Vs The Legendary Titans
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[ Tree of Life ]

( ~ Boom ~ )

A giant dust cloud covered the land in a veil as something red shot out of the dust cloud.

In the path of the red projectile, stood a large golem-like Pokémon made of brown and orange rocks and it had a pattern of seven orange dots on its face that resembles a capital letter "H". It has long arms with jutting shoulders and club-like hands without fingers. There is a line of orange rocky spines running down its back and its legs are short in comparison to its body.

Scizor outstretched his claw into a bullet punch.

In response, Regirock raised its arm which glowed with orange light.

Scizor's Bullet Punch met with Regirock's move Superpower.

( ~ Boom ~ )

The sound of an explosion echoed through the land as the ground beneath Scizor's feet was reduced to a crater.

Even after using Sword's Dance over 20 times, Scizor barely managed to match the power of the Legendary Titan whose yellow dots glowed.

Scizor's eyes showed the pain it was going through as cracks formed on its metallic armor.

If Scizor was alone then he would have been killed by the Legendary Titan but luckily he wasn't alone.

Scizor's body glowed with a green aura as he used every last bit of energy he had going through his chaotic body to use U-turn and Bullet Punch at the same time.

The sound of a gunshot echoed through the land as Regirock was pushed back while Scizor returned to his Pokeball.

Regirock's yellow dots flickered right before Bulbasaur's solar beam engulfed him.

A dust covered the area Regirock was standing on right before Wartortle's surf came in.


( ~ Rwrr ~ )

Charmeleon growled as his body erupted in a crimson aura.

Psychic energy wrapped around his mind as Munna helped Charmeleon to not lose his mind to chaotic draconic energy.

Charmeleon used Dragon Rush in conjunction with Outrage as the draconic energy surrounding his body formed into a giant crimson dragon head.

Charmeleon rushed towards the large Legendary Steel-type Pokémon whose body was spherical and gray while the middle of its face has the appearance of being exposed as it shows black "skin" and is surrounded by raised metal. Registeel's lower half is disc-like in shape and has two cylindrical legs without toes. Its face consists of seven red dots in a hexagonal formation and it has black arms with three fingers each that are connected to its upper half by gray hemispheres. The backs of its hands have three red triangles pointing away from the fingers.

Registeel puts its arms together and creates a silver ball of energy as the steel Titan fired Flash cannon toward the incoming dragon.

In response, Butterfree who had been powered by 20 Quiver Dances, and Shedninja who had been powered by 20 Sword Dances both fired a white beam of energy at the  Registeel.

The combined solar beam of Shedninja and Butterfree was enough to stop Registeel's Flash Cannon as Charmeleon's outrage dragon Rush engulfed Registeel.

The dust quickly settled revealing Charmeleon using Registeel's face as a platform.

Charmeleon smirked at Registeel before saying," What was that thing my human likes to say ?... To infinity and Beyond."

Charmeleon's legs bulged as he used all his strength to launch himself up in the air causing Registeel to tip over.

" Fearow !" 

Fearow glared at Registeel as he clawed the air in front of him revealing a bright blue portal.

" Mirror Move, Bitch." Fearow shouted out as a flash cannon blasted out from the Mirror Move portal.

Butterfree and Charmeleon sweatdropped at Fearow's joy as he cursed out the Legendary Titan meanwhile Shedninja ominously stared forward which caused Butterfree to back away a little.

{ Guys, set up plan B } Austin's voice telepathically called out via Munna.


( ~ Crack ~ )

( ~ Boom ~ )

The once rocky terrain had turned into a frozen wasteland as Pikachu blasted through a giant beam of ice.

" Pika, Pika."

Black clouds with white lightning wrapped around Pikachu's body like the armor as he drilled through Regice's Blizzard with Volt Tackle.

Pikachu's stormy Volt Tackle had one target which was a large, blue Pokémon composed of solid Antarctic ice. Its body was comprised of angular crystal-like shapes and its face has an unusual pattern consisting of seven yellow dots in a "+" formation. It had four spikes on its back and its two legs are conical and it balances its entire body on its points. There are three fingers on each of its pentagonal arms.

The floating titan of ice raised its arm as it gathered energy into a yellow-orange orb.

Suddenly from above Regice, a floating Krabby shot out with an aqua jet.

Krabby's aqua jet was engulfed by the gravitational energy of Clefable who held himself up in the air alongside Munna and Austin who had a grim look in their eyes.

Scizor's condition had caused Austin's heart to ache in pain for putting his buddy through such pain.

Regice's hyper beam was interrupted by Krabby's aqua jet was about to hit Regice's body but in a split second, Regice stopped its hyper beam as it raised its arm in the arm before firing an ice beam that looked like a blizzard in terms of appearance.

Krabby's aqua jet began to freeze as Krabby's ice aqua jet hit Regice who stopped the entire aqua jet which was pure brute strength.

Austin's jaw dropped as he saw Regice holding the entire pillar of ice Aqua jet with one arm while the other fired Blizzard at Pikachu.

( ~ Boom ~ )

A white streak began to diffract from the ice aqua jet as chunks of ice blasted out revealing Krabby's body evolving into a bigger pokemon with a strong shell covering the outside of its body, featuring a red upper half and a light tan lower half. Its upper half was topped with six tall, thin spikes that resemble a crown. Its light tan arms are also connected to its upper body. Its lower half doubles as its jaw with six fangs overlapping its upper body. Its two outer fangs are much larger than the inner four and are roughly half as tall as Kingler's entire body. Its hips visibly protrude from its lower body and connect to its four long, thin legs. Each leg has a single, claw-like foot. Kingler's main features are its orange pincers.

Kingler's left arm glowed white.

Just as Regice was about to stop Kingler's Hammer Arm, Pidgeot shot an Aerial Wing at Regice hitting it across its face.

Kingler's Hammer Arm pushed the Legendary Titan of ice further down as Pikachu's Stormy Volt Tackle engulfed it.


[ Omake Paragraph ]

Some say that four Donphan atop a Torterra are the pillars on which the world rests. In reality, it is the Dugtrio which have the best claim to this title.

Dugtrio, like Diglett, has long been believed to be rodents, based on their small height, faces, and claws, the latter revealed only for certain attacks. At times, they appear to defy the laws of physics; even when released indoors or in midair, they materialize on the ground, a small head poking out of the surface. Ancient philosophers have speculated on what was beneath the surface, but digging only met with ferocious hostility and earthquakes, so no such information could be confirmed.

Recent geological advances have revealed Dugtrio to be a pokemon so enormous it dwarfs Wailord, one whose rounded pillar-shaped body reaches into the Earth's mantle, and those seen above the surface are a tiny fraction of the species' whole. They are as common meters below the surface as Rattata on land or Zubat in caves. It is only their narrow width that prevents massive earthquakes every time one is caught.

When too many are captured, earthquakes do occur, and when angered or in battle, Dugtrio often create their small quake, one typically too weak to topple buildings. Together, they have frequently used this enormous, earthquake-causing size as a weapon. Cities that dug too carelessly and deep for mineral wealth, without any concern for pokemon or environmental damage, have often found themselves buried in the very ground they sought to dig up, trapped forever for the sin of angering the Dugtrio.