Aura Guardians
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The room in Cameran Palace that the two Sinonian travelers were given for their stay was quite spacious, especially compared to some of the Inns they had stayed at during their journey from Sinnoh. Two large bedrooms, a central living area, a small kitchen area should they wish to prepare their food in between the regular castle eating times, and a view that left at least one of the travelers breathless. Her traveling companion and teacher Lucian was seeing to the preparations for the upcoming negotiations with Rota, which left his young companion and ward, the current heir to the throne of the Royal house of Berlitz, Platinum was left to her own devices until the Elite Four returned.

The blue-haired Sinonian teen stood on the balcony of their room connecting to the living area alongside her Pokémon, just gazing out at the amazing forests and mountains of Rota. 'This reminds me of the view from Mount Coronet overlooking Eterna Forest, back in West Sinnoh' she thought to herself with a soft smile. Her gaze held at the massive tree poking out from the top of the jagged mountain in the distance. 'I think our guide called it the Tree of Life.' Supposedly, despite its appearance of a giant tree, it was a unique rock formation, and if the legends were true, home to several rare and powerful Pokémon.

Platinum's eyes widened as the entire ground began to shake with an earthquake.

" What's going on ?!"

 Platinum asked as a Ponyta saved her from injuring herself.

Platinum looked up to see something that left her speechless.

A giant mushroom cloud had formed right beside the Tree of Life.

Just what is going on? 


The legendary ice titan, steel, and rock were always fully completely aware of the heat in any form. As matter of course, they recognized the blob of heat that traveled around the terrain of Tree of Beginning, before settling upon a certain hill. They waited there, almost patiently as it released a lot of pokemon whose auras shifted and became much more stronger and chaotic.

Regiice felt the danger coming from these pokemons and hence it deployed itself along with the other titans to protect the Tree of Beginning.


[ A few minutes ago at Cameron castle ]

" Alright, we'll meet after the evening's dinner to discuss your proposal. By then, the Aura Guardians should be ready to meet with you" Queen Rin finished with a polite nod of her head. "Excellent, I look forward to this evening, your Highness" replied a smart-looking man wearing a dark red shirt and trousers, with a well-cut black vest over his shirt. A pair of glasses and sturdy Sinonian boots completed his outfit, giving him the appearance of nobility from the Sinnoh Region. His purple hair was cut at shoulder length and fell in waves around his neck. At his side was a yellow and brown humanoid-shaped Pokémon with a skeletal appearance, a large mustache, a large head, and a spoon in each hand. Lucian and his Alakazam, Sinnoh's tactical geniuses.

While Rota was famous for their Aura Guardians, peerless warriors capable of wielding the abilities of Aura, Sinnoh was famous for their tacticians, and trainers capable of using advanced strategies in single battles or massive wars. Able to succeed with weaker Pokémon by using clever traps and combinations, Pokémon Tacticians were dangerous opponents to go against. And Lucian was well known even as far out as Rota, his reputation as a master tactician preceding him.

As he and his companion bowed and prepared to leave, Queen Rin spoke up. "Feel free to explore the palace during your time here. The gardens are particularly relaxing this time of year." Answering with a gracious smile, Lucian and Alakazam thanked her again for her hospitality before heading back toward their room.

"You're putting much on your assumption that these Aura Guardians will help us in our request. What if they decline?" Alakazam asked his friend telepathically as he hovered alongside him down the hall. Sighing, Lucian answered, "It doesn't matter, the Berlitz house is slowly losing its influence in the land of Sinnoh and we need to ally with the Kingdom of Rota or the pokemon league will become bolder and bolder when influencing the decisions of the Royal House. Especially now with that Cynthia brat as the champion ." 

'And if it leads to a civil war then the House of Berlitz is finished' he finished privately to himself as he knew that the pokemon league's influence was overriding the influences of the Noble families and in a matter of a few years the pokemon league will become the dominant superpower of the world.

Sighing again and rubbing his head, he and Alakazam had made it to the hall where their suite was located. And as he drew closer to a said suite, he began hearing sounds of… something. 'Probably knights training, or the cook complaining about something,' he thought to himself, dismissing it.

Suddenly Alakazam's eyes glowed as he erected a psychic barrier all around him and his trainer.

Lucian's eyes widened as he looked up to see the giant mushroom cloud near the tree of life.

" Alakazam !"

Alakazam's spoons glowed with psychic energy as the duo was teleported to the Queen's room which was filled with knights.

The pokemon growled at Lucian but Riley was quick to stop them.

" Your Majesty."

" Yes, I know Sir Lucian. Someone has dared to attack the Tree of Life."

" We just sent out the knights immediately." One of the Minister's shouted out as many of them were of the same viewpoint.

The Tree of Life is the sacred place to the Kingdom of Rota.

" That we must do, Sir Riley gather your finest men and take them to the Tree of Life. Sir Arthur, take your men to protect the people."

" Yes, your Majesty !"

The knights shouted out as Lucian stepped up to say," Your majesty if it isn't a problem with you. I would like to offer my services in apprehending the criminals."

Many people in the room glared at Lucian.

How dare some outsider ask to visit the Holy Land?

" Your services will be appreciated, Sir Lucian."

The people in the room were shocked by the Queen's decisions but no one dared to object.

" Let's go," Riley said to Lucian who nodded as Alakazam's eyes glowed with psychic energy before they disappeared in a flash of light.


[ Omake Paragraph ] 

Although now far better known as an arcade standby, the pastime of whacking Diglett over the head has a much longer history. Diglett is a remarkably quick pokemon, prone to surfacing their heads and lowering them at an extremely fast rate. Because of this, children since ancient times have used long sticks to hit them as they surface as a test of their reflexes, competing among one another to see who could hit the most in a set timeframe, typically playing until all the Diglett were knocked out. The Arena Trap ability possessed by this pokemon made the (often terrified or injured) Diglett unwittingly force them to stay until one of them was knocked out. Soon after their invention, pokeballs were added to the ends of the mallets, and the whack-a-Diglett game became a popular and dangerous method for young people near Diglett Cave to catch themselves a starting pokemon; the Diglett often whacked back.

As the world entered a less harsh age, the game began to die out. Pokeballs attached to mallets continued to be a common way of catching wild Diglett, but the test of reflexes against a whole horde was virtually extinct. The introduction of foam and rubber to Kanto saw a brief revival of the game's fortunes, but the modern era also saw a population decline in the area as people moved from the outskirts of the cave to Viridian and Vermillion cities, along with a greater amount of options for entertainment...

Indeed, the Diglett game had almost died out entirely again, until an enterprising old inventor nostalgic for a lost childhood game turned it into an arcade hit as popular as pokemon pinball. Today, Diglett again must fear being whacked, as legions of arcade-goers have ventured to their cave to try out the real thing.