars from the transaction, he did pay for the fake items, but she wasn't used to being the one ripped off.

Just having a picture of a Legendary is worth millions, but a picture of a Johto Legendary in Kanto? Priceless.

She had sold it for 7 million dollars to some researcher known as Bill.

"I suppose I should thank you, Ash but you felt me up so I guess we are even," Green said remembering him with a warm smile while Jiggly looked up at her. "This will make my goal easier."

"Puff?" Jiggly asked making Green look down.

"Oh, it's nothing Jiggly, just thinking out loud." Green dismissed the concern with a smile.

"Ji." Jiggly didn't look too convinced before Green looked to see another sucker just waiting to be ripped off.

Quickly making a plan of how to do this, Green got ready by sending another Pokemon out. "Show time Ditty."


[ Kingdom of Rota ]

A torrent of falling stars was galloping through the starry sky, celestial bodies intertwining in an ephemeral dance.

Austin along with Pikachu on Pidgeot's back did their hardest to brand it into their memories. However, such idyllic beauty was too much for their minds or eyes to fully register, as they could only gaze upon the spectacle before them, mouth agape, and failing to put words on the alluring and enchanting meteor shower.

Haunter smiled with nostalgia from behind  Austin as she remembered all the times she saw such a beautiful dance in the sky during Ethan Ainsworth's travels.

Clefable held Munna within his hands as they floated with the help of gravity alongside their trainer who held the dark crystal device.

Enveloped by dark-type energy, Austin and the others were practically invisible as they flew in the night toward the sacred place of the Kingdom of Rota.

Many believed the Tree of Life or Tree of Beginning was an ancient prehistoric plant but it is a rock formation that appears to be a gigantic tree. The Tree of Beginning or Tree of Life is a living organism made up of crystals that have a symbiotic connection with a Mew that lives within it.

The Tree of Beginning forms a pristine ecosystem of many kinds of ancient Pokémon thought to be extinct. It has a "circulatory system" of sorts that distributes nutrients to the crystals throughout its body. It also has a complex antibody system that takes the form of Fossil Pokémon that attack humans and machines within it, as well as guardians in the form of the Legendary titans.

Austin ordered Pidgeot to land on the hill as the surrounding mist parted revealing a jaw-dropping environment.

Azure crystals decorated the land in a beauty that was difficult to describe in words. Austin gulped as his heart began to beat faster and faster.

He was truly at the Tree of Beginning.

( ~ Ting ~ )

Austin threw out all his pokeballs as everyone appeared in a flash of light.

Many looked in awe at the divine environment all around them.

( ~ Cough ~ )

Austin's cough broke everyone out of their daze as they began to use power-up moves.

Austin knew that the Legendary titans protected this place and if he wants to get his hands on the time flower then he will have to confront them.

Up in the air, mew frowned as she gazed upon Austin and his pokemon whose aura began to change as everyone began to use power-up moves.

This shift in aura was felt by everyone in the entire Tree of Beginning. 

Beneath the earth, beasts lay dormant.

Sealed away centuries prior, this manifestation of stone, ice, and steel quiesced before the tides of history and technology.

The titans eroded not, however. Its Master and Creator allowed no flaws in such an enviable design. But, separated from use and purpose, it stood in this deserted cavity. At first, hours passed. Then days. Weeks. Months. Years. Decades. Centuries.

These beasts absorbed the eternal silence, surrounded in darkness.

Waiting for the moment to fulfill their duty.

( ~ ÜN ÜN ÜN. ÜN, ÜN ~ )

( ~Skweeeueuwrrrrrrreeeekoooowowwowuuuuuuffffffooouuuueeeeewuunnnyuuuoookithunun ~ )

( ~ Dundun vrrmdoon, vrrmvrrm vrrm,

Vrrm vrrmdun ~ )

Austin heard three distinct cries from the distance as his hair stood up in fear of the beasts approaching him.

It was an instinctual fear of the danger that was coming towards them.

Even after having everyone use to power up moves till they couldn't perform the move anymore, didn't fill Austin with much confidence as the Legendary titans grew closer and closer.

Even if he couldn't feel the aura, the sense of danger he instinctively felt was a clear indication of the arrival of a trio of legendary Pokémon.


[ Omake Paragraph ] 

Venomoth is typically a solitary pokemon, meeting up with others of its species only briefly to mate or when lured together by streetlights. But when a city or forest is about to burn, even before the smoke rises a swarm of Venomoth will descend upon the area and wait for the blaze.

This is not, as commonly believed, a form of mass suicide. Venomoth is weak to fire, and some of the more careless ones are burnt to a crisp, but the reason they do this is a far more common one in nature; they need to eat. Many small insects are flushed out of houses and trees by flames, and it is these which make up the majority of a Venomoth's diet; to them, a fire is a feast.

Tragically, this attraction to flames has drawbacks that kill even more Venomoth than the fire itself. Believing them to be a cause of the fire and not merely a scavenger, superstition has labeled this pokemon an enemy. When a forest burns, they are safe, but when a city burns more Venomoth are killed by trainers and trained pokemon than by the fire itself